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Top Remote Support Software List

Review our professionally ranked list to discover the best remote support software today! Our expertly ranked list contains all the information you need regarding remote support software!

Remote working has reinvented the workplace. Perhaps one of the more welcomed outcomes of the Covid-19 pandemic, remote working is becoming commonplace across many industries.

As a result, the best remote support software is required to provide your team with the tools they need. Enable your team to reach your company network and collaborate effectively with one another through efficient support. 

Remote working does not need a difficult set-up! However, you do need the best remote support solution at your fingertips. 

Remote support software enables you to secure remote connectivity, utilizing the cloud. Chat through video or voice calls, and schedule your calls professionally. Ensure the best support to troubleshoot problems is available, along with a speedy solution to resolve IT issues.

So that you can choose the best remote support software available, we have created our expertly ranked list! Our best remote support software list contains all of the information you need to make the best software purchase for you!

Best Remote Support Software Overview

Remote support software creates the remote support solution that you need at that moment in time. Whether you are supporting customers or colleagues, you can troubleshoot quickly without any hassle or delay. 

Our list has been created to ensure all information is present when you make your remote support software purchase. An expert procedure has been followed when creating our list, providing transparency that you can rely on.

How We Ranked the Best Remote Support Software

You may ask how we compile a list that ranks the best remote support solution software! 

Here is the precise procedure we follow to create the best remote support software that you can rely on:

  1. The process begins by sorting through the top 50 – 100 remote support software products by utilizing Software Ranking services, and finding a great range of remote support software.
  2. We search the web for a vast range of user and expert reviews of each product, creating the best set of Key MetaData and Top Features.
  3. Next, we review software demos and assess how user-friendly each software tool is, recording our own reviews when required.
  4. The next stage of the process is to ensure that US/UI design features are evaluated to a high standard by experts.
  5. Finally, we assess search intent data and website traffic trends with a focus on Google Trends and Social Listening tools creating our best remote support software list!

Which Remote Support Software Is the Best?

Our expertly ranked list features the number one remote support software for you to purchase! More than 100 industry competitors have been assessed to create our ranked list.

We analyze relevant Key MetaData and Top Features, reviewing expert reviews and user reviews. A precise evaluation of US/UI is completed to offer a complete assessment of remote support software.

Experience free demos and free trials of each remote support solution to try the software for yourself! Which software interface works for you?

Website traffic trends and search intent data are then assessed comprehensively, focusing on Google Trends and Social Listening tools. 

The best remote support software products are ranked to provide the best products out of  100 competitors. Our list is updated regularly and complements the updates and reviews that users experience.

Remote support software offers instant support, unattended remote access, screen sharing and customization solutions. Data is secure whilst additional software can be integrated to create the remote support hub that you need!

How can a remote support solution benefit your company? Read our professional list to see what benefits you can enjoy when using remote support software.

Free trials and free demos are available in abundance, so take advantage! Experience each software product for yourself. There is no obligation to purchase so try as many trials and demos as possible!

Best Remote Support Software Guide

What advantages will a remote support solution bring to you and your company? Our accurate guide offers you expert insights into the best remote support solutions available, helping you access software that improves your company!

What Is a Remote Support Tool?

Remote support software reduces your costs, increases productivity, and enhances user satisfaction.

IT technicians will be able to remotely access other computers and provide instant support to that user. The screen of the user will be visible to the technician in real-time. The technician will be able to troubleshoot problems and set up other tasks for the user on-screen.

This support is fast and so the user experiences improved satisfaction! Productivity of the user increases as their system is back to running efficiently.

Furthermore, costs will remain low as there is no need for a technician to perform a call-out. Support can be completed through the software without any additional costs.

How Can Remote Support Software Help My Business?

A remote support solution is a useful tool for all businesses. You can solve IT problems remotely, allowing the technician to see the user’s screen immediately. 

Remote support can be provided on-demand or when the end-user is not present. Annotation is available in addition to screen recording if the technician wants to explain the troubleshooting solution to the user.

In what other ways can remote support software help your business? Here are the main advantages you can experience when using a remote support solution in your business:

  • Session schedules
  • Real-time chat
  • Remote reboot
  • Transfer files
  • Session recording
  • Screen swap
  • Annotation
  • Inactive timeout
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Manage users
  • Analysis reports

What Are the Features of Remote Support Software?

Remote support solutions reduce the cost and inconvenience of sending technicians to physically fix an IT problem. 

The software also enables a quicker solution to be sought when contrasted to the user following verbal instructions. What other features of remote support software can you expect?

Here are the top 5 features of remote support software:

  1. Support. Work remotely to support users, and troubleshoot problems.
  2. Communicate. Chat in real-time with users, or use video calls.
  3. Diagnostics. Use diagnostic tools to manage computers and regulate scheduled diagnostics across the system.
  4. Recordings. Record sessions when the end-user is not available.
  5. Integration. Embed software and use remote support software on iOS apps or Android.

What Are the Benefits of Remote Support Software Tools?

Remote support software complements any remote working or remote service in your company. IT technicians can arrange sessions with users and access their screens. Problems can be resolved quickly and easily using this support tool.

Here are the predominant advantages of using remote support software in your company.

Support Remotely

Create instant support for your users, from any remote location! You can set up remote sessions to liaise with a user, or access a user’s computer when they are not online.

Remote support software has revolutionized IT support globally, providing quicker resolution and lower costs for all.

Access Screens

When troubleshooting a problem, you can access the screen of your user to see exactly what the user is seeing! Gain firsthand experience of the IT problem to acquire a faster solution.

This feature is much more beneficial than liaising over the phone with a user as you can see what is going on. Less time is spent fixing the problem and the user can get back on track sooner!

Host Sessions

Schedule sessions remotely with the remote support software and provide conveniently organized support for your users. 

You can record these sessions to provide a record of problems solved, and utilize time zones so sessions work for you! 

Secure Settings

Security features are paramount for any software, keeping your data protected. Remote support software provides two-factor authentication to protect your account, offering a protected web-based solution.

Encrypted communications and a standard firewall configuration make remote support software a necessary solution for your company!


Customize your software to match your company brand and requirements. You can utilize email templates and integrate your brand into the software. 

Analyze support sessions and create custom reports, managing roles and organizing technician duties.

Which Companies Should Buy Remote Support Software?

Remote support software is perfect for any company that uses remote working of any variety. Whether your employees or customers require remote support, this software is your easy solution to link a user with an IT technician.

A small business should purchase remote support software to ensure their company practices run smoothly as they aim to develop and grow the business.

A medium business will benefit from a remote support solution due to the vast number of users in their organization. Time and money will be saved using remote support from a technician as opposed to physical call-outs.

Large enterprises should buy remote support software to enhance their global network of employees working across different continents and time zones.

What Does Remote Support Software Cost?

The cost of remote support software varies although it will fall between $8 and $60 per month. Additional storage can be added to plans.

Price ranges:

  • $8 – $25 per month for smaller businesses
  • $25 – $40 per month for medium businesses
  • $60+ for bespoke enterprises

With a vast array of remote support software available on the market, which solution is perfect for you?

Remote support software offers a range of free demos and free trials so take advantage of these amazon benefits! You are under no obligation to purchase any of these software solutions so try plenty of variety! 

Our best remote support software list provides you with an insight into the range of top-ranked solutions available.

Are There Any Niche Remote Support Software Tools?

Remote support software places a focus on speed and delivering what your company wants in supporting remote users. Some software solutions are focused on creating remote support on a grander scale, a feature that is certain to grow further.

Additionally, some software solutions are realizing the benefit of unattended access and solving IT solutions globally, working with different time zones.

Are There Any Relevant Remote Support Software Trends?

What are the most relevant trends concerning remote support software emerging throughout the rest of this year?

Here is an insight into the latest remote support software trends:

  1. Cybersecurity. Greater levels of remote and hybrid working require higher status cybersecurity, preventing cybercrime of all varieties. Cloud-based security will continue to improve to sustain this software, increasing access management capabilities.
  2. Consolidation. Remote working is here to stay. Using several types of software daily will be made easier by implementing a consolidated solution. This will make remote support quicker and remote working as a whole more efficient. 
  3. AR. Augmented reality will be implemented into remote support software to provide an enhanced experience and faster solutions.

Which Is the Best Remote Support Software Available?

Our best remote support software list contains the number one remote support solution for you to purchase! Our list will inform you which best remote support software is perfect for you and which solutions are making waves on the market.

Our list is continually updated to reflect software updates and the latest user experiences, ensuring that our list is up-to-date and reliable. 

Review our top-ranked list and discover the perfect remote support solution for your company! Solve IT problems instantly through screen swaps and scheduled sessions, increasing user efficiency and ultimately productivity.

Customize your remote support software to reflect your brand and company needs, creating custom reports and managing roles effectively.

Make use of the free trials and demos that are available across our top remote support solutions! Test as many software varieties as you like until you find the best solution to your remote support problem.

How Can I Choose the Best Remote Support Software?

Review the best remote support software list now and find the best solution for remote support in your company!

Our best remote support software list provides a detailed assessment of the benefits and the features of remote support software available to your company.

Demos and trials are free for you to use so take advantage! You will find the best remote support solution to meet the demands of your company.

Summary of the Best Remote Support Software

Can a remote support solution really benefit your company? If your company is continuing to implement remote working of any kind, then your company can benefit!

Remote support software allows your IT technician to access the computer of remote users, swapping screens to assess the IT problem presented.

Chat in real-time and find the solution to your remote support problem instantly. You can access your user’s computers whether they are online or not!

Find the best remote support software solutions that your company needs by reviewing our expertly ranked list today!