ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control is a flexible and fast remote desktop software that enables remote access to gadgets and devices anytime from anywhere in the world. This software was designed for IT teams, remote workers, customer support agents, and individuals. ConnectWise Control is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac.




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ConnectWise Control Facts

Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial14 days
Free VersionNo


ConnectWise Control is a remote support solution that allows its user to remotely view and control devices. The platform is generally used by those looking to support customers or large business infrastructure. The platform aims to solve the issues of remote working quickly.

Our ConnectWise Control review will cover a range of aspects of the platform and will score the usability, features, and support quality of the app. We have scored this app highly overall. To find out why, keep reading our review now.

Pros and cons

As part of the ConnectWise Control review we have written, we have compiled a list of the pros and cons of this platform. Check out our lists below.

The pros of using the ConnectWise Control app are:

  • Easy setup – the ConnectWise Control platform is easy to download and set up
  • Security – ConnectWise Control offers its users lots of different security features, helping to keep them safe while remotely accessing devices
  • Ease of use – the platform is relatively easy to use making it good for beginners

The cons of using the ConnectWise app are:

  • Expense – ConnectWise Control is relatively expensive in comparison to other platforms of the type
  • Updates – these sometimes take a while to smooth themselves out, making updates to the platform a hindrance in some cases


We have scored the usability of the ConnectWise Control app highly as part of this review because of the relative ease of use we found with this platform.

While ConnectWise Control is easy to set up, the interface can be slightly overwhelming, to begin with. It feels slightly cluttered with a text-heavy design and takes some getting used to.

In contrast, the screen sharing interface is considered much more beginner-friendly and after you get through the various permissions needed for the remote handover on the second machine, the connection is quick and easy.

When remotely accessing a second device, the ConnectWise Control platform can be slow and often lags which is frustrating for both user and client. Some actions often take seconds to show up on the screen. 


ConnectWise Control offers its users a variety of different features to help facilitate remote support and control and, for this reason, we have scored it highly in this category.

The platform contains lots of different remote access tools which can facilitate support, including remote viewing for support and remote access to unattended devices for monitoring.

The integrations and extensions offered by the ConnectWise Control platform help to enhance user experience and allow for more flexibility on the platform. With over 100 different integration options, users are spoiled for choice with this platform.

ConnectWise Control also offers tools for online meetings that support collaboration. Tools include screen sharing, which allows users to present to whole groups remotely. Other features include file-sharing and a range of extensions to personalize and optimize your experience in the app.

Support Quality

ConnectWise Control offers a variety of support options from live chat to email ticket submissions which is why we have scored highly in this category.

Support features vary depending upon the price plan that users have chosen. All users have access to the ConnectWise University where they will find a library of how-to videos, webinars, and articles on the platform.

A 24/7 live chat support feature is available at some pricing levels and offers dedicated and specific advice to customers. It has relatively quick response times, ensuring customers are supported when needed. The platform also has an email ticket submission system and can be reached by phone.

ConnectWise Control Pricing – What does it cost?

We have summarized the ConnectWise Control pricing system below. Check it out now.

One$29$241 user with 1 connection, suitable for a few users and a small number of machines
Standard$49$391 user with 3 connections, suitable for supporting end-users and unattended devices
Basic$59$491 user with 10 connections, suitable for supporting end-users and unattended devices with superior support features


Our ConnectWise Control review has covered the usability, features, and support quality of this platform as well as the pricing system. We have scored the platform highly overall and in each category based on our research.

The ConnectWise Control platform is easy to set up, though the interface feels slightly cluttered and could be cleaned up slightly. The remote access features are easy to use and can connect to devices in seconds.

Features of the platform include remote viewing, remote access to unattended devices, screen-sharing, and file sharing. The platform also offers a huge variety of integrations and extensions to help optimize the user experience. ConnectWise Control provides a space for collaboration with the online meeting tools available on the software.

Overall, the ConnectWise Control platform is a great remote access solution to all of your support and collaboration needs.

Try ConnectWise Control now!

For a simple solution to your remote access needs, look no further than ConnectWise Control. With a range of features that facilitate remote support, this platform is the perfect, easy-to-use app for businesses of any size.



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