PicBackMan is a cloud-based photo and video backup and migration software that helps individuals and businesses backup, restore and migrate their media content across multiple platforms.

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We all have often gone through the irritation when we have to upload all our photos and videos from desktops to the cloud, one by one. The ultimate threshold is when errors and networks ruin everything. To get rid of such tedious tasks, Pickbackman.com comes to the rescue. It’s an online venture which automatically creates a backup for your photos and videos from your desktop and stacks them safely in bulk. Interestingly, it’s extremely Windows and Mac-friendly! This flit into your multiple accounts makes it very convenient, making more space available on your devices. The issues of timeouts, errors, etc. are easily avoided while you can preserve your videos in multiple accounts. Through the option of ‘Dedupe’, redundancy of photos can be handled effectively. It’s now just a point and click operation to migrate all your important raw files to the other accounts in connection with online platforms like Google photos and Flickr. The only way of solving it is its migration to a larger space, without incurring any redundancy, smoothly and effectively. Picbackman.com is one such useful tool between cloud storage like Google Photos, Flickr, Smug-mug, Dropbox, etc. Picbackman.com is one such useful tool between cloud storage like Google Photos, Flickr, Smug-mug, Dropbox, etc. and Windows or Mac OS. It facilitates that all your photos and videos are transferred to such spaces in bulk.

Our Products Are Flickr Uploader, SmugMug Uploader, Dropbox Uploader, Box Uploader, Google Photos Uploader, Google Drive Uploader.


Key Features

  • Upload Photos
  • Migrate Photos
  • Dedup Photos


Intended Users: Mid Size Business
Devices Supported: Android, Mac, Windows
Supported Countries: United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages: English


Pricing model: Premium



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