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VNC Connect is an affordable and flexible remote desktop software that allows screen sharing, improved efficiency, and easy access to computers and gadgets from all over the world. This software is simple, fast, secure, and user-friendly. VNC Connect is designed for remote workers, IT support, service desk technicians, and departmental teams.




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VNC Connect Facts

Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial30-day
Free VersionNo

VNC Connect Review


VNC Connect is a screen-sharing software that allows its users to connect to PCs anywhere in the world and take control of them. It helps users to manage their systems as well as offer remote support to clients.

Our VNC Connect review will cover the usability, features, and support quality of the platform, as well as the pros and cons of the app and its pricing system. We have scored the app in a few categories and have given it a high score overall. To find out more about this platform, keep reading our review now.

Pros and cons

We have done some research for our VNC Connect review and compiled a list of the pros and cons of using this app. To find out more about the pros and cons, take a look below.

The pros of using the VNC Connect app are:

  • Easy-to-use interface – the interface of the VNC Connect platform is easy to use and good for beginners
  • Multi-platform support – the VNC Connect app works across platforms which means it is accessible to many users
  • Screen sharing – this feature supports collaboration and helps connect users online

The cons of using the VNC Connect app are:

  • Set up – the setup of the VNC Connect app could be confusing due to the different apps needed for different solutions
  • Training – the platform could do with better training for new users to help with setup and deployment


We have scored the VNC Connect app highly in the usability category of our VNC Connect review.

The interface of the VNC Connect app, while in need of a few upgrades, is relatively easy to use. Though not as intuitive as other apps of the like, the VNC Connect interface is simple and lends itself to beginners.

The setup of the app can be slightly confusing due to the different apps needed for server and viewer functions. The server app is needed on the computer you intend to use for remote access, while the viewer app is needed on the computer you wish to access. 

Connection requires a six-word phrase and hex-digit signature which is unique to the machine you want to access. For added security, this information is displayed back to you when you log into your machine via another computer, though it is not needed to actually log in.

The VNC Connect mobile apps are clean and sleek with well-organized and easy-to-use interfaces. Though the Android app is still relatively young, it works just as well as the iOS app offered by the platform.


Our VNC Connect review covers the features of this platform. We have scored the app highly in the features category because of its variety of useful tools.

VNC Connect provides users with remote access tools for attended and unattended devices, facilitating client support and helping users to fix devices in the field.

VNC Connect supports integration which can expand the user experience and features file and screen sharing capabilities which enhance the support abilities of the user and help to facilitate communication between user and client.

VNC Connect is operational across devices meaning you can connect from PCs to mobile devices and vice versa. Additionally, its cross-platform capabilities open this app up to users working on Windows, Mac, Linux, and many other operating systems.

The platform also features remote printing and secure chat functions along with robust and well-developed security features that include encryption and authentication.

Support quality

The support quality is rated relatively highly by us as part of our VNC Connect review.

VNC Connect has a tech support website that provides users with a knowledge base. This section offers how-to articles and an FAQ section for common issues within the app. This is great for new users to find answers to frequently asked questions.

Users can also access a request tool that allows them to submit support requests. This feature may have longer wait times than other customer support features offered by the app.

VNC Connect Pricing – what does it cost?

VNC Connect offers a free trial along with two different packages for a subscription. We have summarized both packages below.

Device accessFrom £2.49/mo, billed annuallyUnlimited users and simultaneous sessions. Access to support and session encryption.
Instant supportFrom £11.99/mo, billed annuallyUnlimited endpoints and secure cloud connectivity. Access to support and session encryption.


Our VNC Connect review has covered the basics of the app and has summarized our thoughts on the usability, features, and support quality of the app. We have rated the app high in all categories and overall.

With a simple interface that is consistent across devices, VNC Connect is easy to use and relatively beginner-friendly. Though the setup of the platform may be confusing, users with technical knowledge will not have any issues with the process.

Features of the platform include screen sharing, file sharing, remote printing, and chat options, all of which enhance the support capabilities of the VNC Connect software. Security in the app offers encryption and authentication to users, keeping them safe while remotely accessing computers around the world.

The in-app support is varied and offers helpful advice to users, supporting those who use the app and offering a good user experience.

Overall, VNC Connect is a great solution for remote access needs and is accessible to those with varying skill levels.

Try VNC Connect now!

VNC Connect is the perfect screen-sharing platform for remote support. With the ability to connect to PCs around the world, this platform helps to manage systems and provide support.



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