AnyDesk, a remote desktop software, makes it super simple to access and control computers from anywhere. This is a highly flexible solution that also provides full customization of the interface, privacy modes, and communication options. All of this is to improve teamwork within a company.




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AnyDesk Facts

Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial14-day
Free VersionNo

AnyDesk Overview

AnyDesk is a remote access tool that helps users to access files and documents and allows for online collaborations. Even with lower bandwidth, users can log on and enjoy remote access with the AnyDesk software.

Our AnyDesk review will cover the basics of this tool and will score it in three categories: usability, features, and support quality. We have scored AnyDesk highly overall. To find out why you should check out the rest of this review.

Pros and cons

In research for our AnyDesk review, we compiled a list of the pros and cons of the AnyDesk platform. Check out the lists below.

The pros of using the AnyDesk app are:

  • Remote access – AnyDesk makes remote access easy and accessible, helping to connect businesses online.
  • Bandwidth usage – AnyDesk has efficient bandwidth usage which makes it a great tool to use on the go.
  • Cross-platform availability – the platform is available across a range of devices and operating systems making it accessible to many.

The cons of using the AnyDesk app are:

  • Slows PC function – there are some issues with PC function when using AnyDesk.
  • Not beginner friendly – the software may not be easy to navigate upon first use


We have scored the software highly in the usability category as part of our AnyDesk review.

AnyDesk offers a simple user interface but the platform, generally, takes some getting used to when it comes to navigation and use. The software is easy to install and offers an easy set up process which lends itself to users who aren’t as tech-savvy. AnyDesk requires little technical knowledge for setup, making it the perfect choice for beginners to remote access platforms.

The AnyDesk app is accessible across operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, which means it is available for use on a range of devices. The app is also offered on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

To remotely access other devices, a personal ID is needed. This ID is available to users once they have logged in. Both devices need the AnyDesk software and connections can be made to devices using different operating systems, helping everyone to get connected.


Our AnyDesk review scores the app highly in the features category due to its wide range of useful tools available.

AnyDesk offers a place for online collaboration and allows for file transfer as well as remote access to a range of devices. The software offers integration which means users can work in a centralized space with all their necessary software.

The AnyDesk platform offers session recording and reporting, supporting development for users.

The premium version of the Any Desk platform comes with an address book that allows users to keep track of their contacts and collaborators and their status. This facilitates easy collaboration for businesses using the platform.

Finally, AnyDesk uses encryption technology to ensure your data is safe and secure while using the remote access platform.

Support quality

We have awarded a high score to the AnyDesk support quality as part of our review of the software.

The support system for the AnyDesk platform varies depending upon the pricing tier you select with lower levels benefitting from a help center and higher-priced tiers getting dedicated customer support with relatively quick response times and useful feedback.

The AnyDesk platform offers a help center where users can find some support and they offer training to new users to support onboarding with the platform.

AnyDesk Pricing – what does it cost?

AnyDesk offers a 14-day free trial to prospective customers. The AnyDesk pricing system varies and we have summarized each tier in the table below.

Essentials£9.90/mo, billed annuallySuited to individuals. One device and access to the help center
Performance£19.90/mo, billed annuallySuited to teams. 3000 devices available, plus session recording and customer support
EnterpriseContact AnyDesk for detailsSuited to teams, unlimited devices, automation, group policies, and customer support


Our AnyDesk review has covered the basics of the app. We have covered the categories usability, features, support quality, and pricing and have scored the app highly in these spaces.

AnyDesk is an easy-to-set-up platform that facilitates remote access for businesses and is suited to teams of small to mid-range sizes. It is operational across many systems and devices and connections can be made between different systems.

AnyDesk has a range of features, including integrations, session recording, file sharing, and screen sharing. The platform is encrypted, making it a safe and secure connection for users.

The AnyDesk customer support quality is great with support for users across the pricing tiers. The support includes documentation and dedicated email and phone support.

Overall, AnyDesk is a great choice for anyone looking for remote access tools to use in their company.

Try AnyDesk now!

AnyDesk facilitates secure and stable remote access for teams of all sizes. With features like integrations, screen sharing, and file sharing, this is a great platform for collaboration and remote working.



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