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Smartproxy is a proxy network provider that enables businesses to collect data anonymously and protect their online identity. With its advanced features and customizable interface, Smartproxy helps businesses manage their online presence and improve their data collection processes.

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Smartproxy Facts

Pricing ModelSubscriber Based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo

review new │ Smartproxy Review

Proxy services protect your online privacy by providing a gateway between you and the internet. You can surf the web relatively anonymously and avoid your data being tracked or your privacy being intruded upon. 

Smartproxy provides simple data access and proxy management tools to give small businesses more opportunities for growth. Businesses may need to access data for web scraping, price comparisons, or market research. Whatever your requirements may be, Smartproxy has you covered. 

Read our Smartproxy review for an in-depth analysis of how Smartproxy compares to its competitors.

Smartproxy – Best for limitless web scraping.
Smartproxy allows users to gather online data without worrying about being banned or blocked from websites. It also allows unlimited connection requests for truly limitless web scraping. 

pros and cons new │ Smartproxy Pros and Cons

Let’s consider some of the most significant pros and cons of Smartproxy. It’s important to be informed about the advantages and disadvantages of this software to gain a more in-depth understanding.

Smartproxy Pros

tick new This software is affordable

Prices start from just $39 per month, with a 3-day money-back guarantee. Businesses of any size can access Smartproxy, thanks to their multi-tiered subscription system and pricing plans. 

tick new Protect your identity

Improve your online anonymity and never worry about your IP address or location being leaked. Smarproxy prioritizes cyber security and ensures websites don’t have access to your sensitive information. 

tick new Integrate with various browsers and tools 

Install extensions to use a proxy straight from your browser (Chrome/Firefox). Smartproxy also integrates with many sneaker bots, social media tools, scrapers, SEO tools, and proxy managers. 

tick new Choose from a large pool of proxies

Smartproxy gives you access to over 40 million unique IP addresses every month in over 195 locations worldwide. This means you can access international business data from wherever you are in the world. 

tick new Enjoy a pain-free set-up

Access a comprehensive guide to get you up and running with Smartproxy. There are dozens of helpful guides to make Smartproxy accessible to all, regardless of your proxy experience. 

tick new Take advantage of smart scraping tools

Smartproxy provides various scraping APIs for simple and effective data extraction. Choose from SERP, eCommerce, Web and No Code Scraping APIs to cater to your every need.  

tick new This software enables fast and unlimited connections 

Experience lightning-fast connectivity with an average proxy response time of fewer than 3 seconds. You can also access infinite, simultaneous connections so you can send as many connection requests as you need. 

Smartproxy Cons

cons new There is no SOCKS5 or VPN Service

Smartproxy does not offer SOCKS5 or VPN services to its users. 

cons new Response times are slow

Some reviews have complained about the slow response time for Smartproxy’s email support. 

cons new Geo-targeting is limited

There is limited diversity when it comes to city-specific proxies; there are only 8 cities to choose from. 

Smartproxy AdvantagesSmartproxy Disadvantages
plus new Affordable subscription plansminus new No SOCKS5 or VPN Service
plus new Secure identity protectionminus new Slow response times
plus new Browser and tool integrationsminus new Geo-targeting limitations
plus new Extensive selection of proxies
plus new Simple to set up and use
plus new Range of excellent scraping tools
plus new Fast, unlimited connections

Smartproxy Logo

Try Smartproxy Now!
If you’re looking for a proxy service to protect your anonymity, look no further than Smartproxy. Smartproxy provides over 40m IPs, so you can access data from anywhere in the world without the risk of getting banned.

what new │ What is Smartproxy?

Smartproxy is a public data platform that rents out proxy servers to individuals and businesses. It houses over 40 million IP addresses from over 195 locations. It’s primarily used for marketing research, social media account management, and online retail. 

It’s the only decentralized data access platform on the market and aims to level the playing field between large and small businesses. The Smartproxy team understands that proxies can be used to make money and are dedicated to helping their customers achieve this.

point new Smartproxy allows you to access competitive business data anywhere in the world.
point new It provides residential and datacenter proxies at affordable prices.
point new With Smartproxy, you can access millions of global IP addresses.
point new Small businesses can boost their revenue in no time with Smartproxy.
point new Smartproxy is run by a dedicated team of entrepreneurs who understand business.

how new │ How Does Smartproxy Work?

Smartproxy provides residential and datacenter proxies. A proxy is a server that acts as an intermediary between your device and the internet. It accepts connection requests, forwards them to servers, and returns the data from those requests back to you.

The main advantage of a proxy is anonymity. When you use a proxy, information is sent to and from a proxy server instead of your real IP address. With a proxy, you can gather online information without revealing your personal information to websites. 

  • Residential Proxies. Residential proxies look like real mobile or desktop devices. Each IP address is an actual device that acts like a proxy server, so incoming site traffic looks like a random request from an ordinary person. 
  • Datacenter Proxies. Datacenter proxies are virtual IP addresses created in server hubs. A single server can host countless datacenter proxies that all share the IP subnetwork of that server. 

To access Smartproxy, all you need to do is register, choose your subscription plan, make a payment, and start enjoying the benefits.

feature new │ Smartproxy Features

Below, we will go into more depth about Smartproxy’s features and how they can help you with data privacy and collection. 

point new Residential Proxies

Smartproxy provides private residential IPs of real devices that pinpoint a specific physical location. These proxies are reliable and reduce the risk of websites blocking your account. Smartproxy doesn’t price per proxy so you can access the whole pool with unlimited connection requests. 

Residential Proxies

point new Rotating Proxies

Get a new IP for every connection you make for maximum privacy. Every connection request looks like it originates from an average internet user, so your IP won’t get banned. Smartproxy’s rotating proxy network is twice as fast as the industry average. 

Rotating Proxies

point new Scraping APIs

Gather publicly accessible data for marketing, selling, and research purposes. Access your competitors’ data to stay ahead of the competition and discover how best to improve your SEO. 

Scraping APIs

point new X Browser

Smartproxy’s X Browser is a multi-profile, anti-detection management tool. It provides users with unique fingerprints to manage multiple online profiles risk-free. This can be useful for crowd, affiliate, and social media marketing. 

X Browser

point new Address Generator 

Snartproxy’s Address Generator generates as many proxy gateways for sticky sessions as you need. All you need to do is select your session type, choose your proxy type, enter your credentials, choose the number of proxies requires, and use and export this list in seconds. 

Address Generator 

Why You Need to Use Smartproxy

point new Gives you a choice between residential and datacenter proxies. point new Has options for small businesses, freelancers, and enterprises. 
point new Has rotating proxies for added security. point new Integrates with a range of tools and bots
point new Offers a range of scraping tools for gathering data. point new Industry-leading in terms of connection response times. 

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Don’t Hesitate. Try Smartproxy Now!
Smartproxy is one of the best providers of proxies on the market. Their extensive network of proxies allows you to access data, protect your IP address, and boost your business from anywhere in the world.

who new │ Who Should You Use Smartproxy?

Smartproxy is an excellent solution for businesses of any size, from small startups to large enterprises. It provides proxies for market research, social media, and retail purposes so you can overcome restrictions, scale your business, and save time and effort. 

Smartproxy’s clients range from individuals to universities to Fortune 500 companies. For anyone looking to access public data en masse, Smartproxy is an ideal solution. 

Smartproxy Usage
point new Great for freelancers and small companies looking to protect their identity and make money with a proxy. 
point new It doesn’t matter whether you’re familiar with proxy services or not. Smartproxy has tools to make proxies accessible to everyone. 
point new Even the largest enterprises can benefit from Smartproxy’s proxy network, web scrapers, and business tools.

Smartproxy Logo

Get Started with Smartproxy Today! 
Are you looking for intuitive solutions to bypass website blocks? Look no further than Smartproxy. Rotating residential proxies mean you can scrape the web without worrying about IP bans or CAPTCHA.

cost and time new │ Smartproxy Time and Cost

You can set up a Smartproxy account and access their proxy network in minutes. Its simple interface and detailed guides make navigating Smartproxy a breeze. Lightning-fast connectivity means Smartproxy’s browsers will never slow down your browsing experience. 

Smartproxy won the Best Value Provider award in 2022 and prides itself on its quality-price ratio. They offer free tools and various subscription plans based on traffic usage.

usability new │ Smartproxy Usability

A significant advantage of Smartproxy is its usability. Its user-friendly dashboard allows you to manage your proxies, applications, and subscriptions easily. Its simple design and layout make Smartproxy a popular choice.

Smartproxy gives you the tools to get the most out of its services, no matter your level of experience or expertise. Access detailed instruction guides to discover how to configure and use all of Smartproxy’s impressive features. Smartproxy even has a ‘No-Code Scraper’ so you can extract data without writing a single line of code. 

This proxy service has been celebrated for its impressive user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Overall, its simple design and accessible features make it a fantastic option for those looking for proxy services.

pricing new │ Smartproxy Pricing

Smartproxy offers a monthly auto-renewable subscription and allows you to pay via credit card, mobile wallet (Google Pay and Apple Pay), or PayPal. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription anytime from the Smartproxy dashboard. 

You can top up your subscription by purchasing extra GBs, and they can transfer any unused GBs to your next billing cycle. A free trial is available for SERP scraping APIs, or you can contact [email protected] to request a trial for any other Smartproxy service. 

Smartproxy offers various proxy and scraping API plans. 

Proxy Plans

Residential Plans

Under their residential plans, Smartproxy offers four tiers: micro, starter, regular, and enterprise. There are residential proxy plans for businesses of any size, and prices range from $75 to $700+ per month. 

Datacenter Plans

There are five different datacenter proxy plans: nimble, foxy, clever, sharp, and enterprise. The more GB, the higher the price of the subscription. Traffic usage ranges from 50GB to 4TB, and prices from $30 to $950 per month. 

Dedicated DC Proxy Plans

Dedicated datacenter plans offer unlimited GBs, and prices are based on the number of IPs. Plans include tiny, mini, general, main, and enterprise and the number of IPs ranges from 20 to 4,000. Prices start from $40 and go up to over $4,840 per month. 

Reseller Plans

Choose from the hustler, dealer, boss, or kingpin reseller plans. Prices range from $1,000 to $7,000 per month. 

Scraping API Plans

There are four types of data scraping tools: SERP, eCommerce, Web, and No-Code scrapers. Subscription plans are based on the number of connection requests granted per month. Prices range from $50 to £3,000 per month, depending on the amount of connection requests needed. 

Below, we have detailed the pricing structure for the residential plan. However, for more details about other Proxy and Scraping API plans, visit Smartproxy’s website. 

point new Free TrialYes (on request)
point new Micro5GB$75 per month
point new Starter20GB$200 per month
point new Regular50GB$400 per month
point new Enterprise100 to 1,000GB$700 to $4,000 per month

Smartproxy Logo

Give Smartproxy a Go!
If you’re a small business looking to compete in the competitive world of business, Smartproxy is the perfect solution. Their software integrates with top browsers for simple and effective web scraping.

tools new │ How Can Smartproxy Help My Business?

Smartproxy has an array of impressive tools to help your business grow. 

point new International Proxies

Avoid geo-restrictions to access international data, verify ads and check affiliate links with a proxy server from Smartproxy. Many websites can detect your IP address and block it if you’re not in the same region. However, Smartproxy’s extensive range of global proxies means you never have to worry about geo-restrictions again. 

point new Security Measures

Your IP address is sensitive and vulnerable to cyber attacks. Proxy services hide your information from potential threats, thus increasing your online security. It’s important to use a reliable provider, like Smartproxy, that won’t sell your data to third parties. 

Security Measures

point new Ban Prevention 

There are a multitude of reasons why firewalls may be in place, however they can hugely restrict your online activity. With a proxy, firewalls can’t detect the true origin of your request, and therefore restrictions and bans are reduced. 

This can be useful from an SEO perspective for monitoring SERPS, for price aggregation, and web scraping on sites like eBay, Shopify, Craigslist, and Amazon. 

point new Automated Data Gathering

If you’re making thousands of connection requests per day, for instance, with a sneaker bot, your actions will be seen as fraudulent, and your IP will be banned. Smartproxy can automate data gathering and ensure you remain undetected. 

point new Multi-Account Management

Marketing agencies, SEO companies, and business consultancies might need to manage multiple web and social media accounts. Smartproxy allows you to expand your client reach and maximize your marketing efforts. 

point new Search Engine Proxies

Smartproxy guarantees 100% delivery success for Google either in raw HTML or parsed JSON format. This makes Smartproxy an excellent solution for SEO and price monitoring.

example new │ Smartproxy Use Cases

Which companies are using Smartproxy to improve their businesses? 

point new Flight Fare Price Comparison Website

One Smartproxy client created his own flight fare comparison website using Python. However, he found that other travel sites began tracing his IP and threatening to shut down his website. 

Therefore, he adopted a datacenter proxy and began web scraping to protect his IP address and find flight prices more quickly. He relied on social media for his marketing and managed to sell his website for $15,000 without paying for any external advertising. 

Flight Fare Price Comparison Website

point new SaaS Cybersecurity Company

Another Smartproxy client was a SaaS cybersecurity company struggling to translate  customer queries. The support team wrote a script to translate queries with Google Translate automatically. 

However, Google Translate received too many requests and ended up banning the company’s account. The client, therefore, started using a rotating proxy, which made the script completely reliable. This saved the team years of work and used only 1GB of data per month, which falls into the cheapest subscription plan. 

point new SEO Service Provider

A large SEO service provider relied on a smaller competitor’s service to crawl and scrape search engine results. However, they had to retry their scrapes multiple times to get the results they needed because their IP addresses kept getting blocked. 

Smartproxy provided this company with a residential proxy network, which then unblocked the client’s scrapers and reduced the number of timeouts. This increased the speed of their results by 5x and only cost 10% more. 

support new │ Smartproxy Support

Smartproxy offers 24/7 customer support via their ‘Live Chat’ feature, or you can email them at [email protected]. They also have a dedicated FAQ page on their website and over 35 guides on configurations and integrations. 

You can also connect with Smartproxy via social media and view their handy YouTube videos for more details about their impressive services. 

Smartproxy Support
point new Email [email protected] or use Smartproxy’s ‘Live Chat’ feature. 
point new Refer to Smartproxy’s FAQ page or helpful guides for further support. 
point new Watch Smartproxy’s informative YouTube videos to expand your understanding. 
Alternative to Smartproxy Software – GeoSurf
GeoSurf is a reliable proxy service that allows users to scrape the web without being detected. It offers unlimited connection requests and has an inbuilt IP rotation. It’s a popular alternative to Smartproxy and is a worthy contender.
Comparing Smartproxy to GeoSurf
GeoSurf shares many of the same features as Smartproxy and offers a VPN service. However, it is considerably more expensive, with monthly subscription plans starting at $300. It also has far fewer IP addresses, 3.7 million, compared to Smartproxy’s 40 million.

conclusion new │ Conclusion

Smartproxy is an excellent software service that caters to all your proxy needs!

It allows you to access business data from anywhere in the world with its impressive range of residential and data canter proxies. With Smartproxy, you can access valuable applications, including browser add-ons, scraper extensions, and multi-profile management tools. 

Smartproxy is accessible to everyone, regardless of your experience with proxies or web scraping. You can easily access an enormous pool of global IPs and make unlimited connection requests. Rest easy knowing your IP won’t be banned with rotating proxies that protect your anonymity and keep the line of access open.  

Your business can grow from strong to stronger with Smartproxy’s impressive capabilities.

Access competitors’ data, conduct market research, improve your SEO, and more with proxies and scraper APIs from Smartproxy.

Smartproxy Logo

Try out Smartproxy Now
Smartproxy is a ‘configure once and forget’ solution. It works in the background to prevent you from getting blocked or banned from websites. The sky is the limit with a Smartproxy residential or datacenter proxy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Smartproxy is a competent proxy provider. It is easy to navigate, reasonably priced, and contains all the essentials you need to handle most projects. It is very highly rated and has an excellent reputation.

A proxy server is an application that acts as a gateway between you and the internet. Your request is routed through a proxy, which changes your IP address, and hides your identity. Essentially, proxies communicate with websites on your behalf to increase security and bypass restrictions.

The cost of Smartproxy depends on the proxy and/or scraping API plan you opt for. Proxies start from $30 per month, and scraping APIs from $50. A suite of free tools is available, and you can request a free trial.

To use a residential proxy, you must sign up for Smartproxy’s residential proxy plans. You will then connect to a proxy server and be assigned an IP address. You can then link to a website via this residential IP address.


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