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Elctric is an all-in-one solution for IT support, security, and management. It helps users manage people, devices, networks, and programs from one secure platform. Electric helps businesses manage their IT systems.

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Pricing ModelQuotation based, Per Employee
Free TrialNo
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review new │ Electric Review

IT is hugely important for modern businesses, and it’s vital for businesses to be able to make use of both hardware and software solutions to aid in their day to day operations, including everything from office printers to the latest CRM solutions.

Unfortunately, many businesses struggle with IT management, and it can be overwhelming to deal with new applications, IT support issues, protecting company data, and so on. That’s where Electric comes in. 

Electric is an IT support and management company for small and mid-size businesses, but is it right for you? Find out all you need to know in our Electric review.

Electric – Best for IT managementElectric aims to be your one-stop-shop for IT support, security, and management. It allows you to manage people, devices, networks, and programs, all from one simple, secure platform, while also enjoying access to an expert team of IT technicians to solve any problems you encounter.

pros and cons new │ Electric Pros and Cons

Further on in our Electric review, we’ll take a look at some of the key features and services that this platform provides, as well as examining other aspects of Electric, like its usability, pricing, and customer support. But first, let’s check out some of the big pros and cons of Electric to help you see if this platform is right for you.

Electric Pros

tick new Centralized IT management 

If you’ve ever found IT overwhelming and struggled to keep track and manage all your different devices, networks, and applications, you’re not alone. Electric solves that problem in a flash, providing one platform for complete IT management.

tick new Expert IT support 

Electric also has its own team of more than 200 expert IT technicians that you can contact at any time to deal with all sorts of IT issues, from printers that aren’t connecting correctly to potential data leaks and more.

tick new Save hours of time in onboarding 

Another huge benefit of Electric is how much time it can save, especially in terms of onboarding. With this platform, onboarding new employees can be done in a matter of minutes, rather than hours.

tick new Scale your business with ease

Many businesses struggle to scale up as they simply don’t have the resources needed to handle the upscaling of IT systems, networks, and devices. Electric makes it easy to grow your company and expand with new apps and networks without any fuss.

tick new Versatile to suit all sorts of businesses

Another super aspect of the Electric platform is how versatile it is. This system can work for all sorts of businesses, from startups with small teams to mid-size businesses with teams in multiple remote locations.

Electric Cons

cons new Pricing is a little vague

One of the downsides to Electric is that it doesn’t have any clear pricing plans. You have to contact the company to work out a custom quote for your business, so it can be tricky to work out your budget before you begin.

cons new Customer support can be a little inconsistent

Another downside with Electric is that the customer support levels can vary. You may speak with a different technician each time, and they might not always have the relevant background information to solve your problems right away.

cons new Some tech issues are hard to solve remotely

Another issue with Electric’s IT support, in particular, is that certain issues are tricky for the team’s technicians to solve remotely. Printer problems, for example, can be awkward to diagnose and resolve for a technician who isn’t actually in your office.

Electric AdvantagesElectric Disadvantages
plus new Total IT control on one platformminus new Need to contact the company for a quote
plus new Experienced IT technicians availableminus new IT support lacks consistency
plus new A super time-saving platformminus new Technicians can’t solve every problem
plus new Easy to scale up your company
plus new Suitable for a wide range of companies

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Try Electric now!

If you’re looking for a great way to get your IT networks, devices, apps, and security systems under control, with a dedicated team of IT technicians only a phone call away, Electric might be exactly what you need.

what new │ What Is Electric?

The story of Electric begins in 2016. That’s when the idea for the company first formed, and the company began with a small team later that year, picking up its first customer, Betts Recruiting, in December of 2016. A year later, Electric had over 2,000 users, and that number grew to 8,000 the year after. Now, it has over 47,000 users in total and 500 full-time employees.

So what exactly is Electric? In simple terms, it’s an all-in-one IT management platform. Understanding that many companies struggle to manage their IT systems, this company was founded to make the whole process much easier for them. It offers user management, device management, network management, and tech support.

Electric’s own founder had experienced trouble with trying to find the right IT solutions for his businesses in the past, and the “solutions” he found at the time were either expensive, confusing, time-consuming, or difficult to work with. That’s why he wanted to create something better, and Electric was born.

This company now helps small and mid-size businesses with all their IT needs. It can help them choose the right IT solutions to remain compliant in their industries and match their budgets and needs, help out with employee onboarding and offboarding to save hours of time, provide central IT management to keep track of device health and network status, and much more.

Tech support is also a big part of the Electric offering. All Electric users get access to a team of over 200 specialized, experienced IT technicians, who are only a call or Slack message away. This allows companies to get real-time IT support whenever they have any issues, greatly lightening the load of in-house IT professionals to let them focus on other matters.

point new Overall Rating:4.5/5
point new All-in-one:Electric aims to be your all-in-one IT management and support solution.
point new Scalable:This platform is fully scalable to suit the needs of your company.
point new Supportive:With Electric, you get access to your own success manager and a team of IT technicians to help solve day-to-day problems.
point new Time-saving:Electric is a super tool for saving time on IT issues and device management.

how new │ How Does Electric Work?

Electric is an all-online system, so you won’t need to download or install any extra software to get up and running with this IT management and IT support system. Instead, you can simply head over to the Electric website and start speaking with the Electric team to work out a custom plan that works for your business.

Once your account is all set up, you can make the most of Electric’s services, which are divided into two main areas: Turbine, Electric’s centralized IT management service, as well as Real Time Support, which is Electric’s tech support service, providing your employees with instant access to a team of over 200 IT technicians to solve any issues they encounter.

Let’s focus on Turbine first. Turbine gives you a centralized dashboard, providing an overview of your current IT situation. It gives you a score out of 100 for your current IT set-up, ranking your cybersecurity, device usage, and app optimization, as well as letting you know about key statistics and area areas of improvement.

On Turbine, your IT teams will be able to access the Device Management tab, which shows a full breakdown of all your existing devices, along with details about their owners, status, serial numbers, disk usage, security, and compliance. You can also use Turbine to manage permissions by department, as well as onboarding or offboarding employees in a matter of minutes.

Then, there’s the Real Time Support side of Electric. This basically functions like your own IT support service, connecting employees via Slack or Teams to more than 200 professional technicians who can handle all sorts of problems, like getting employees into accounts when they forget their passwords or helping them with hardware issues. And you can keep track of requests and their progress.

feature new │ Electric Features

You’ll find a range of great features with Electric to help you manage, optimize, and streamline your company’s IT set-up. Here are some descriptions of a few of the main features associated with this platform.

point new Centralized IT Management

With Electric, you’ll be able to enjoy a centralized IT management system. Thanks to this, you won’t have to worry about using multiple apps or systems to keep track of your company’s devices, networks, systems, and software. Everything will be available to you in one sleek, seamless dashboard.

point new Real Time Support

Another key feature of the Electric platform is its real time support system. With this, your employees will be able to use chat systems like Teams or Slack to connect with trusted IT technicians to solve problems remotely. The Electric team of technicians is fully trained to handle lots of different day-to-day problems.

point new IT Health Status 

Another handy feature of Electric is its IT health status score. When you log in, you’ll see a percentage score rating that tells you how healthy your company’s current IT set-up is, taking multiple factors into account, like your security policy compliance to the installation of the latest software updates. This lets you see how well your company is coping with IT at a glance.

point new Device Management 

Electric’s Turbine IT management system has a Device Management tab that you can use to manage all the different devices in use across your company. Ideal for mid-sized or growing companies, this provides you with lots of information about each device, how protected it is, whether or not it has been updated, and so on.

point new Onboarding and Offboarding

Electric also aims to make the onboarding and offboarding of employees much easier. On the main management platform, you can click on the People tab to see a list of employees. From here, you can easily onboard and offboard workers in a matter of minutes, and Electric can handle everything from device procurement and application access to credential management and more.

Why We Need to Use Electric
point new Manage IT systems and devices more easily.
point new Save hours of time with onboarding employees.
point new Perfect your cybersecurity strategy.
point new Keep up with compliance in your industry.

Electric Logo

Use Electric to make IT easy

If you’ve struggled with IT management in the past, Electric could be the answer. It can make every aspect of IT management much easier, saving your business endless hours of time and allowing you to make the most of the hardware and software at your disposal.

who new │Who Should Use Electric?

Not sure if Electric is the right choice for your business? Well, one of the great things about this platform is that it can appeal to all sorts of small and mid-size businesses across a range of industries. Here are just a few examples: 

point new Finance 

The finance industry has evolved rapidly in recent years, with new risks to overcome and new opportunities to take advantage of. At a time of major change, Electric can provide reassurance and protection for growing finance companies.

point new Tech 

If you’re in the field of technology, you need to be able to adapt to the fast pace of technological evolution and adopt new systems to help your brand stay ahead of the game. Electric can give you the support and management tools you need to keep up with the competition.

point new Marketing 

Marketing and advertising agencies, too, can benefit from the use of Electric. Firms in the marketing world have to make use of various applications to make and manage their campaigns, and Electric helps you keep track of all your software and devices.

point new Hospitality

Even in the hospitality field, Electric can be the perfect partner. It allows hospitality companies to provide the best guest experiences, protect customer data, and solve problems rapidly, with super tech support just a message away.

point new Suitable for many different industries.
point new Works for small and mid-size businesses.
point new Very minimal training is required.

Electric Logo

Give Electric a try today

Electric is one of the most useful tools around to help you manage your IT devices, networks, and applications, saving hours of time and optimizing your technology like never before. Speak with the Electric team today to learn more.

cost and time new │Electric Cost and Time

So, can Electric save you money? Well, this will depend on how much tech you use, but in general, this platform is capable of saving thousands of dollars every single year for small businesses and even more for larger companies by streamlining your IT management and solving tech problems quickly and efficiently.

In terms of time, Electric is an amazing time-saving tool. For onboarding and offboarding employees, for example, it can save you hours of time, and when it comes to solving tech issues and keeping your workforce operational, Electric’s technicians are some of the most efficient and effective folks to work with.

usability new │Electric Usability

One of the big selling points of Electric is its ease of use. In fact, this platform was created as a response to the difficulties and challenges that so many businesses experienced when trying to manage their IT systems and improve their IT operations.

Because of this, Electric is very easy to work with. It takes a huge amount of pressure off the shoulders of business owners and their own IT teams, bringing IT management onto one centralized platform and saving lots of time in the process.

With Electric, you can save hours of time, and you won’t have to do nearly as much work managing your devices and networks or even solving tech issues, as Electric’s own tech support agents can do it all for you.

pricing new │Electric Pricing

So, how much does Electric’s IT support and IT management actually cost? Well, this is where things can get a little confusing because you won’t find any pricing plans or tiered subscriptions on the Electric site. Unlike other companies with set tiers or payment plans, Electric has a fully custom pricing model.

This means that the price you pay will be tailored to suit your specific business size and needs. We can tell you that the average cost for Electric is $99 per month per employee, but this can vary up or down depending on how many employees you have, how many SaaS applications you use, and how much tech support you require.

CustomContact Electric for a quote

Electric Logo

Contact Electric for Your Quote

Electric is one of the best IT support and management tools available, and it offers custom pricing to match the budget and needs of every business. Get in touch with the Electric team today for your customized quote.

tools new │Electric Tools for Business

Electric is a great tool for modern businesses that want to make the most of tech tools without wasting time or money unnecessarily, and it offers a range of handy tools to help you secure and grow your business.

point new Cybersecurity and Breach Prevention 

In today’s world, companies live in fear of security holes or data breaches, and it can be catastrophic if your employee or customer data falls into the wrong hands. Electric makes it easy for you to strengthen your defenses across every device and network.

point new Suitable for Remote Teams 

Nowadays, many businesses operate remotely, with remote workers and teams in different locations, and it can be tricky to manage those different devices and networks, but Electric is fully prepared to help you manage and safeguard your remote teams.

point new Dedicated Success Manager

All subscribers to Electric also get their own dedicated success manager. This person will help you fine-tune your IT strategy to get the best results, recommending the right software to suit your needs and helping you make the most of every device and application.

Points to Note
point new Optimize your IT strategy.
point new Minimize wasted time and resources.
point new Defend your company against leaks and breaches.

example new │Electric Use Cases

Hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of end users are making the most of Electric’s IT management and support features across a wide range of different industries. Here are some examples of this platform in action.

point new TrustRadius

TrustRadius is a software review platform that was spending over 10 hours per week managing IT requests from employees. The company decided to switch to Electric, saving tens of thousands of dollars compared to other options and saving hours of time every week on IT support.

point new GenUI

GenUI is a software development company with a team of IT experts. It noticed that a lot of its team’s time was wasted on IT management, onboarding, and offboarding. It decided to switch to Electric, boosting productivity and saving 30% of its team’s time.

point new Earnest Research

Earnest Research is a data analytics company that also had issues with time wasted on IT support. The company decided to work with Electric as its main support partner and experienced immediate benefits, with much more time focused on project initiatives and strategy rather than fixing day-to-day issues.

support new │Electric Support

So, how well does Electric handle customer support? Well, as this Electric review has explained, support is a huge part of the Electric platform, so it’s not surprising that the company has invested heavily to make sure it upholds the highest standards of support and service.

With Electric, you get access to a huge team of expert, experienced IT technicians. They’re available through popular messaging platforms like Slack and Teams, allowing your employees to get in touch very quickly, and the average response time is under 10 minutes.

Electric’s support agents are friendly, professional, and courteous. The vast majority of the time, they can solve problems really quickly, and even in more challenging situations, they’ll persist until the issue is resolved.

Slack and Team support
A team of technicians standing by
Your own success manager
Alternative to Electric – Rescue 
Rescue is a remote IT support system that allows you to securely connect your device to a support technician to provide support services and fix a range of tech issues to keep your company running smoothly.
Comparing Electric to Rescue
Electric and Rescue have some similarities, as they can both offer excellent levels of tech support for modern companies, but Electric goes much further with total IT management services and many additional features compared to Rescue.

conclusion new │Conclusion

In the modern world, it’s vital for businesses to make the most of computers, software, and other forms of technology to streamline their services, protect their data, please their customers, and grow their brands, but all of this comes with challenges of its own.

If you’re looking for a way to overcome those challenges, Electric is the answer. It’s one of the most fully-featured and intuitive IT management and support platforms around, giving you your very own centralized management platform and a super team of tech support agents.

It’s also available at a very fair price, and most companies working with Electric say that they’re saving huge amounts of not just money but also time, which can be reinvested elsewhere in the business to expand their brand.

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Try Electric Now!

Electric is one of the very best platforms available for businesses that want to get the best value out of their devices and applications. It can help you optimize your existing IT set-up in every area, from cybersecurity to productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Electric is suitable for small and mid-sized businesses across many industries.

No, there is currently no free trial available with Electric.

Electric offers IT management services to help you track and monitor your company’s devices and networks, along with tech support to solve tech issues for your workers.

Electric has a custom pricing system, so you’ll have to contact the team to work out a pricing plan for your business.



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