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BeyondTrust Remote Support is a secure remote desktop software that provides support for each of your systems across the web, and it doesn’t matter if they are behind firewalls. This software also offers features like screen-sharing and file sharing. BeyondTrust Remote Support is compatible with Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Windows.




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BeyondTrust Remote Support Facts

Pricing modelUsage-based
Free Trial7-day
Free VersionNo

BeyondTrust Remote Support Overview

BeyondTrust Remote Support allows users to scale up their preventative measures against compromised remote access and data breaches that lead to theft of user credentials. This product allows businesses to connect remotely to their devices and systems from anywhere in the world whilst ensuring a high level of security. 

Users also have the ability to remotely connect with other technicians and employees across their business to address IT issues efficiently. 

This BeyondTrust Remote Support Review will cover the key features of this system and will rate its performance based on usability, features and pricing. Keep reading to find out more. 

Pros and cons

The pros of BeyondTrust Remote Support are: 

  • Screen sharing: Screen sharing means that users can pass on important information from a direct source, diminishing miscommunication in virtual workspaces 
  • Allows users to connect with customers: Users feel as if they can connect with their clients and form more productive professional relationships with the help of BeyondTrust
  • Works with slow internet speed: For users with weak connectivity or those that work in public workspaces with shared internet, this can be highly beneficial. 
  • Friendly Interface: The interface is accessible for users and allows for a quick training process for new intake. 

The cons of BeyondTrust Remote Support are: 

  • Expensive: BeyondTrust’s packages are not cost-effective. 
  • Small window on desktop application: The size of the desktop application and zoom feature are small. 
  • Issues with loading servers: The speed at which servers load hinders some web application functions and can lead to system crash in some reported cases. 
  • The interface doesn’t show online IT representatives: Not showing the IT representative assigned to the case means that users struggle to see who is online and available to help at the necessary times. 


Customers continuously rate BeyondTrust Remote Support highly for usability, stating that the product is easy to use for the end-user and technicians. A notable feature that customers rate highly for usability includes BeyondTrust’s layout, mentioning that it is accessible and easy to navigate whilst being reliable. 

BeyondTrust Remote Support allows users to pin previous sessions, with customers stating that this allows them to access the end-user device at different points in the day. This ensures that businesses can access remote devices outside of business hours as long as the end-user does not shut their program down. The usability for this function means that customers can have more control over their working patterns and productivity. 

BeyondTrust also has a remote customer service bot that greets users on their website. This means that interested parties can access information and receive answers for urgent general enquiries in a clear and efficient way, thus improving the product’s overall accessibility. 


Our BeyondTrust Remote Support review rates highly with customers for its array of features that offer users a personalized service. 

Users also appreciate that IT personnel can communicate with employees to receive updates about request status and answer any questions in an efficient manner. Ultimately, the system has fast and efficient service that helps to ease frustrations caused by IT issues across their business. 

The BeyondTrust platform offers users the following services: 

  • Remote support with advanced control. This feature provides users with an in-person experience on a virtual platform, allowing them to remotely screen-share, file and camera share. 
  • Secure team and permissions administration. BeyondTrust’s security and permissions feature enables users to implement security and sessions policies to ensure that technicians only have the access they need. Features like multi-factor authentication ensure that businesses can connect with their technicians and administrators with confidence in their security systems. 
  • Face compliance regulation. This feature allows users to record all sessions from their activity and helps with training sessions or auditing. Face compliance feature also ensures that users can give express permission to record in line with GDPR regulations. 
  • Customisable remote support. Customisable remote support gives users more control over their brand identity, with a branded portal, custom watermark, session surveys and logos.

BeyondTrust Remote Support Pricing- What does it cost?

BeyondTrust Remote Support prices their product according to your business needs, meaning there’s no blanket price for the user. You can request a custom price quote on the BeyondTrust website. 

Based on your business needs, BeyondTrust Remote Support can offer users ‘the cloud’ or ‘non-premises model’, each with its own cost advantages. Users benefit from the same level of use regardless of their package. 

Interested parties can simply input their name, email address, business and industry to be contacted by BeyondTrust for further pricing information. This feature ensures most customers never pay for features they’re unlikely to use. 


BeyondTrust’s security software enables users to increase their protection against virtual threats to data in a simple and accessible fashion. 

The product ensures that users can access all their devices and work materials with the help of IT technicians to swiftly resolve technical issues with ease. The system saves users a trip to the office by offering all the benefits of in-person working from a remote platform. 

The screen sharing, multi-factor authentication, face compliance and customisable remote support all ensure that users have full control over their experience, connecting with their customers and carrying out all vital tasks whilst abiding by stringent data protection regulations.

This high-performance system offers users a unique service that means they can access all their remote devices from the comfort of their homes. In fact, BeyondTrust is so successful that we have rated it highly on all criteria, including usability, features and support quality. 

Try out BeyondTrust Remote Support Review now! 

BeyondTrust Remote Support ensures that users can connect and resolve their IT issues from anywhere on the globe with ease and confidence. Their sophisticated data protection and security measures mean users can share files, camera share, chat and control devices safely. 



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