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review new │ ShortStack Overview

When launching a marketing campaign, you need the best, most comprehensive tools to assist you. You need software that helps you with social media campaigns, software for landing page creation, software for website building … and the list continues.

What if there was a way to complete these tasks using just one software? 

If you’ve been looking for an option like this, ShortStack is one of the software examples you may be considering. But is ShortStack the best software for your business? Right here is where you’ll find out. We’ve got the best, most in-depthShortStack review, so continue till the end.

ShortStack: A tool best for creating top campaign creation solutionsShortStack is a tool that’s excellent for helping users build engaging campaigns. It’s the best software for crafting contests, formulating forms, and creating professional landing pages. Most of all, it’s ideal for lead collection and marketing automation.

pros and cons new │ ShortStack’s Pros and Cons

Further on in this article, we will closely examine the essential ShortStack features that make campaign building more manageable, but let’s first consider the pros and cons of this platform.

What are ShortStack’s pros?

If you’re looking for an all-in-one option to launch a comprehensive marketing campaign and collect leads, keep in mind the four following pros of using ShortStack.

tick new Wide range of templates to choose from

Whether you want to craft a contest, set the layout for your landing page, or even create a great giveaway, you have a wide selection of templates in the ShortStack platform.

tick new Create your flawless forms to receive Instagram submissions

Once you’ve produced an Instagram contest, you can also have them enter your contest through the forms you create on ShortStack. The forms are customizable, and you can include quizzes and encourage users to share their content via the forms.

tick new Use customizable templates to suit your requirements

It’s not only the forms that are customizable. From customizable giveaway templates to blank ones, you can easily customize your landing pages and create an exceptional design using their style panel, no matter your level of expertise. 

tick new Publishing landing pages is effortless

ShortStack will give you recommendations when you go to publish your landing page. Choose whether you want to set any restrictions or customize the page title. You can also update the emails linked to the campaign.

What are ShortStack’s negative points or cons?

We’ve got just one negative point to make about ShortStack. Consider the following point when you choose a platform to help you with campaigns.

cons new Widgets may take some practice to use

On the whole, ShortStack is user-friendly. However, if you’ve never used software like this, you may find that the widgets take a bit of practice to use. There are two different panels to get used to, with the left panel displaying the editing details related to the widget.

ShortStack AdvantagesShortStack Disadvantages
plus new User-friendly landing page publicationminus new Challenging widgets are difficult to use for beginners
plus new Commence landing page and website customization with ease
plus new Exceptional form creation for current social media platforms

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Consider ShortStack now!
ShortStack is one of the top software tools for all-in-one social media and marketing campaigns and digital marketing, lead collection, and results analysis. Consider ShortStack to achieve your goals.

what new │ What Exactly is ShortStack?

As we’ve mentioned, you can use ShortStack for social media campaigns and build relationships with customers and clients with exceptional marketing features.

ShortStack is among the most exceptional campaign builders since it’s packed with many features, such as group widgets and individual widgets within the image editor. Users can create landing pages, forms, and contests with these unique and exciting features.

You can publish and embed landing pages to generate leads simply by clicking publish or the ribbon icon to open “manage publications.” You can select “add publication” and follow the steps to receive the code snippet required to embed the page. 

In short, ShortStack is used by marketers looking to grow a business and use the platform to transform followers into customers. The ShortStack community has grown to over 75,000.

Before you choose ShortStack as your digital marketing platform to create exceptional social contests and email marketing campaigns, here are just a few other facts that will help you make your decision:

  • ShortStack’s community extends to Twitter: It has over 7,500 followers
  • Businesses such as SunRype and PBS have used ShortStack to achieve success
  • Some of ShortStack’s users have been incredibly successful, increasing their followers by 200%

how new │ How the Platform Works

ShortStack enables users to access a template page editor and custom panel to make changes to the colors, the page, text, links, buttons, widget defaults for landing pages and forms, and so on. Users simply need to set up style elements that they want to apply to a landing page.

If you want to make changes to widgets, you can select the widget you want to edit and then navigate to the right-hand panel, where there will be an “all widgets” option or a “this widget” button. If you want to apply a style to all widgets, select the “all widgets” button. If you’re going to use a style for just one widget, select the “this widget” button.

Remember that before you exit a campaign and after you’ve made edits to the landing page or form, you must manually save the changes by selecting “save.”

You may be interested in creating a campaign that will be completed in two stages. For example, you may create a campaign for a photo contest in which followers can enter first and then vote. For this, you can use ShortStack to schedule the visibility of widgets and when they disappear. 

To do this, use the “eye” icon on the left-hand panel to set the scheduling. Make changes to the scheduling options and double-check the time zone before selecting the “save” button, and your timed campaign is ready to work.

ShortStack Logo

Use ShortStack for your campaigns!

This platform works to solve your campaign challenges with an easy-to-use template page editor and simple options to edit landing pages via a panel. Find out why ShortStack is ideal for campaigns by trying it out.

feature new │ Top ShortStack features for Marketing Campaigns

In this part of our ShortStack review, we’ll review the key features that make generating campaigns an effortless endeavor. If you’re curious, read this section to learn about the essential features.

point new Custom contests to broaden the reach of your organization

Producing custom contests is easy with ShortStack. You simply need to upload your list of unique codes to award contest winners – this process means you can assign the codes automatically to your winners.

point new Games and quiz configuration options to engage your visitors

Some of the key games and quiz configuration options that ShortStack offers include scratch and win templates, virtual slot machine options, quizzes for customers related to personality, and knowledge-related quizzes to pique the interest of your followers and fans.

There are even online puzzle templates and gamified virtual game options, such as photo contests and invite-only events.

point new Social media contests to encourage participation

As part of the social media contest options, you’ve got a couple of extra features to make comments collection easier from Facebook or Instagram. You won’t need to record comments manually.

What’s more, other platforms where you can integrate user-generated content for contests include Twitter, for which you can launch retweet contests, and TikTok, for which you can request participants to upload videos using a form produced in ShortStack.

point new Coupon creation with unique codes to build new customer intrigue

How you choose to distribute the ShortStack coupon codes is up to you. Whether you want to give contributors a code or a prize or to those who submit forms, you can make your choice. You may want to monitor who has received your coupon codes, which you can do through the ShortStack Prize manager.

point new Analytics and data collection options

All the analytics and data collection options with ShortStack are collected in real-time. This means that you can instantly find out which campaigns are producing and generating the most views or shares. You can easily determine the source of your major traffic and check which social posts have been shared.

The analytics dashboard is easy to understand, displaying charts and figures you can interpret with one glance.

Why you need to use ShortStack 

point new Effortlessly encourage participation Complete campaigns with contests and user-generated content to encourage audience participation.
point new Generate coupons with codes with minimal effortAs a prize or a form submission, you can generate coupons for users and monitor which coupons you have distributed with minimal effort.
point new Know which campaigns are the most successful Monitor every campaign with an easy-to-use dashboard and analytics tools. Find out where your traffic comes from using ShortStack. 
point new Create personality and knowledge quizzes Use ShortStack to produce engaging personality and knowledge quizzes, captivate your audience’s attention, and encourage participation. 

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Try out ShortStack now!

Have you wanted to create exceptional social media campaigns that keep your audience intrigued and draw in new customers with quizzes and contests? Try ShortStack now to find out how easy these tasks can be.

who new │Who are the Main Users of ShortStack?

With the features of ShortStack covered, let’s turn our attention to the main users of ShortStack. Is your business one that can benefit from ShortStack? Continue reading this 2022 ShortStack review to discover who the main users are and whether the platform suits your business.

point new Digital departments of marketing and broadcasting businesses

As a digital marketing department, you can use ShortStack for your social media promotion, email marketing, and social media data collection tasks without any hassle. Regardless of your design expertise, you can launch fully-fledged campaigns using the various features of ShortStack, including their email marketing tools. Many digital departments of marketing use this software. 

For example, using ShortStack’s email marketing tool, you can schedule automated emails the minute a customer or user completes the form you created. Alternatively, you can send emails to customers at a different date, depending on when scheduling works for you.

point new eCommerce and retail businesses seeking to promote sales

If you’re an eCommerce retail business seeking to promote sales, ShortStack is one tool that can help you. Various eCommerce businesses use ShortStack’s coupon codes as prizes to keep their customers intrigued and interested in sales and products. 

point new Technical landing page creators

Marketing staff who have technical expertise in building landing pages also use ShortStack to create, publish, and embed landing pages in HTML-built websites, meaning you can capitalize on all the received traffic you receive.

Companies and organizations that integrate ShortStack into their campaignsShortStack usage
point new Marketing businessesAutomated email campaigns and social media promotion for audiences
point new Retail and eCommerce organizationsCustomer engagement via landing pages and flawless web pages that lead to conversion
point new Landing page creators with technical experienceBuilding awareness of a business via website publication and boosting traffic

ShortStack Logo

Visit ShortStack now!

As mentioned, ShortStack is ideal for digital marketers and eCommerce staff. Is your aim to make marketing campaigns easier and more efficient as these businesses do? Visit ShortStack now to see how useful it can be.

cost and time new │Is ShortStack Fast to Use?

The speed at which you can create a campaign does depend on the exact kind of campaign your business wants to work on. Giveaways that are uncomplex don’t require much time. You can create this kind of campaign in literally a few minutes.

usability new │Is it Challenging to Use ShortStack?

ShortStack is also easy to use but may take some time to get accustomed to. You do not need coding knowledge to make a flawless campaign with ShortStack. The widgets and design tools in the panel make creating landing pages and giveaways simpler, but you may struggle at first to navigate between all the options.

If you’re a technical expert who understands HTML and CSS, you’ve got the option of using the CSS editor provided by ShortStack. You can use the ShortStack code widget if you want to add additional customization to a campaign.

ShortStack Logo

Use ShortStack’s comprehensive features

Using ShortStack’s comprehensive features makes your landing pages, web pages, and social media campaigns dazzle. Use it as an expert to make the most of its CSS editor and technical features.

pricing new │ShortStack Subscription Options – What are the Pricing Options of ShortStack?

In this next part of our ShortStack review, you’ll find out the ShortStack subscription options. There are various options, including a free trial option, but you can also see more details on the ShortStack subscriptions below!

point new What are the key features of ShortStack’s business plan?

ShortStack’s business plan gives users a storage limit of 10,000 entries and 50,000 views over a 30-day timeframe. You’ve got website embedding options, options to complete entry transfers through your form integrations, options for social media comments and entering contests, and instant win and refer-a-friend contests.

point new What are the key features of ShortStack’s agency plan? 

The ShortStack agency plan gives users a storage limit of 50,000 and 250,000 views over a 30-day timeframe. You’ll receive all the business plan perks plus contests for hashtags and retweets, contests related to video uploads, coupon codes and prize distribution options, and white-label campaigns.

point new What are the key features of ShortStack’s brand plan?

Choose the ShortStack brand plan to receive a storage limit of 500,000 entries and 2,500,000 views over a 30-day timeframe. You’ll gain all the agency plan features, hashtag and retweet options for unlimited use, options for digital rights management, an account manager option, and more.

point new What are the key features of ShortStack’s enterprise plan?

Select the ShortStack enterprise plan for more than 500,000 entries for your storage and more than 2,500,000 views over a 30-day timeframe. Reap the benefits of all the brand plan’s features, plus custom templates, integrations, team settings, and a dedicated account manager option.

You’ll get more for your money if you choose the monthly price on an annual plan. Some of the most exclusive ShortStack features are only available on the brand and enterprise options, such as unlimited hashtag and retweet contests, mobile logins for email addresses and Facebook, and the option to have all templates (plus custom templates with the Enterprise plan). 

The pricing table below contains the simplest comparison of all ShortStack’s price plans:

Price PlanMonthly subscription planMonthly price on a yearly plan
Free Trial$0.00 (free forever)$0.00 (free forever)
Business$99 per month$79 per month
Agency$249 per month$199 per month
Brand$499 per month$399 per month
EnterpriseAvailable upon requestAvailable upon request

ShortStack Logo

Check out ShortStack’s pricing plans and subscriptions now!

Select the best pricing plan for your organization. Find out more about ShortStack’s subscriptions by going to their website now.

tools new │An Analysis of its Handy Features for Enterprises

Your business can look forward to a few handy ShortStack features, specifically for enterprises. Some of the most useful features for businesses that ShortStack provides include analytics, custom domains, and CRM features. Here are more facts on these features.

point new Analytics for observing visitor interactions

If your goal is to understand how your visitors interact with campaigns you’ve launched, use the analytics option from ShortStack to track this. The specific tools you’ve got include views and unique campaign views, campaign traffic sourcing, entries, social media platform share monitoring, device monitoring, and click tracking tools.

To review the campaign views, use the analytics icon. You can choose the date range to view specific analytics over a certain timeframe. You can look at each dataset by going to the navigation menu. Choose “traffic,” “entries,” “sharing,” “autoresponder,” or “clicks” to get specific data. For example, you’ll see the collected entries for campaigns (and be able to view, filter, and approve entries) when you select “entries.” 

point new Domains for enhancing engagement

Domain customization is another top feature for businesses. So, instead of having a ShortStack domain that features the ShortStack brand in the URL, you can create a domain name that features your company name.

You can achieve domain customization with ShortStack by creating an A record for the domain in your DNS. The A record must point to the ShortStack server. You can then navigate to “Publish Campaign,” select the landing page option, choose the displayed domain and click “Add Custom.” Enter the domain name and then wait for verification.

point new CRM features to follow up with clients

The MailChimp CRM is a default option that you’ll find on the integrations list, but you can also connect a list to your ideal CRM with ShortStack’s many integrations. Navigate to “Integrations” and select “Webhook” to choose the CRM service you wish to integrate. When you navigate to the ShortStack CRM software list, you’ll see your chosen CRM.

Connecting lists requires you to switch the CRM toggle to the “Yes” option.

So, to sum up, ShortStack’s services for businesses include:

point new Analytics for customer interaction tracking
point new Domain customization for brand and SEO enhancements
point new CRM customization and effortless entry list connection

example new │Which Businesses and Organizations Integrate ShortStack into their Campaigns

Some of the main businesses and organizations that have integrated ShortStack into their campaigns include:

point new SunRype – data collection and collection of entries with ShortStack

Marketing experts at SunRype successfully integrated ShortStack to collect more than 97,000 entries. They could gather valuable and reliable data from clients and tailor their healthy lifestyle brand message to their audience using contests and rewards. ShortStack provided the company with field points features to facilitate extra entry awards.

point new Tootsie Roll – give away entry increases and post distribution with ShortStack

Tootsie Roll Industries was able to increase their giveaway entries by a remarkable 702% by choosing ShortStack’s results and analysis review tool and increase the reach of their post by promoting a giveaway to their audience that uses Facebook. The reach of their post increased by 587%.

support new │Is ShortStack’s Support Quality Handy?

Looking for information on the quality of ShortStack’s customer support? We’ll focus on that in this section of the ShortStack review.

point new Complete a ShortStack email form for more tips

ShortStack offers an email form option to ask questions and clarify any doubts you may have when using ShortStack. It’s also possible to schedule calls directly with the ShortStack team and work with them to resolve any challenges you encounter. 

point new Visit the help and support section on ShortStack

There’s also an entire section for help and support on the ShortStack website. Here, you’ll find different sections on building campaigns, publishing and embedding campaigns, working with the building blocks of Shortstack, handling entries, using ShortStack as an expert user, and many other categories of advice.

point new Go to the resource section for extra help with ShortStack

You’ll find a resource on the ShortStack website. In the resource section, there are tips on getting started and preparing to use ShortStack. You’ll also notice some examples of eye-catching campaigns you can view.

point new Visit the design section for tips on creating landing pages with ShortStack

In the design section, you’ll notice that the ShortStack team has provided recommendations for image sizing, tips for colors, advice on mobile design, and things to avoid when designing landing pages.

ShortStack supportHow their support and advice work
Email form for support queriesGo to the Contact Sales page to access the email form and fill it out to get support from the team.
Help and support sectionNavigate to the help and support section to access a library of documents to learn how to use ShortStack.
Design sectionNavigate to the design tips section for access to various tips, from time-saving to holiday design to quick design.
What’s the Best Alternative to ShortStack, and How Does it Compare?
One of the best alternatives to ShortStack is Gleam. The Gleam platform is ideal for assisting businesses in growing their email lists and supporting eCommerce store development and growth. It’s also ideal for building a Facebook audience.
What are the similarities and differences between ShortStack and Gleam?
Like ShortStack, Gleam helps increase interaction with end-users through social media and engagement. It also offers customization options for marketers who want to develop giveaways. 

The main difference between ShortStack and Gleam is the quality of the support team. Of the two, ShortStack is more responsive and offers various support methods and ways to get in touch with the team.

conclusion new │A Final Summary of the Platform

All things considered, ShortStack is a handy platform that facilitates social media engagement, landing page, and form creation, website creation, and social media campaigns. With ShortStack, you can greatly augment your marketing efforts.

Although ShortStack is ideal for advanced users, mid-level designers can also use this platform with a little practice with the ShortStack team’s support to help launch and monitor any campaign you want.

ShortStack Logo

Try out the ShortStack platform now!

The ShortStack platform is available for you to complete effortless landing pages and social media campaigns. Try it out and see how its features are the best option for compelling marketing campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No. ShortStack users do not need to have coding knowledge. It works with widgets and a style panel that makes campaign creation easy.

Yes, if you have coding knowledge you can fully customize a campaign with advanced technical skills. The CSS editor is available when you choose the Business plan to help you make custom changes.

Depending on the type of campaign, the timeframe for completion can vary. ShortStack offers advice for building campaigns in minutes, so check out their help section for more information.

Yes, you can use the Campaign Builder to view a campaign before you publish it. You also have the option of distributing campaigns to the entire team to test it.



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