Best Compliance Software

Compliance software plays an important role in helping organizations navigate the complex landscape of regulatory requirements, industry standards and internal policies. It enables companies to effectively manage and monitor compliance activities, automate processes, and ensure adherence to legal and regulatory obligations.

Recommendations for the best value compliance software

We've compiled a list of the best value compliance software solutions that deliver exceptional value. Our top picks were selected based on extensive reviews, user feedback, and our expert analysis.

ManageEngine Log360
1. ManageEngine Log360

— Log360 is a log management and SIEM solution created by ManageEngine, one of the leading names in… Read review

Starting PriceCustom
Pricing ModelSubscription
Free TrialYes
2. Jscrambler

— Jscrambler is a cloud-based security software that helps businesses protect their web applications and improve their data…

Starting price$35/mo
Pricing modelSubscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
3. SanerNow

— SanerNow is an all-in-one endpoint security and management platform designed for IT professionals. With its comprehensive features…

Starting PriceContact for price
Pricing ModelSubscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
4. Conformio

— Conformio is an online tool that helps you prepare for your ISO 27001 certification. It comes with…

Starting Price$99/month
Pricing ModelSubscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes
NAVEX Global
5. NAVEX Global

— NAVEX Global is a leading GRC management solution that helps businesses manage and mitigate risks across all…

Starting PriceContact for price
Pricing ModelQuotation based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionNo

What is Compliance Software?

Compliance software is an IT security tool that gives companies the tools they need to effectively manage and monitor compliance with laws and regulations. It helps automate compliance processes, track and document compliance activities, and ensure adherence to internal policies and industry standards.

Key features and benefits of compliance software include:

  • Regulatory monitoring and updating: Compliance software enables organizations to stay abreast of changing regulatory requirements, receive alerts, and track compliance with deadlines.
  • Policy and procedure management: It helps develop, distribute, and manage internal policies and ensures that employees understand and comply with them.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation: Compliance software facilitates risk assessment and mitigation strategies by helping organizations identify potential compliance gaps and take action to address them.
  • Audit and reporting: It simplifies the process of conducting audits, generating reports, and demonstrating compliance to regulators or internal stakeholders.

How Much Does Compliance Software Cost?

Pricing for compliance software depends on factors such as the vendor, the size of the organization and the specific features included. Some compliance software solutions offer tiered pricing plans, while others can offer customized pricing based on the organization’s needs.

Factors such as the number of users, complexity of compliance requirements, and additional features such as risk management or advanced reporting can influence pricing. We provide comprehensive pricing information for each compliance software on our list to ensure transparency and help you make an informed decision based on your budget and compliance requirements.

How We Rank the Best Compliance Software

At SaasGenius, we use a rigorous evaluation methodology to assess and rank compliance software. In our evaluation, we consider several factors, including features, ease of use, customer support, integration capabilities and pricing. In addition, we assign each software vendor a unique Genius Score derived from a combination of external reviews and internal testing to ensure an accurate and reliable ranking of the best compliance software available.