Motadata is an IT analytics platform that uses real-time alerting to reduce server downtime. It uses machine-learning-powered analytics to solve today’s complex IT challenges.

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review new │Motadata Review

Managing your IT operations is vital to any successful business. Most businesses rely on multiple hardware and software solutions within their daily lives. When issues arise, it can be difficult to resolve them promptly. 

Motadata gathers data from across your network, giving you a unified view of all your IT operations. Its primary uses are network monitoring, log management, flow management, and IT service management. 

Read our Motadata review to explore more about Motadata and how it can help your business.

Motadata – Best for large enterprises
Motadata is an excellent solution for large enterprises with a large network of IT operations. 

pros and cons new │ Pros and Cons

Below, we will break down the key pros and cons of Motadata’s software. It’s important to weigh up the strengths and weaknesses of Motadata to make a more informed purchasing decision. 

Motadata Pros

tick new Easily manage your bandwidth 

Monitor network traffic flow to identify which users, apps, and protocols are consuming the most bandwidth. Armed with this knowledge, you can make changes to improve network efficiency. 

tick new Access customer feedback

Track customer satisfaction with feedback requests after every resolved request. Feedback is a vital asset and can help highlight areas for improvement within your business. 

tick new Customize your dashboard

Motadata offers a customizable array of dashboards, reports, widgets and alerts. From your dashboard, you can view real-time data and access powerful insights to ensure the availability of your network. 

tick new Reliable cloud-based software

Even large enterprises spanning multiple cities or countries can access Motadata’s services via the cloud. By using the cloud, Motadata increases its accessibility and improves data protection. 

tick new Monitor your firewall

You can track the security of your network at all times thanks to Motadata’s software. If there is a breach in your firewall, you’ll be notified immediately.

tick new Anticipate future problems

Motoadata’s AI and machine-learning capabilities can forecast potential failures before they cause any damage. Always stay one step ahead with Motadata. 

tick new Improve communication 

Improve communication between your customers and support technicians with Motodata’s live chat channel. You can also stay up to date with your infrastructure’s activity with regular email updates. 

tick new Troubleshoot issues 

Access actionable insights at scale by collecting, analyzing, visualizing, and diagnosing log data. Motadata can automate every aspect of the log monitoring process for a hassle-free solution. 

tick new Automate patch management 

Automate patch management, run vulnerability assessments, and receive notifications about missing patches. Defend your system against cyber attacks and reduce TCO with Motadata’s patch management system. 

Motadata Cons

cons new Complex to use

Some users have claimed that Motadata is complex to use. Although it offers detailed documentation and guides, this software isn’t suitable for complete novices. 

Motadata AdvantagesMotadata Disadvantages
plus new Bandwidth management minus new Complex to use 
plus new Customer feedback 
plus new Customizable dashboard 
plus new Cloud-based 
plus new Firewall monitoring
plus new Fault Predictions 
plus new Communication tools
plus new Efficient Troubleshooting 
plus new Patch management 


Don’t hesitate. Try Motadata Now!

If you’re looking for an IT analytics software that processes network data and turns it into actionable insights, Motadata is the perfect solution. 

what new │What is Motadata?

Motadata is an IT analytics software platform that collects data from across your network and analyzes it for helpful business insights. It provides customer flexibility with a personalized dashboard that shows countless reports for a detailed overview of IT operations. 

You can reduce downtime and maximize your network’s efficiency with real-time monitoring and AI-driven capabilities. Motadata uses the Deep Learning Framework for IT operation (DFIT) to enhance visibility and control over your IT infrastructure.

Whether you operate a heterogeneous or hybrid IT infrastructure, Motadata collects, processes, and correlates data for powerful, actionable insights. 

point new Motadata gives you a unified view of all your IT operations. 
point new Store valuable data for future reference to solve any unforeseen network issues. 
point new Forecast future failures and be prepared for every eventuality. 
point new Streamline your business processes and solve even your toughest IT challenges. 

how new │How Does Motadata Work?

Motadata runs on the DFIT platform. This is a proprietary framework that incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning. It increases efficiency and reduces costs across your IT operations. 

Motadata’s software is divided into two main categories: AIOps and Service OPs. 

AIOps covers network observability, infrastructure monitoring, log analytics, and network automation. You can monitor your entire organization’s network from its handy dashboard for peace of mind. You can also modernize your infrastructure and analyze machine data for trends and patterns. These AIOps features can be fully automated to save vital time and effort. 

ServiceOps streamlines your IT services using AI automation and managers your IT and Non-It asset inventory. It also automates patch management and safeguards endpoints from critical vulnerabilities. 

When combined, Motadata reduces downtime and covers all three types of telemetry – logs, metrics, and traces. It allows you to monitor and manage your IT operations to drive business outcomes and streamline business processes

feature new │Motadata Features 

Below, we have provided a breakdown of Motadata’s most impressive features. Read on our Motadata review to find out how this IT operations software can work for your business. 

point new Network Management

Stay on top of your network’s performance with 24/7 monitoring and 360-degree visibility. Troubleshoot issues surrounding network delays, faults and failures instantly to minimize downtime. 

Network Management

point new Flow Management

Find which users, apps, and protocols are consuming the most bandwidth and respond proactively. With flow-based network traffic monitoring, you can manage your bandwidth with confidence. 

Flow management

point new Service Desk Software

AI-enabled Service Desk software enables technicians to support end-users. Motadata offers a ‘virtual agent’ to give automated responses and provide 24/7 support to customers. 

Service Desk Software

point new Personalized Dashboard

Users can access one unified dashboard for all the metrics, log events, streaming data, SNMP data, and more. Personalize this dashboard to show the most relevant information and work for your business. 

Personalized Dashboard

point new Real-Time Data

Stay informed with real-time data and receive powerful insights to ensure your network remains available and functional. Be alerted about any changes in your network’s health and availability. AI technology can even anticipate failures and notify you ahead of time. 

Real-Time Data

Why We Need to Use Motadata

point new Offers an all-in-one solution to all your IT needs. point new Connects front and back-end approaches to map technological changes in your business. 
point new Provides valuable resources like blogs, articles, and eBooks. point new Em powers IT organizations to adopt changes across people, processes, and technology. 
point new Helps you to avoid unnecessary network failures. point new It’s one of the fastest-growing IT companies in India and has been recognized as industry-leading. 


Motadata Can Work For Your Business! 

Motadata is committed to unlocking the power of data intelligence to help businesses to thrive. Motadata’s software relies on innovative technology to bring you viable results.

who new │Who Should Use Motadata?

Motadata is an excellent solution for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a small startup or an established enterprise, your network health is of vital importance. Their team works hard to ensure that their product is accessible to everyone regardless of business size or IT experience.  

point new Provides businesses of any size with advanced analytics to improve their IT operations. 
point new Perfect for small, mid-sized, and large businesses, thanks to its array of features. 


Use Motadata For Digital Transformation!

Motadata can transform your IT operations to meet the rising expectations of your end-users. Stay ahead of the curb and make the most of your IT network with Motadata. 

cost and time new │Motadata Time and Cost

Motadata can speed up IT processes by connecting disparate elements onto one unified platform. The set-up time varies depending on the size of your business and your experience with IT software. However, you can ensure your team is fully versed in Motadata’s software in no time, thanks to their on-hand experts and handy resources. 

Motadata’s subscription costs are quote-based. Therefore, you need to contact their sales team at [email protected] for more information. 

usability new │Motadata Usability

One key selling point of Motadata is its usability. Motadata collects vital IT information from multiple sources onto one cohesive platform. This gives you end-to-end visibility over all your operations for maximum ease of use. 

With Motadata, you can customize your dashboard to display the data that matters most to you and your business. You can monitor devices, servers, applications, services, and more from your dashboard to stay on top of your network performance. 

Motadata connects the front and back end of your business to provide insight into how your chosen technologies are affecting your business. Motadata can identify which elements of your IT network are consuming the most bandwidth and slowing down or causing faults. 

Use Motadata’s powerful analytics to gain insight into how to improve your business’ IT operations. This software is user-friendly and can be used by any business, even globally, thanks to the Cloud. Its round-the-clock monitoring and alert system mean you’re always kept in the loop and can take full advantage of Motadata’s features. 

pricing new │Motadata Pricing

You can schedule a personalized demo with a Motodata expert or request a 30-day free trial. For pricing details, contact Motadata’s sales team at [email protected]

Free 30-day trial Yes
SubscriptionRequest Pricing


Get Started With Motadata Today!

Motadata provides intuitive visualizations of your data to help your team make snap decisions and improve your IT operations. 
Why waste time? Get started with Motadata today!

example new │Motadata Use Cases

Let’s look at some real-life examples of Motadata in action. 

point new Radwin

Radwin is a global provider of broadband and wireless mobility solutions. They incorporate the most advanced technologies and needed a tool to monitor fifty thousand devices in a single instance. Motadata provided all they needed and more and helped their business to thrive. 

point new Emirates Healthcare

Emirates Hospital group is one of the leading providers of healthcare services in the UAE. Motadata helped them to streamline IT operations and handle network-related tickets across multiple locations. 

Emirates Healthcare

point new Airtel

Bharti Airtel is a leading global telecommunications company. They used Motadata because they needed a highly scalable tool to monitor large numbers of devices simultaneously. Motadata solved their problems. 

support new │Motadata Support 

Motadata offers excellent customer support to help you take full advantage of their software. 

The Motadata support center allows users to submit tickets, read articles and engage with the Motadata community. Users can access blogs, eBooks, Press releases, product brochures, success stories and news articles from the Motadata website.

For more support, you can email [email protected] or [email protected], depending on your query. 

Motadata Support
point new Submit tickets, browse articles and engage with the Motadata community. 
point new Access blogs, eBooks, product brochures, success stories, and news articles.
point new Contact specialist sales and support teams by email for fast, helpful responses. 
Motadata Alternative – ManageEngine OpManager
ManageEngine OpManager is a trusted network monitoring service. It is an easy-to-use, affordable service that provides continuous monitoring and in-depth visibility over your network. 
Comparing Motadata to ManageEngine OpManager
ManageEngine Op Manager matches Motadata in terms of features and value for money. However, due to its multi-pronged approach of AIOps and ServiceOps, Motadata is considered a more versatile software product. 

conclusion new │Conclusion

Motadata solves your IT needs. Its innovative technology provides you with tools to manage all of your business’ IT operations. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Motadata is a global software organization that provides solutions for IT operations through its AIOps and ServiceOPs platform. It leverages the power of DFIT to enhance visibility and control over hybrid and heterogeneous IT infrastructures.

Motadata offers its users an impressive range of features. It allows businesses to cater to their end-users and maintain their network health. You can access analytics that cover every aspect of your network's health and receive insights on how best to improve your business operations, thus increasing profitability.

Network monitoring software monitors and manages the network traffic flow over a network. It pinpoints the location of network problems and helps you to prevent potential issues before they cause any damage and disrupt IT operations.

Network availability is the percentage of time the infrastructure is operational during a period (uptime divided by total in-service time). Reliability tracks how long the infrastructure is functional without interruption (mean time between failures (MTBF and failure rate).



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