GoToAssist is a remote desktop software program that offers seamless and frictionless tech support. With GoToAssist, you can quickly and efficiently resolve tech issues so that your employees can focus on their work. GoToAssist offers Slack Integration, Remote Diagnostics, Multi-Session Support, and more.




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GoToAssist Facts

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Free Trial30-day
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Hey there! Just a quick heads up that GoToAssist has been rebranded as GoTo Resolve. We’re working on updating our review ASAP, so keep an eye out for that. Thanks for your patience!


GoToAssist is a remote support platform that is cloud-based and facilitates a connection between IT support teams and customers. The goal of this product is to simplify the process of IT assistance for clients and employees alike, with management software that makes technological troubleshooting fast and simple.

Read on for our complete GoToAssist review that covers usability factors, key features, and the support quality users can expect from this product.

Pros and Cons 

During our GoToAssist review, we found many pros in this product, like:

  • Connects Clients & Technical Staff— GoToAssist directly connects external clients and IT support teams to minimize go-between.
  • Less Downtime— Without IT staff traveling on-site or troubleshooting blindly, remote tech support means less client downtime. 
  • Remote Support Services— From assessing the user’s exact issue to deploying a fix, IT support is fully remote and simplified.

And some cons were uncovered in our GoToAssist review, including:

  • Limited App Integration— Users with Macs or app extensions can experience connection difficulties.
  • IT Session Management— For limited license holders, session closure can be problematic.


In terms of usability, GoToAssist scores fairly high in ratings. Our GoToAssist review also considers such aspects of the product, including user reports, connectivity, and integration.

GoToAssist’s priority is to make IT support secure and simple for both clients and employees, through remote access systems that can target the problem on a user’s interface, enhanced session availability, and multi-platform diagnostics.

Overall, IT support teams can connect easily with clients, troubleshoot problems via remote desktop or mobile access, offer in-session training and diagnostics, and follow the ticket from the initial log to the final fix.

Users report this product as being easy-to-use and readily accessible for clients and colleagues. Plus, teams can view and diagnose mobile devices via screen sharing and mobile access portals for on-the-go support. This is included as a Mobile Add-On within the GoToAssist subscription tiers.

Remote diagnostics are not relegated to settings either, as IT staff have full access to system information on a client’s computer, including hardware, software, and network configurations for a comprehensive service experience.


GoToAssist also has high ratings for the range of features that make it possible for IT and clients to reach support resolution as painlessly as possible, including:

  • Easy To Set Up— GoToAssist’s UI is a friendly platform for clients and IT staff alike, as user access is easy to set up and understand.
  • Manage & Record Sessions— With end transparency for all users, GoToAssist makes monitoring and deploying session information simple, including voice-over options to walk clients through the fix.
  • Multi-User Session Access— Users of GoToAssist can include multiple clients in a support session, making training even easier and more efficient in the long run, and avoiding the need to repeat information to just one client at a time.
  • Software-as-a-Service Solution Suite— GoToAssist provides many solutions for IT assistance, including system administration, remote control, data backups, and on-demand support contact.
  • Speedy & Secure— From IT tickets to remote desktop access to solve the issue, GoToAssist makes the tech support and resolution process quicker to deploy, easier to understand, and more secure.

Support Quality

As a remote support platform itself, GoToAssist scores fairly high when it comes to its support quality. 

Users of GoToAssist can access support services by visiting the Global Customer Support portal with 24/7 chat options, contact with a support agent, or interactive question and topic search across GoToAssist Remote Support v4 Help.

Furthermore, GoToAssist offers toll-free and long-distance calling for assistance in the United States and 26 other countries, including within Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South America. 

Users can also access a variety of tutorial and troubleshooting videos under GoToAssist Remote Support’s resources tab for self-service issues.

GoToAssist Pricing – What Does It Cost? 

After a 7-day free trial, GoToAssist requires a paid subscription for monthly or yearly plans. Users gain a 20% discount when opting for the annual price with all the usual features, and remote assistance for mobile devices is sold as an add-on starting at $20.00 per month per support agent.

PlanPriceAvailable Features
TrialFreeAccess to GoToAssist Remote Support and Service Desk.
GoToAssist Plan$69.00 per month Named license, diagnostics and screen sharing, session recording, chat messages, and up to 100 unattended machines.
GoToAssist Concurrent Plan$124.00 per monthAll GoToAssist Plan features, concurrent license, and up to 1,000 unattended machines.


As a remote IT service that allows users and IT staff to access troublesome desktops and devices remotely, GoToAssist is useful for streamlining tech support and widening online client bases.

As long as the client and IT team both have an internet connection, this cloud-based platform allows desktop access to a host computer from support staff devices. Through this eyes-only approach to troubleshooting, IT workers can diagnose the system, configure software, and update hardware, all from a remote location. 

Plus, with session recording and multi-user access to training calls, clients can get lasting resources to help prevent IT issues in the first place. And via end-to-end security measures, including password protection and user access privileges, the information on either side of this remote connection is kept safe and sound.

GoToAssist offers real-time support solutions for clients around the world, and with full remote access options for PC, Mac, and mobile devices, computer assistance has never been easier.

Try Out GoToAssist Now!

GoToAssist is a cloud-based IT platform that lets clients and technology support teams connect and work through a resolution remotely and easily. Upgrade your IT services today and download GoToAssist!



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