Logo uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create amazing ad creatives for your business. It generates high-performing creatives based on your textual input. It also comes packed with advanced features that let you track the performance of your ads.

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review new │ Overview

Ads are so important in the modern world, where competition levels are higher than ever and individual companies need to do whatever they can to stand out. But making your own ad creatives isn’t always easy. 

That’s where comes into play. This platform harnesses the power of AI to generate amazing ad creatives for your company, but is it worth a try? Read our review to find out. – Best for ad is one of the top apps for managing and maximizing the potential of your deskless employees, giving you a range of features and functions to enhance your business operations.

pros and cons new │ Pros and Cons

Further down, we’ll look at the key features and target users for, but before we get to that, let’s first examine some of the main pros and cons of this platform to help you learn more about how it works and what it has to offer. Pros

tick new The easiest way to make creatives

Generating ad creatives isn’t always the easiest thing, and it takes time and skill to put together a good creative. changes the game, making creatives super quick and simple to generate with minimal effort required on your part.

tick new Advanced AI technology 

Another great thing about is how it makes the most of artificial intelligence in its processes. It uses advanced AI learning to put together templates that can get results online, with AI-based recommendations and insights to help you grow your brand.

tick new Flexible to suit different platforms

Whether you’re running ads on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, or some other major platform, can work for you. It can generate ad creatives for a whole host of different platforms.

tick new Free to try

Another nice advantage of is that it’s totally free to try! You can test it out for the first 7 days to see what the service has to offer before you start committing to a paid plan.

tick new Customizable to suit your needs

Another great aspect of is how easy it is to customize your creatives, entering your own brand name and logo, your own text, and even your own background images from the platform’s stock library. Cons

cons new Quite a limited service is still quite a new service, and it’s one that clearly has a lot of room to grow in the future. It’s quite limited, for now, and only has one main purpose of generating creatives. We’d like to see the platform grow and expand in the future.

cons new Similar templates appear often

Another negative aspect of is that as you start using it more and more, you will notice the same basic templates appearing again and again. This can be frustrating if you want lots of variety in your ads.

cons new Lack of editing options

Another downside of is that once a template has been generated, there’s not a lot you can do with it in terms of editing or adjusting individual elements. You don’t have a huge level of control over the specific aesthetics of each creative. Disadvantages
plus new Makes ads in no timeminus new Not many features or functions
plus new Harness the power of AIminus new Quite a lot of repetition
plus new Works on a lot of platformsminus new Editing features are needed
plus new A free trial of 7 days
plus new Customize each ad Logo

Try now!

If you want to build up your brand online and get more eyes on your products and services, can help! Give it a try and see how easy it is to make amazing, functional ads with the aid of artificial technology.

what new │ What Is

So, what exactly is Well, as the name implies, is a platform that focuses on making ad creatives for its users, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

“Ad creatives” is a term used to describe the visual elements of ads that are often seen on websites and apps. They can come in various sizes, from banners at the top of a page to pin-size ad creatives for social media feeds on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Ad creatives are a really powerful force in the online world right now, as attention spans are shorter than ever and most online users tend to process images much more quickly and are more attracted to bold, colorful, impactful visuals, rather than big blocks of text.

The team behind understands all of this, and they also understand that it can be hard for users to make their own ad creatives from scratch. That’s why they created as a tool or aid for ad creative generation.

This software lets you enter some basic data like a headline and company name, and then generate lots of stunning creatives in a matter of seconds. It gives you professional-grade visuals without the same high price, and you can use to create creatives for all sorts of platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, and more.

Not only that, but also offers advanced features like creative insights to help you track the performance of each creative you generate, as well as AI recommendations and scoring to help you see which creative could work best for your brand.

Overall Rating4.0/5 uses advanced AI technology to get results
FlexibleYou can use this platform to make ads for all major platforms
CustomizableAdd your own text and images into each creative works quickly to generate creatives in seconds
Free to TryTry for free for the first 7 days

how new │ How Does Work? claims to be the best platform to make beautiful creatives in the fastest way possible. So, how does it actually work? Well, the first step of the process is to head over to the site and create your account. will only ask for some basic information to get your account set-up, and you should be able to start making your first creatives in no time at all. 

Once your account is ready to go, you can head into the creation menu and get to work on your first ad. You’ll be able to upload your brand’s logo to personalize every creative you make, and you can also pick three main colors that will serve as the color scheme for your creative. 

So, if your brand already has a distinct color scheme, you can blend this in with your creatives, or you can opt for something totally new and different. You can also enter a description of your brand, before moving on to the next step. will then let you pick the creative size you want for your project. The platform supports all kinds of different creative sizes, from post size creatives to banners, pin size creatives, and more. 

And once you’ve picked a size, it’s time to enter some headlines to bring your ads to life. You can either do this on your own, or you can use’s own AI technology write content for you, saving you plenty of time and cash.

You can then either upload your own background image or use’s stock library to find one, before clicking the Generate button to make your creatives. will make a whole selection of creatives for you and recommend those that it things will get you the best conversions and engagement levels.

feature new │ Features is quite a limited service, but it still has several impressive features that can help you grow your brand online and enjoy great quality, professional-looking ad creatives with minimal fuss. Here are some of the service’s main features.

point new Creative Generation

Obviously, one of the main features of is its creative generation. This service can make stunning creatives for you in no time at all, and you can customize each creative to suit your needs, entering your brand logo, writing your own headlines and copy, and even picking the background and color scheme for the ad, as well.

point new AI Recommendations

Artificial intelligence is a key part of the platform. So, when the service generates creatives for you, it uses its own AI algorithms to make recommendations of templates and creative ideas that it thinks will get you the best result. It’s like having your very own AI advisor on your side.

point new AI Text Generation

Creating text for your creatives isn’t always easy, either, and some companies spend a lot of money hiring writers to come up with creative headlines and ideas. Well, with, you can simply let the platform’s artificial intelligence create copy for you. It can write amazing headlines based on brief descriptions of your brand.

point new Creative Insights also offers creative insights, allowing you to find out more about how your creatives are performing. It tracks key statistics like engagement levels and impressions so you can measure the performance of every creative and then make future decisions based on that data. This will help you choose the best creatives to grow your brand over time.

Why We Need to Use

point new Saves time and money on creative generation
point new Makes amazing ads in no time at all
point new Provides advanced AI insights to help you grow
point new Suitable for all major ad platforms and services Logo

Use for easy ad generation

Tired of spending so much with advertising firms or wasting your own time coming up with ad creatives? Choose to enjoy fast and easy ad generation with professional-level results.

who new │Who Should Use is a tool that can appeal to a very wide range of users, from small startups looking to make their mark on the industry to ad agencies that want to use new tools to meet their clients’ needs. Here are just some of the key groups that can make the most of this platform.

point new Startups

If you’re just starting a new business, you may not have a huge amount of cash to spend with advertising firms, but you still need good quality ad creatives to spread the word about your brand. can help.

point new E-commerce

In the world of e-commerce, good quality creatives can make all the difference and help you sell more products on a daily basis. can create quality creatives to maximize your conversion rates.

point new Small Businesses

Small businesses often need to manage their budgets carefully, but still want to invest in marketing and advertising to grow. gives you that advertising boost you need without requiring a huge investment.

point new Ad Agencies

Even if you’re running an advertising agency, you can benefit from You can use’s AI technology as a reliable tool to help you generate creative ideas for your clients.

point new Useful for businesses of various sizes, especially small, starter businesses
point new Ideal for growing businesses with limited budgets
point new A handy tool for advertising agencies to rely on Logo

Make your ad creation tool of choice

Whether you’re starting a brand new brand or looking for a way to take your existing company to the next level, is ready to help. Give it a try today and see how this AI-powered platform can kick-start your marketing strategy.

cost and time new │ Cost and Time

In terms of cost, is one of the top options out there in terms of advertising and creative generation. It doesn’t cost too much to use, and it’s far cheaper to generate creative content with than it is to work with most advertising firms.

When it comes to time, too, is a highly efficient tool to use. It can help you create lots of ad creatives in a matter of seconds, saving you tons of time that would usually spend going back and forth with advertising agencies and waiting for them to put your ideas into action.

usability new │ Usability

Ease of use is another very important factor to think about when it comes to tools like this. At first, you might feel a little intimidated or concerned about’s advanced technology, but this software is impressively and surprisingly easy to use.

In fact, the AI actually handles most of the hard parts for you, so all you have to do with is to type in some basic headlines (or ask the AI to do it for you), upload your brand logo, pick some colors, and let the system make your ad creatives for you.

It’s so easy, even a total beginner can use it, and you don’t need any lengthy training, allowing every member of your team to log on and start making attractive, engaging ad creatives in no time at all.

pricing new │ Pricing

So, how much will you have to pay for Well, has four different tiers of subscriptions, and it divides them into two different categories: Startups and Professionals. The Startups plans are cheaper overall, but the Professionals plans come with extra credits and users for bigger businesses and teams. Here’s how the plans compare, and don’t forget that you can test out the service for free with a 7-day trial.

point new Starter 

The Starter plan costs $29 a month for Startups or $189 per month for Professionals. At Startup level, it provides 10 credits a month for one user, and it unlocks all the key features of the platform. At Professionals level, you get 100 credits and five users.

point new Premium 

Next up, we have the Premium plan, which costs $59 per month for startups and provides 25 credits for up to two brands or users, or costs $249 a month for Professionals and gives you 200 credits for up to 10 brands and users.

point new Ultimate 

The Ultimate plan is next, costing $99 a month for Startups with 50 credits and two users or $399 a month for Professionals with 500 credits and 20 maximum users. Like the other plans, you get all the main features of the platform with the Ultimate plan. 

point new Scale Up

The Scale Up plan is only available for Startups and costs $149 per month. It provides 100 credits for up to four users in total.

StarterFrom $29 per month
PremiumFrom $59 per month
UltimateFrom $99 per month
Scale UpFrom $149 per month

tools new │ Tools for Business has a wide range of handy features that can help you grow your business. Here are just some of the key tools that businesses need to be aware of when using this platform.

point new Integrations

No matter which subscription you choose with, you’ll be able to enjoy full Google and Facebook integrations. This allows you to quickly and easily share ads on Google and Facebook.

point new AI Generation

Artificial intelligence is an essential element of, and this platform allows you to harness the power of AI to not only generate ad creative templates for your business, but also to generate content for those creatives. 

point new AI Recommendation’s artificial intelligence is even able to make recommendations of the best creatives for you to use. It uses complex algorithms and insights to find out which templates tend to perform the best, giving you expert advice every time.

Points to Note
point new Harness the power of AI to expand your business
point new Generate top quality creatives to get eyes on your brand
point new Share your creatives on major platforms like Google

example new │ Use Cases

Lots of businesses and agencies are already using on a daily basis to generate amazing ad creatives and build up their brands in the digital world. Here are just a few examples of how has helped companies grow.

point new Rapid Alpha

Rapid Alpha is a technology consultancy that focuses on innovation management. This company makes use of in order to generate positive attention and attract potential clients to its brand.

point new Vid Bazaar

Vid Bazaar is a video templates company that provides PowerPoint templates for video ad generation on sites like Etsy and Shopify. This company, too, harnesses the power of to draw more attention to its products and services.

point new Appnomic Systems

Appnomic Systems is another company that makes use of to generate marketing creatives as part of its marketing strategy. The company has been impressed by’s professional templates and overall ease-of-use.

support new │ Support

It’s always useful when developers of tools like offer high levels of customer care and support. So, how does this company compare to the competition when it comes to support and assistance? 

Well, the customer support of isn’t very extensive. There isn’t a phone number you can contact, nor is there a live chat system. However, you can contact the team via email and get a response to any question you might have fairly quickly.’s support staff are friendly and professional, and they should be able to help with most questions or queries you have. And the software is so easy to use, you may not need to worry about contacting the user support at all.

point new Email support only
point new Friendly and rapid responses
point new An easy-to-use platform
Alternative to – AdEspresso
AdEspresso is a digital advertising agency that allows users to create their own ad creatives across a range of different channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. It also offers creative management, collaboration, and insights.
Comparing to AdEspresso and AdEspresso have a lot in common in terms of their main aims and focus on ad creatives. However, makes use of artificial intelligence to generate ads, while AdEspresso is more focused on user-created content.

conclusion new │Conclusion

Ad creatives are absolutely vital in today’s world, helping to attract attention to your business, get eyes on your products and services, and build up your brand over time. But it’s important to get your creatives right. can help with this. It’s one of the most powerful ad creative generation tools available right now, and yet it’s also one of the simplest options available, allowing users to make amazing creatives with just a few clicks.

There are some limitations of the platform, but it’s a really useful tool overall, with a lot of room to grow. If you need a quick, easy way to make ad creatives, is definitely worth a try, and it’s free to start! Logo

Try Now! is one of the most reliable and efficient tools for making amazing ad creatives in a matter of seconds. It can give you quality creatives with minimal effort. Give it a try today with a 7-day free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is an AI platform that generates ad creatives for users.

Many different kinds of businesses use, like tech brands, marketing agencies, and new startups.

You can send an email to [email protected].

The company behind is based in Paris, France.


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