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Motadata is an IT analytics software platform that derives business insights by real-time processing, correlation and intelligent visualization of IT network and security information data. It can collect data from multiple sources, in any format, and analyze it for insights. It unifies traditionally separate IT monitoring data from network devices, server instances, virtual machines, cloud deployments, applications and web servers of NOC and log analytics from SOC in a single powerful platform. Motadata provides higher customer flexibility with plugin driven architecture and widgets driven visualization to meet any custom needs. Its single window dashboard enables both IT admins and CXOs to get insightful IT reports as per their business needs. Powered by Mindarray Systems Pvt. Limited, Motadata has all that is needed to solve today’s complex IT challenges.

Runtime Analysis and Correlation of Network Performance Data and Security Log Data

It is difficult to correlate if a security breach has caused a business service to fail, because of separate products managing and monitoring IT performance and processing of security logs. Motadata provides what is needed for NOC operations and at the same time analyzes security logs from SOC in real-time. This makes Motadata uniquely positioned to correlate events across the boundary of NOC and SOC, leading to faster RCA and eventual corrective action.

Automatic Execution of Corrective Actions on RCA

Most NOC products are capable of uncovering the cause of business service failure, but Motadata goes one step beyond RCA. It can execute corrective steps automatically on detection of a service breakdown.

Monitoring and Management of All Layers of IT Infrastructure

Enterprise IT environment has evolved into a complex, hybrid, and virtualized multi-layered infrastructure. Business critical services can be at risk without clear visibility into complete IT infrastructure. Motadata is a truly unifying monitoring and management software that provides deep insights into all layers of your IT environment – applications, databases, servers and network devices – irrespective of whether they are hosted on physical servers, or virtual, on-premise or in-cloud.

Business Service Management and SLA Enforcement

A business critical service is delivered through an application running on a server, supported by a database and enabled by networking elements. Minder provides nesting of components across various layers of IT into a Business Service, and enforces Service Level Agreement for effective performance management, problem detection, event correlation and root cause analysis.

Distributed Monitoring of Remote Offices

Motadata’s Master-Remote Polling Engine distributed architecture enables Systems Administrators to centrally configure IT infrastructure across all office locations and monitor business critical services hosted across all remote locations.

Key Features

  • Network Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Log Management


Intended Users: Mid Size Business
Devices Supported: Mac, Web-based, Windows
Supported Countries: Asia, India, United States
Supported Languages: English
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