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Ensure the safety and availability of your critical data with the best backup software solutions. Protect yourself from data loss, system failures and unforeseen disasters by implementing reliable and efficient backup strategies.

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Looking for reliable backup software? In our list, you'll find the best backup software solutions that offer comprehensive data backup, restore and recovery features.

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1. FluentPro Backup

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2. GoDaddy

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3. Picbackman

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4. NinjaRRM

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What is Backup Software?

Backup software is an IT application that allows you to back up your files, databases or entire system. This software creates a duplicate of the file if the original is corrupted, damaged, deleted, or lost for any reason. 

What Does Backup Software Do? 

Individuals and companies can use backup software to protect essential files. More advanced applications can create multiple backups, so if one becomes damaged or lost, there is another layer of data protection. 

There are various ways you can lose data on your computer, laptop, or mobile. You could suffer a cyberattack, a hardware/software failure, or a power loss. Alternatively, you could accidentally delete files and have your device stolen or irreparably damaged. Whatever the cause, it’s important to prevent permanently losing your data by having a backup.

How Can Backup Software Help My Business

Backup software allows your business to run smoothly and avoid any hiccups related to data corruption or loss. Investing in backup software is like investing in insurance for your data and adds valuable business security. 

You can back up countless forms of data, such as contact lists, applications, files, photos, websites, databases, digital infrastructure, etc. Backup software supports business continuity; your business can continue even if you encounter data storage issues. 

You can rest easy knowing that there are systems in place keeping your data safe 24/7. There’s no need to waste valuable time and money creating copies of important documents and storing them under lock and key. Backup software adds stability to your data storage, productivity, brand, and overall business. 

How We Rank the Best Backup Software

Our ranking method for selecting the best backup software involves a comprehensive evaluation process that considers factors such as backup features, reliability, performance, ease of use, and customer satisfaction. Using the Genius Score, a unique rating system that ranges from 0 to 100, we ensure transparency and provide accurate and unbiased rankings based on a combination of external reviews, industry benchmarks, and user experiences.

Key Features of Backup Software

Backup software can be very helpful and benefit you and your business. Below, we’ve broken down the key features of backup software products. 

Access to Files

The significant advantage of backup software is that it makes it quick and easy to access files that may seem lost to the world. Regardless of how it’s been lost, backup safety provides a reliable way to regain access to vital data. 

If you opt for a cloud-based program, you can access your data from anywhere in the world via an internet-connected device. This gives you added flexibility and means your data isn’t tethered to any specific hardware. 

Antivirus Protection 

When protecting your data against loss, it’s equally important to protect it against security threats like viruses. Many backup software providers come with antivirus protection for an added defense level. 

Online viruses and cyber attacks can be challenging to anticipate, so adding protection is necessary. Viruses can be incredibly destructive, so it’s worth investing in backup software with integrated antivirus protection. 


The cloud is an excellent data storage solution that means your data can be stored safely and securely on a digital platform. Access this data from any location and device; all you need is an internet connection!

Cloud storage servers are arguably more reliable than local backup drives and are becoming increasingly popular in the world of backup software. Physical external backup drives are more susceptible to theft and damage than cloud-based systems that are 100% digital. 

Data Encryption

Data encryption is an added security measure that many backup software products provide to protect your data if it’s stolen, misplaced, or compromised. It makes it far more difficult for anyone unauthorised to access private or sensitive data. 

This can be crucial, particularly for businesses handling customer and financial data. If you’re entrusted with important information, it’s essential to have a system in place to protect that information from ending up in the wrong hands. 

Data Compression 

Many software providers can suppress your data into a more manageable size without missing out on vital pieces of data. Reducing the volume of data backed up improves the speed of the backup and means that it takes up less storage space. Data compression can ultimately save you time, money and resources.

Fast Recovery 

With backup software, there is no need to search through masses of information to find what you need. You can quickly restore whatever specific information you need at the touch of a button. 

Search for specific files and retrieve lost information in moments with the leading backup software products. An organised and systematic approach to data recovery simplifies the entire process for you and your business.

Scheduled Backups

Many backup software providers allow you to schedule backups for particular days, for example, the last Friday of every month. You can also choose for backups to be triggered by specific events, such as if a storage threshold is surpassed. 

Automation relieves you, as a business owner, of the responsibility of running manual backups. Instead, you can rest easy knowing your backups are always up to date and continuously running in the background. 

What Are The Benefits Of Backup Software?

Backup software provides the tools to ensure your data is always safe. Read on for a more in-depth analysis of the key benefits of backup software and examples of their usage.

Protection Against Hardware Failure

If you encounter a malfunction within your computer system, backup software can preserve your files. Even if your hardware proves beyond repair, your data is safe in the hands of the top backup software providers. Your data will not be compromised if you encounter an issue with your computer screen, fan, battery, keyboard, etc. 

Protection Against Loss or Damage

If your device is lost or damaged, for example, in a natural disaster such as a fire or flood, backup software has your back. Backup software can be beneficial for those unfortunate situations that are entirely out of control. If your device is destroyed, backup software can protect the next most valuable asset, your data. 

Protection Against Human Error

It is far too easy to delete important files accidentally. However, there is no need to stress because backup software protects your data against even the silliest of human errors. With backup software, the anxiety of accidentally deleting or misplacing the wrong file is no longer needed.

Protection Against Computer Attacks And Malware

All electronic devices are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, which can instantly corrupt masses of information. If you fall victim to an online attack, having backup software can be a lifesaver. Backup software ensures that regardless of how much data has been compromised, an intact copy remains for you to rebuild your database and return to business.

Who Should Use Backup Software?

Whether a large or small business, backup software is essential for keeping your data safe. Backup software is worth the investment to protect your financial data, customer records, and more. We recommend all companies consider purchasing backup software, regardless of size or type. 

How Much Does Backup Software Cost?

Backup software can range from free to upwards of $1,000 per year. Pricing depends on what features are provided and how much data can be backed up. Most software providers offer various subscription options and payment plans to make their backup software more affordable. 



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