What is the best antivirus software for small businesses?

There is much valuable information that businesses keep in computer. However, a computer without antivirus installed in the system is but a disaster in waiting. Cybercrime is a widespread thing world over and is poising devastating effects on businesses. In 2017 alone, 38% of the companies lost over 20 percent revenue due to cyber insecurity. There is a misconception that small businesses are spared because of their size. The malicious hackers cast their nets indiscriminately and no one is off the hook. Putting in place precaution measures is vital. The importance of an effective antivirus can therefore never be overemphasized.

Securing your small business with the best antivirus

A protected computer is crucial to the advancement of any business regardless of its size. Antivirus serves to detect and neutralize malicious program and activities in your computer. Some of the common threats to your computer that AV software will fight include; phishing attacks, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits and malware. More than 14 million businesses in the United States are at risk of cyber-attack. The situation is similar or even worse in other countries. With the confidentiality and value of information that is stored in a computer, you have to thorough safeguard such information because alteration, loss or misuse can bring your business down.

It is only through putting in place topnotch security measures that small businesses will avoid the constant threats from hackers. You may come across different antivirus software, but some may not be up to the task in securing your business. Your business is worth more, and you have made significant investment and efforts to see it grow to its current status. It will only serve justice that you jealously guard your success in business by investing in the best antivirus for your computers. With the best antivirus software, you can have the peace of mind that your passwords, accounts, and confidential business data are protected. Certain antivirus offers loopholes that hackers exploit to execute their evil activities. Therefore, you have no choice but to get the best AV software that can combat all forms of threat.

What makes the best antivirus for small businesses?

Small businesses differ from big ventures in the operation locality and resource capacity. Due to their limited resources, SMEs tend to overlook cybersecurity investment. It is in vain when you build a business without securing it. Hackers recognize that small businesses are not investing in high-end data security making them vulnerable to attacks. As such, small businesses are targeted than before at 60% of all attacks launched daily. You have to get the best antivirus to stay safe. Let us see what makes the best antivirus for small businesses.

While big corporates will hire an in-house IT team to manage security to manage the data security, this is costly for small business. Getting an excellent antivirus will well secure your data and keep your reputation as a company. The excellent antivirus for small business is that which serve its purpose, that is, to protect business data without extreme financial implications to the enterprise. The best antivirus for small business should be valid at detecting, removing and eradicating threats. The whole process should be in a self-defense automated mechanism. Besides, it should be responsive to the changing trend as such; regular updates are needed to combat the latest versions of threats. All this should be available to the small business at affordable rates, and the plans should be flexible enough to allow for adequate protection all through. Not to forget the precision aspect, to avoid the false positive phenomenon that lead to deletion of valuable data.

Best antivirus for small business 2019

There are several antivirus software providers for small business. You should be guided by the above factors to choose the best antivirus for your business. You can only detect and defeat threats in your business when you install the best antivirus in the market today. Choosing the best antivirus is crucial since, without this, the risks can inflict enormous damages to your business. Arriving at the choice is not easy tasks since there are lots of them in the market. An expert reviews of top antivirus 2019 list some of the best AV software for your business.

Total AV; the ultimate antivirus

Highly rated antivirus for small business that thrashes all kinds of threats to protect your business. It can cover up to three devices which is what most small companies required. The advanced firewall protection features ensure ready detection and removal of threats. It is available at competitive prices in the market, and you should rush to get the 80% off special 2019 discount.


Owned by Intel, McAfee has been in the industry for a while and is undisputedly one of the best AV software that you can think of at the moment. They have security products and features for everyone and every purpose; your small business can be well protected with McAfee. It is excellent at detecting and removing all kinds of threats to your computer. Besides, it has an anti-theft and file protection feature for optimal security. The easy user interface and 24/7 customer support makes it suitable for users that are not highly skilled in matters technology.

Norton by Symantec

Norton has gained love all over as it is providing security to large and small businesses with many conveniences. Its security applications are easy to install and use; thus there is no need for an expert to have your business protected. It is one of the customers’ favorite because of the highly competitive prices and available customer support. The five-layered patented protection features is a guarantee that your data is safe and secure when you install Norton.

MORE: Consider using a SIEM solution like ManageEngine Log360 for complete IT infrastructure management.

Your small business needs the best antivirus

There are many opportunities online, and your small business should not be left out. The moment you get online, there is an increased risk of a cyber attack. Should you back out of online activities as a business? It will be suicidal. You can only make the process secure by acquiring the best antivirus for your business to safely exploit the enormous opportunities online.


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