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Improve communication and collaboration within your IT infrastructure with the best value IT communication software solutions. Empower your teams to seamlessly connect, share information and streamline workflows.

Find the right tool for your needs.

Recommendations for the best value IT communications software

Looking for a reliable IT communication software? Our curated list includes the best value software solutions that offer comprehensive communication and collaboration features for IT teams.

1. IP2Location

— IP2Location is a powerful IP geolocation solution that enables businesses to locate and identify website visitors, prevent… IP2Location Review

Starting price$49/year
Pricing modelPer Server, Subscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
2. ClickUp

— As a task management software, ClickUp helps you create a clear and concise plan of action for… ClickUp Review

Starting price$9/mo
Pricing modelPer User
Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes
Featured Autoaddress
3. Autoaddress

— Autoaddress Overview Autoaddress uses advanced technology to capture addresses quickly and accurately in real time. With just… Autoaddress Review

Autoaddress is mobile optimized.
The software’s API is easy to implement.
Easily enhance captured address data by returning geospatial.
Starting Price$100/month
Pricing ModelCost per address
Free Trial14-day
Free VersionNo
loom logo
4. Loom

— Capture and share videos of your cam or screen in high definition through Loom. It is a… Loom Review

Starting price$8/mo
Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial14-day (business)
Free VersionYes
5. Rock Review

— Rock is an asynchronous platform that allows remote employees to work on their own time, regardless of…

6. Bitrix24

— More than 10 million organizations have chosen Bitrix24 as a solution for their workplace management. This program…

Starting Price$49/mo
Pricing ModelPer Team
Free Trial30-days
Free VersionYes
troop messenger
7. Troop Messenger

— Troop Messenger is a powerful instant messaging and collaboration platform that allows businesses to communicate and collaborate…

Starting Price$25/mo
Pricing ModelPer User
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo
Livestorm Logo
8. Livestorm

— Livestorm is a popular cloud-based platform that helps businesses with virtual meetings and webinars. Livestorm makes it…

Starting Price$88/month
Pricing ModelSubscriber based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes

What Is IT Communication Software?

IT communication software is a modern IT tool that allows team members to communicate effectively and efficiently across the business and beyond.

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are realizing the true benefit that IT communications software can bring. Without online communication and collaboration, businesses would not have been able to operate at all during various stages of the pandemic. 

However, using IT communication software enabled many businesses to keep working, allowing employees to work remotely yet chat instantly and successfully collaborate. 

Today, plenty of businesses are maintaining online and remote working, capitalizing on the advantages that IT communications software derives. Team members and beyond can communicate instantly and aid teamwork through collaboration.

Utilize IT communication systems for your business, increasing productivity and improving speed on a global scale.

How Can IT Communications Software Help My Business?

Use IT communications software in your business to reduce physical costs, improve security and speed, and provide international links. This software will help your business move fully into the Twenty-first-Century, eliminating reliance on email as the first point of communication.

IT communication software enables your business to adopt cloud communications, incorporating successful customer relationship management into your practice.

In what way can IT communication software help you? Here are the advantages of utilizing IT communications software in your business:

  • Save money on continuous physical costs with investment in hardware and software.
  • Reach all locations across the world!
  • The software offers a secure platform, protecting data effectively.
  • Increase productivity through fast communication.
  • Use a single interface for your team.
  • Fast collaboration and quick communication!
  • The software offers reliability and backup.

How We Rank the Best IT Communications Software

At SaasGenius, we apply a comprehensive ranking methodology to identify the best IT communications software solutions. Our evaluation process considers factors such as communication features, ease of use, integration capabilities, user feedback, and customer support. Our goal is to provide accurate and unbiased rankings that will help you in your decision making.

What Are the Features of IT Communications Software?

IT communication software enables your business to communicate successfully across teams, improving collaboration throughout. You can purchase the software along with hardware investment and save on physical office-based costs.

Here are the top 5 popular features of IT communication tools:

  1. Speed. Chat is instant; never wait for an email reply again!
  2. Global Networking. Work with team members and other colleagues across the world, wherever you are!
  3. Productivity. Increase productivity as a result of faster communication and messaging.
  4. Collaboration. Work instantly with team members on a project!
  5. Reliability. You can rely on the software to back up your data.

What Are the Benefits of an IT Communication System?

An IT communication system can help your business improve productivity! Incorporating this software into your business network can ensure that communication is quick and effective!

Here are the main benefits of using an IT communication system in your business.

Minimize Your Costs

IT communications software is usually accessible through tablets or a smartphone, as well as standard laptops. Many software products are cloud-based and chargeable at a monthly or annual cost. 

This enables your team members to work remotely from home at one sole cost to you! Employees can use their own devices to access the software, or you can purchase the devices as a one-off cost.

Many IT communication software will enable live chat and even audio or video calling, reducing your reliance on other products.

Remote Working

Many businesses had no choice but to ask their workforce to work from home during the pandemic. However, remote working has since become surprisingly popular with many businesses continuing the practice.

Remote, or hybrid, working can only be made possible for most businesses through using effective communication systems. 

Management needs to communicate with their teams, and teams need to collaborate. Efficient IT communications software offers a fast and reliable way to do this.

Increase Productivity

Clear communication leads to increased productivity! When team members receive instant instructions and messages that are crystal clear, they can act efficiently. Delays are prevented and confusion is eliminated!

Instant messages remove the need to send separate emails. You can receive a response within seconds, ensuring that all team members are on the same page!

Easy to Use

When a new member joins your team, simply create a new account on the software for them. Give them their login details and they can simply join using a standard device!

Most IT communications software will feature tutorials to help new users make the most out of the software. However, the general functions of IT communication software are simple to navigate, allowing new users to get started immediately.

Information Retrieval 

You can revisit communications on the software to reinforce information and strengthen collaboration. You will never have to search through emails again as all communications are held securely in the software!

When sending emails or chatting over the phone, you can easily forget important points of the conversation. Utilizing the functions of the IT communications software will enable you to retrieve any information you require from past messages.

Who Should Use IT Communications Software?

Every business should purchase IT communication software, whatever industry you operate in! This software makes life easier for you and your employees, therefore providing a better service for customers.

Small and medium businesses can communicate across their workforce and help increase productivity and boost growth. Teams can collaborate easier and more smoothly than ever before!

Larger enterprises also need to choose IT communication software to communicate uniformly across their employee base. Create different groups for separate teams inside of the software whilst still being able to communicate across the entire business.

How Much Does IT Communication Software Cost?

Every type of IT communication software will carry its own price tag. Some software products may offer free plans, perfect for smaller businesses. Although other software products will charge from $10 per month through to $100 per month, and beyond.

Try a range of IT communications software before purchasing to choose the best product for you and your business.

Price ranges:

  • $0 – $10 per month for smaller businesses
  • $10 – $60 per month for medium businesses
  • $60 – $120 per month for enterprises

Trying many different IT communications software products will ensure you find the perfect fit for you! Many software products offer free trials and demos so you can see for yourself what the software can offer.

Starting with our best IT communications software list can be your first step in finding a superb product!



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