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Recommendations for the best value IT server network monitoring software

Looking for the best value IT server network monitoring software? Our curated list contains the best software solutions that offer comprehensive network monitoring features.

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1. 360Proxy

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2. Proxy-Seller

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3. Smartproxy

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Starting Price$75/month
Pricing ModelSubscriber Based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
4. Motadata

— Motadata is an IT analytics platform that uses real-time alerting to reduce server downtime. It uses machine-learning-powered…

Starting PriceContact for price
Pricing ModelQuotation based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes
5. EdbMails

— EdbMails is a cloud-based email migration and recovery software that helps businesses migrate between email clients and…

Starting Price$99
Pricing ModelOne-time License
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
6. NinjaRRM

— NinjaRMM is a comprehensive project management software offering various features to streamline project workflows and maximize productivity.…

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Free VersionNo
7. ServerSuit

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Starting price$1/mo
Pricing modelUsage-Based, Time-Based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
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8. MarsProxies

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What Is IT Server Network Monitoring Software?

IT server network monitoring software and network monitor tools are IT systems created to ensure that every aspect of the network is working correctly and that all possible bugs and errors stay under control. This is done by tracking a series of parameters and constantly comparing the network’s data.

If any of the measured items surpass the established parameters, the software is going to trigger an alarm and find a way to solve the issue. You can set up as many parameters as you wish so that your network is always working correctly. Moreover, it may help you find a way to solve all issues as soon as they appear.

However, you can also eliminate the parameters you don’t wish to track anymore. This is going to stop the alerts and allow your items to surpass the parameters established by the software.

What Does IT Server Network Monitoring Software Do? 

Network monitoring is a crucial aspect of network management. It consists of setting up software that’s meant to identify any bugs or errors in the network before they start causing problems. Some of the most common bugs are crashed and overloaded servers, failing routers or switches, etc.

Once the system identifies these bugs, it is going to trigger an alarm so that the administrator is aware of the bug. Administrators typically use these systems to fix all bugs before they affect the performance of the network. Moreover, these systems are also helpful to make sure the network is connected to the internet and people can easily access it.

Still, it is essential to use other external security protocols to ensure the network is 100% safe for all its users.

How We Rank the Best IT Server Network Monitoring Software

To ensure transparency and accuracy, we use the Genius Score, a unique scoring system that ranges from 0 to 100. This score is calculated based on a combination of external reviews, industry comparisons, and user experiences. If you want a deeper understanding of our rating methodology, you can visit our dedicated rating methodology page.

Main Features of IT Server Network Monitoring Software 

After analyzing the best network monitoring tools, we concluded that any efficient platform must have the following characteristics.

Automatic Discovery

Performing a manual discovery leaves room for errors, especially in extensive networks that are constantly being upgraded. This is why your software must be able to automate the discovery of bugs while also leaving space for an emergency forced discovery.

Smart Classification and Mapping

Each server and application in the network are going to have different parameters, which is why your monitoring software must be able to classify each environment in smart clusters for a better organization and visualization of the network. This may improve the overall management of the network conditions.

In-depth Performance Monitoring

Your main concern should be making sure your network has peak performance. You can do this by choosing a monitoring software with in-depth performance monitoring that can help you identify system errors such as a LAN failure and a database crash.

Benefits of Using IT Server Network Monitoring Software

You can use IT server network monitoring software for several different purposes that are sure to give you all sorts of great benefits. This is why these platforms have become so popular. They help network administrators from all over the world keep their pages as safe as possible and eliminate any potential risks as soon as they appear. The following are some of the most common benefits you may receive when using these platforms.

Network Visibility

An important aspect to keep an eye on is the visibility of your network. Therefore, you must track its traffic and all the devices attached to it, as this may help you find any performance lags and ensure the network’s health.

However, this is a tricky job, so your monitoring tool must feature an automated mapping tool, as it is meant to help you have complete visibility of your network at all times.

Maintaining Compliance

Suppose you need to maintain compliance with some sort of regulation. In that case, you are going to need to acquire appropriate network monitoring tools, as this is going to help you reach the level of internal control you need for maintaining compliance.

However, please make sure to use strong external safety protocols so that you can meet the rest of the requirements for maintaining compliance.

Preventing Downtime

Downtime wastes your time and money. Some companies have even reported losses of up to $5,000,000 per hour of downtime. Therefore, your monitoring software must be able to quickly identify and prevent these issues. 

This is done by identifying warning signs that indicate outages and trigger alarms for the administrator to take care of.

Finding and Fixing Problems Quickly

Having network monitoring tools help you fix your network problems much faster. These tools can identify problems and trigger an alarm in less than a second, which is crucial if you don’t want to spend hours figuring out the source of the problem and losing money due to downtime or poor network performance.

Uncovering Security Threats

Another great benefit of having IT server network monitoring software is uncovering security threats. These systems know how to identify suspicious activity and discover malware and viruses, which prevents them from turning into a bigger threat to your network. Then, once the platform identifies the threat, it immediately bans any similar behavior on the platform, which reduces the risk of finding another virus.

Who Should Use This Software?

Any company that needs to control its network and have more efficient processes should get an IT server network monitoring software, as it is meant to help keep everything in control and improve the network’s performance. However, the most common companies that could benefit from this type of software are the following:

Cyber-security Companies

Cyber-security companies need to monitor their network to identify any malware or viruses trying to sneak into their pages and destroy their servers. Moreover, these companies must also ensure complete safety for their users, so they must quickly identify any possible threat and eliminate it.

Shipping Companies

Shipping companies can lose a lot of money when their network crashes, and the amounts of money can be massive for big corporations with high traffic, such as Amazon. Therefore, they must avoid downtime and allow users to enjoy their services as much time as possible. The best way to do this is by using a network monitoring tool that can quickly identify bugs and crashes.

Internet Providers

Finally, internet providers can’t afford to let their servers fail, as this could cause their internet service to stop being distributed, and many users may get outraged. Therefore, to avoid receiving upset calls, emails, and potentially losing customers, the best thing an internet provider can do is to get a network monitoring tool to fix any problem that may appear.

How Much Does IT Server Network Monitoring Software Cost? 

The cost of these services varies depending on the brand. Several brands offer free services, but the most expensive ones can even reach $10,000 per year. However, the average price estimate ranges from $390 to $1,400 per year.

Nonetheless, there are many pricing models for these systems, and the most common ones are: per device, per license, per technician, and tiered packages.



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