SocialPilot is a social media management platform designed for businesses and agencies. With its scheduling, analytics, and collaboration tools, SocialPilot streamlines the social media management process and helps businesses improve their online presence.

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review new │SocialPilot Review 

Social media has changed the way people interact with each other and has become a key part of our everyday lives. It’s a great way to build relationships, make new friends, and connect with old ones.

However, social media has also evolved into a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. From boosting brand awareness to generating leads, email lists, and customer reviews, it can be an integral part of any business’s advertising campaign.

SocialPilot aims to simplify this process by providing a web-based social media management tool that allows users to maximize their efforts on all major platforms while focusing less on the technicalities of managing individual accounts.

In this review, we will discuss the SocialPilot platform in more detail along with what makes it stand out from its competitors.

SocialPilot – Best for Small Businesses and Marketing Agencies
SocialPilot promises to provide “everything you need to hit your social media marketing goals at an amazing price.” With SocialPilot, users can manage multiple accounts at once, keep tabs on analytics, generate reports, and schedule posts all from one centralized dashboard.

pros and cons new │SocialPilot Pros and Cons

Before we go through the main features and benefits of SocialPilot, let’s briefly talk about the platform’s pros and cons.

SocialPilot Pros

tick new Good Value for Money

Compared to other big guys in the industry, SocialPilot offers competitive pricing, which is pretty affordable. They also offer a free trial period for new users which makes them ideal for smaller businesses.

tick new Supports Major Social Media Platforms

With a variety of options to manage accounts across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and so much more, SocialPilot is a great choice for businesses who want to ace their social media game.

tick new Post Scheduling

SocialPilot’s scheduling feature helps to make sure all posts are scheduled at the right time, thus reducing manual work. Automating social media posts can save you a lot of time and effort.

tick new Analytics & Reporting

SocialPilot provides in-depth insights into your online marketing activities, including posts, followers, engagements, and so on. This information will allow you to see what’s working and what isn’t.

tick new Team Collaboration

SocialPilot allows teams to collaborate effectively and work as a group on a single account. The platform has excellent multi-member collaboration features such as group management, team discussions, and task management.

SocialPilot Cons

cons new Limited Instagram Support

Although SocialPilot provides a variety of powerful features, it lacks analytics and post-scheduling features for Instagram. This is a deal breaker if you use Instagram as your main social media channel. 

cons new Slightly Outdated User Interface

SocialPilot is good at what it does but its user interface can be improved. There are a lot of new and powerful features that have been added recently but the UI was not updated accordingly.

cons new Customer Support Needs Improvement

SocialPilot’s customer support is not always responsive. There are reports of long wait times and delayed responses from their customer service representatives. This is quite frustrating when you need an answer right away.

SocialPilot AdvantagesSocialPilot Disadvantages
plus new Affordable all-in-one social media management tool.minus new Customer support is slow at times.
plus new Supports all major social media platforms, including TikTok.minus new The user interface can be improved.
plus new Advanced analytics.minus new Instagram features need to be more robust.
plus new Content curation and scheduling.


Try Out SocialPilot now!

If you are looking for a solid, feature-rich, and easy-to-use social media management tool that integrates with all of the popular social media networks, SocialPilot is your best bet.

what new │What is SocialPilot?

SocialPilot is an all-in-one social media management platform that makes it easy for you to manage and schedule content across all of your social media accounts. Whether you are managing multiple Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram pages, SocialPilot will help you grow, track, and analyze data and engagement across all of the platforms that you use. 

Some of the best features of SocialPilot include post customization, content scheduling, white-label reporting, social media listening, and so much more. These, on top of SocialPilot’s easy-to-use dashboard that allows users to see all their data from one place, make SocialPilot a great platform to use for all of your social media marketing needs.

As one of the few all-in-one social media management tools that have a mobile app, SocialPilot also offers a lot of value and convenience. The mobile app offers easy access to manage all of your social media profiles and pages – even when you’re on the go. 

point new Overall Rating4.5/5.0
point new FunctionalitySocialPilot is very easy to use and set up. If you are just getting into social media marketing, this is the perfect tool for you.
point new Top Feature for BusinessesSocialPilot’s detailed analytics make it easy for businesses to track their success on social media. You can generate reports in just a few clicks, making it easier for your business to monitor its performance. 
point new IntegrationsSocialPilot’s seamless integrations with other software and online services like Zapier, Canva, Box, Bitly, and more, enable users to save time and increase productivity.
point new Latest OfferingsIn addition to offering a 14-day free, no-obligation trial, SocialPilot also offers 15% off on their annual plans as of this writing. 

how new │How Does SocialPilot Work?

SocialPilot is an all-in-one social media management tool that helps brands and businesses create, engage, and analyze social media content. It provides everything from analytics, lead generation, automation, social media posting, community management, reporting, and more.

The platform offers several ways to connect your social media profiles together, which makes it easy to cross-promote different accounts. It also offers powerful features such as social media listening, which lets users track social conversations related to their brand and their competitors. 

SocialPilot, at its core, is a social media management platform, but it goes beyond just that. SocialPilot allows businesses to automate their content, so they can focus more on other tasks. The platform’s seamless integrations with other services also make it easier for business owners to stay on top of their social media game without having to manually do everything themselves. 

Did You Know?
point new You can schedule posts at a specific time and date of your choice using SocialPilot’s post scheduling feature.
point new You can use SocialPilot to find content ideas for your target audience.
point new SocialPilot offers free content creation and influencer discovery tools.
point new SocialPilot is a pay-as-you-go service, which means that you can cancel your plan at any time.
point new You can use SocialPilot’s built-in content calendar to visualize and manage all of your social media posts.

feature new │SocialPilot Features

SocialPilot, while not as popular as other top social media management platforms, has a lot to offer. In this section, we will take a closer look at some of the features of SocialPilot and why they are worth checking out.

point new Scheduling & Publishing

SocialPilot has a flexible scheduling system that allows you to publish your content when it suits you best. It enables you to automate your social media strategy with hundreds of posts in just a few clicks to fill up your social media calendar with quality content. SocialPilot’s editorial calendar enables you to see an overview of your scheduled posts, so you can keep track of everything in one place. 

point new Social Media Analytics

Probably the most powerful feature of SocialPilot is social media analytics. The platform can give you a complete picture of how well your social media channels are performing. It provides you with audience insights, engagement metrics, and performance data for each of your profiles. The insights include statistics on your most popular posts, your followers’ demographics, and even how effective your ads have been.

point new Social Inbox

One of the biggest challenges that come with managing multiple social media accounts is keeping them all organized and under control. With SocialPilot’s social inbox, you can see all of the social conversations happening around your brand in one place. This way, you can monitor and engage with your audience on a real-time basis, as well as make sure your brand is responding appropriately to any negative comments and issues that may arise.

point new Bulk Scheduling

Social media managers know all too well how difficult it is to keep track of all your posts, so they often resort to manual scheduling. However, this process can be time-consuming and extremely laborious. With SocialPilot, you don’t need to do that anymore. The tool enables you to schedule as many as 500 posts at once.

point new Client Management

Do you own a white label social media marketing agency? SocialPilot can help you handle client interactions and manage multiple clients from a single dashboard. In addition to providing a professional, branded experience for your customers, all of your clients’ information is saved in your account and will remain private – no matter how many customers you have.

point new Social Media Calendar

To make it even easier for you to organize the content you share online, SocialPilot provides an easy-to-use calendar that lets you plan your posts ahead of time. This is especially useful if you’re juggling multiple clients at once and you want to have more control over your schedule. In addition to SocialPilot, another tool that can be very helpful if you are planning on starting a new business is BizNameWiz. It’s a free online name generator that can help you come up with hundreds of business name ideas in just a few clicks. 

Why do We need to Use SocialPilot?

point new SocialPilot streamlines your social media marketing efforts.
point new Post automation saves you time, energy, and effort. 
point new Manage multiple clients simultaneously.
point new Advanced scheduling features. 
point new Bulk posting and scheduling.
point new Comprehensive reporting and data analytics. 


Try Out SocialPilot Now!

SocialPilot is a solid choice if you are looking to simplify your social media management and marketing efforts. With its 14-day free trial, you can get to know the platform before deciding whether it is right for your business.

who new │Who Should Use SocialPilot?

SocialPilot is perfect for digital marketing agencies, freelancers, and small businesses. It’s also a great choice for anyone who just wants to spend more time working on their projects and less time doing routine tasks.

With its robust set of features, you won’t have to worry about missing anything as your project evolves or as your customer base continues to grow. SocialPilot is designed to meet the demands of your business, whether you own a small, local company or a multinational corporation. 

Here are some entities and individuals that can benefit from SocialPilot:

point new Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner who wants to automate and simplify your social media marketing efforts? SocialPilot offers an affordable and easy solution for all your social media management needs. Instead of hiring a full-time social media manager, you can easily manage everything with SocialPilot. 

point new Freelancers

Are you a social media manager who handles multiple clients at once? SocialPilot makes it easy for you to manage multiple clients from just a single platform. SocialPilot offers a reliable and affordable option for managing all your client’s social media accounts at once. This means that instead of spending hours a day manually updating content, you can focus on running your freelance business.

point new Digital Marketing Agencies

SocialPilot is designed to help digital marketing agencies improve their workflow, save time, and stay organized. Social media management is a critical task for online advertising companies but the process can be tedious and overwhelming if done manually. With SocialPilot, you can automate all of your client’s social media management needs, making it much easier to take on more clients, increase efficiency, and boost your profit.

point new Large Companies

SocialPilot is capable of handling social media management for large companies and brands. They offer an Agency Plan, which is specially designed for multinational companies and businesses with international operations. SocialPilot’s services are scalable, so whether you’re a small startup or a big international brand, SocialPilot can accommodate all your social media marketing needs. 

point new Simplify the client onboarding process with a customized link.
point new Monitor and reply to all social media conversations in one place.
point new Get both macro and micro-level monitoring and reporting.
point new Measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.
point new Get valuable insights about the perfect time to post on social media.


Use SocialPilot to Streamline Social Media Management!

SocialPilot is a powerful tool for any size business that wants to increase customer loyalty, build trust, and generate leads. Whether you’re a startup or a multinational company, you’ll appreciate SocialPilot’s functionality and affordability.

cost and time new │SocialPilot Cost & Time

SocialPilot is generally easy-to-use, with just a few settings and features that require some training to master. It is very little to no technical training required to use SocialPilot’s tools and services. Its dashboard is also highly customizable, allowing you to create new reports and add fields for better metrics collection. The user interface is simple and straightforward, and most users will be able to use it within 30 minutes. 

SocialPilot’s pricing plan is also on the lower end of the spectrum when compared to other social media management platforms out there. This makes SocialPilot a great option for small businesses, startups, and even individuals looking for a low-cost solution to manage their social media presence.

usability new │SocialPilot Usability

All of the features that SocialPilot offers are functional and easy to navigate. All pages and tools are easy to find, and the user interface is intuitive. SocialPilot’s toolbars make it easy to navigate between different categories: Dashboard, Posts, Accounts, Groups, Ads, Analytics, Inbox, Team & Clients, etc. 

SocialPilot’s dashboard also has a lot of cool features. It allows users to search for a specific hashtag, type in a keyword, and easily locate the information they’re looking for. Most importantly, it also provides real-time analytics. If you are looking for an affordable, easy-to-use platform that will help you create, organize, schedule, and track all your social media activities, then SocialPilot is a good option for you.

pricing new │SocialPilot Pricing

When it comes to price, you can choose from four different plans depending on how many social media accounts and users you want to have access to Professional, Small Team, Studio, and Agency. 

Below is a quick overview of what’s included in each subscription plan:

point new SocialPilot Professional Plan

SocialPilot’s most affordable plan, the Professional Plan, enables one account used to manage up to 10 social media accounts. It comes with basic inclusions, such as app integrations, content creation features, scheduled posts, etc. However, it lacks a social inbox as well as team and client collaboration.

point new SocialPilot Small Team Plan

Perfect for small teams with two to three members, SocialPilot’s Small Team Plan enables 3 users to manage up to 20 social media platforms and add unlimited clients to their SocialPilot account. The Small Team Plan comes with all of SocialPilot’s advanced features except custom fields, report scheduling, white label dashboard, etc. 

point new SocialPilot Studio Plan

SocialPilot’s Studio Plan is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses that need to manage all of their social media activities from a single platform. The Studio Plan is SocialPilot’s most popular plan, which enables 6 users to manage up to 20 social media platforms and add unlimited clients to their SocialPilot account. This plan also lacks custom fields and a white label dashboard.

point new SocialPilot Agency Plan 

The SocialPilot Agency Plan is designed for marketing agencies and freelancers who want to collaborate and work together on social media projects. This plan enables 9 users to manage up to 50 social media platforms and add unlimited clients to their SocialPilot accounts. It comes complete with all of the basic and advanced SocialPilot features, including a concierge setup. 

Price PlanYearly Subscription Plan
point new SocialPilot Professional Plan$25.50/month, billed annually
point new SocialPilot Small Team Plan$42.50/month, billed annually
point new SocialPilot Studio Plan$85.00/month, billed annually
point new SocialPilot Agency Plan$106.25/month, billed annually


Try Out SocialPilot Now!

Are you ready to unlock the power of social media but are having second thoughts on whether SocialPilot is right for you? Take advantage of SocialPilot’s 14-free trial to see for yourself why so many businesses trust SocialPilot for their social media strategy.

tools new │SocialPilot Tools for Business

SocialPilot is a very robust and powerful tool that allows businesses of any size to use social media marketing to effectively grow their business. From small companies to multinational corporations, SocialPilot has the tools and services to help you succeed in today’s competitive online environment. 

Here are some of the best features that SocialPilot offers:

point new Group Accounts

SocialPilot makes it easy to set up group accounts and assign tasks. You can have multiple users/managers under one client/social media account so that your team can work together seamlessly.

point new Bulk Scheduling

With bulk scheduling, you can schedule up to 500 posts at once, so you can save time and effort by scheduling a large number of posts in advance. Instead of manually updating every single post, you can do it all in one go.

point new Detailed Social Media Analytics

Get a bird’s eye view of all your social media activities on a single dashboard. Get real-time stats, trends, and insights so you can make timely decisions and improve your performance.

point new Social Media Listening

SocialPilot helps you stay one step ahead of your competition by listening to what’s being said about your brand, products, or services on social media. You can also use this powerful feature to track competitor strategies, measure performance, and generate ideas for future content.

point new Social Inbox

Instead of having to go through each social media account to check notifications and reply to messages, SocialPilot’s social inbox consolidates them into one place. This saves a ton of time and ensures that you don’t miss anything important.

point new White Label Solution

With the white label option, you can create branded versions of SocialPilot for your clients. The same great tools are available for everyone to use – with no extra costs – for as long as they are subscribed to SocialPilot’s Agency plan. 

Points to Note
point new SocialPilot’s analytics and reporting are some of the best in the industry.
point new SocialPilot supports multiple images and carousel posts.
point new SocialPilot’s Agency Plan comes with concierge setup/support.

example new │Companies and Organizations That Use SocialPilot

From freelancers and business owners to digital marketers and advertising agencies, SocialPilot is used by a diverse group of individuals and organizations across a multitude of trades and industries. 

Below are just a few of the companies that use SocialPilot to grow their social communities and expand their businesses. 

point new Limelight Marketing Systems 

Minnetonka, MN-based Limelight Marketing Systems uses SocialPilot to keep their clients on top of the latest trends while helping them build strong relationships with their customers. SocialPilot is a part of their arsenal of tools that they use to help businesses achieve success.

point new Milli Media Group

Boca Raton, FL-based Milli Media Group is a full-service marketing company that offers a variety of online advertising services including social media marketing. According to Milli Media Group, their decision to use SocialPilot was based on “the robustness of the solution, initial and incremental pricing, overall ease of use, as well as the level of support.”

point new Elevation Brands

Elevation Brands is a multi-disciplinary marketing agency that specializes in helping entrepreneurs build successful brands and businesses. They are one of the many marketing agencies that have trusted the power of SocialPilot’s white label solution to grow their clients’ brands and communities. 

support new │SocialPilot Support

SocialPilot, even on its most expensive plan only offers 24/5 support, which means that its customer service team is only available on weekdays, and not on weekends. This is quite a huge drawback, especially since social media usage tends to peak during the weekend. 

The good news is that SocialPilot has an extensive library of self-help guides for clients. Simply click on the “Resources” tab on the upper section of SocialPilot’s home page, and you’ll get instant access to an entire collection of tutorials, cheat sheets, and other helpful resources.

point new SocialPilot’s self-help guides are very easy to understand. 
point new Extensive library of tutorials and guides. 
point new Customer support is only limited on weekdays. 
Alternative SocialPilot Software – Hootsuite
Hootsuite is another social media management platform designed specifically for small businesses and freelancers. Although Hootsuite isn’t specifically designed for marketing or advertising agencies, it can easily be used to boost your online presence by managing multiple accounts simultaneously.
Comparing SocialPilot to Hootsuite
In a nutshell, SocialPilot beats Hootsuite when it comes to providing a more robust solution for social media management. SocialPilot can keep up with the demands of large companies, making it a more flexible and versatile solution for any size business. 

conclusion new │Conclusion

SocialPilot is a powerful and extremely easy-to-use tool for managing multiple social media accounts from one location. It allows you to see all your interactions, create automatic posts, set reminders, and schedule them for later.

As a social media management tool, SocialPilot is very simple to use and does not require a complex setup process. SocialPilot is also very affordable, making it an ideal solution for any type of business whether they’re just starting out or already have a sizable audience. 

Furthermore, if you’re a marketing professional looking for an affordable yet powerful social media management solution, then SocialPilot’s white label version (Agency Plan) is definitely worth considering. 


Try SocialPilot Now!

SocialPilot is definitely a tool you should consider integrating into your workflow. Take advantage of SocialPilot’s free 14-day trial to get a feel for the software before committing to a monthly subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In addition to desktop PCs and laptops, SocialPilot works seamlessly on Android phones, iPads, and iPhones.

SocialPilot is a cloud-based social media management tool. SocialPilot uses a web browser as its backend which means you can access your accounts at any time, from any device.

SocialPilot does not have a free plan, but they offer a 14-day free trial - so you can get a feel of the service before you pay for it.

SocialPilot's HQ is located in Walnut, California, United States.



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