Issuetrak is the best ticketing software for handling help desk tickets, complaints, and customer service requests.




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Issuetrak Facts

Pricing modelPer agent
Free VersionNo
Free Trial14-day

Issuetrak Pros & Cons

+Cloud and on-premises deployment available.
+No pricing tiers.
+White-gloved implementation.
+Consistently top-rated customer support.
-Users may experience a learning curve, requiring hands-on setup for best results.

Issuetrak Overview

Issuetrak is a B2B ticketing software tailored specifically for help and support desks. Its web-based application is easy to use, set up, and offers configurable features that simplify the most complex help desk processes. 

Unlike many of its competitors, Issuetrak provides both on-premises and cloud deployment options, making it accessible to organizations of all sizes and industries. Furthermore, its pay-per-agent Support plan includes unlimited free users, a unique feature that adds significantly to its value proposition.

Issuetrak Features

Issuetrak software provides comprehensive features aimed at streamlining help desk and support desk operations. Here are some of the key features:

Help Desk Ticketing

Issuetrak’s help desk ticketing system helps manage and track customer or employee inquiries, issues, and requests. Teams can ensure that every ticket is handled quickly and effectively by using customizable ticket forms, automated routing, and prioritization options.

Customer Support Ticketing

Provide exceptional customer support by centralizing and managing all inquiries and support requests in Issuetrak’s centralized platform. Its user-friendly interface and communication tools allow support teams to work together seamlessly and resolve customer issues quickly.

Complaint Management

Improve business operations from customer feedback using Issuetrak’s structured process for capturing and resolving complaints. Users can monitor the status of complaints, assign tasks to team members, and create reports to analyze trends and identify areas for improvement.

Issue Tracking

House all ticketing and issues in Issuetrak. Efficient issue tracking is essential for detecting and resolving technical and operational issues. Issuetrak’s issue-tracking capabilities allow users to log and monitor issues, track progress, and ensure timely resolution, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Asset Tracking

Issuetrak’s asset tracking feature allows you to easily manage assets such as equipment, software licenses, and inventory. Users can track asset location, status, and ownership, schedule maintenance tasks, and generate reports to help them make informed decisions and optimize their assets.

Issuetrak Usability

One of Issuetrak’s standout qualities is its exceptional usability. The platform’s user-friendly interface allows users to easily navigate and utilize its numerous functionalities without requiring extensive training or technical expertise.

It enables users to work efficiently and effectively by organizing teams and support processes using its robust support ticketing system, knowledge base, and automation workflows. 

Furthermore, its consistent rank in the 99th percentile for omnichannel customer support demonstrates its dedication to providing an exceptional user experience.

Pros and Cons of Issuetrak


  • Deployment options: Choose between cloud and on-premises configurations to maximize deployment flexibility.
  • Top-rated customer support: Enjoy consistent, high-quality customer support.
  • Simple pricing: There are no pricing tiers; you can access a wide range of features regardless of payment plan.
  • Personalized implementation: White-gloved implementation ensures personalized assistance, with an Account Manager and a dedicated implementation team available from the outset and for subsequent changes.
  • Versatility: This product widely applies to many industries (government, healthcare, transportation, education, corporate, etc.) and departments (HR, IT, Finance, Customer Service/Support, etc.).


  • Learning curve: Users may experience a learning curve, requiring hands-on setup for best results.

Issuetrak Pricing

– Team$26/per agent$155/per agent
– Support$77/per agent$464/per agent
– Team$283/per agent$155/per agent
– Support$850/per agent$464/per agent
*We offer a 14-day free trial

Issuetrak Integrations

The software functions seamlessly on all internet-accessible devices, such as Macs, PCs, and Chromebooks.

Issuetrak Compatibility

The software offers various integrations, including Gmail, Google Analytics, Office 365, OAuth, LDAP, OpenID Connect, PowerBI, Zapier, AzureAD, API, and direct integrations.

Key Takeaways

Issuetrak stands out as a comprehensive and user-friendly ticketing software solution, with flexible deployment options, excellent customer support, and a diverse set of features suitable for various industries and departments.



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