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Top List of File Sharing Software

Our ranking system scores and ranks the current file sharing software products to show you the ones with the best features. Here is our best file sharing software list.

How often did you collaborate online before 2020? Whilst the technology was definitely in use by many at that point, it certainly was not tested to its full capacity. Most people worked in offices so didn’t necessarily need to use online collaboration daily for regular tasks.

However, in today’s working environment, many of us could not work successfully without such technology! You can work from any location and collaborate as if you were in the same room as your colleagues.

File sharing is one variation of collaboration technology that makes our lives so much easier. Share collaborative documents remotely, storing data in a cloud-based storage service. You can access the files from the cloud and easily provide access to others.

Access authorization is secure so you can control who accesses which documents. Files are fully backed-up and simply recovered, eliminating data loss and threats. Furthermore, storage capacities can be unlimited!

However, what file-sharing software is best for your company? Our highest-ranked list contains the very best file sharing software that is available for you to purchase. 

Review our accurately ranked list now to discover the best file sharing software for you!

File Sharing Software Overview

Using file sharing software in your company saves time. Team members can collaborate on a document from any location. 

Documents can be amended simply to ensure the highest quality data and information is included.

Data is safe and secure, with limited access provided. You can control access with authorized credentials, protecting your files from threats and risks.

In addition, some varieties of file sharing software offer an unlimited volume of storage on the cloud. You can focus on what matters for your business! 

We have created an amazing list that helps you to analyze the benefits of file sharing software. Make your choice today once you have assessed our best file sharing list!

How We Ranked the Best File Sharing Software

A precise procedure is completed to rank the best file sharing software:

  1. The top 50 – 100 file sharing software products are analyzed, assessing Software Ranking services.
  2. Key MetaData and Top Features are accessed, using multiple review platforms.
  3. Software demos are tested with our own demos recorded where required.
  4. US/UI design features are evaluated to a good standard.
  5. Search intent data and website traffic trends are assessed, including Google Trends and Social Listening tools.

Which File Sharing Software Is the Best?

Review our expert list to discover the best file sharing software on the market! Software from over 100 competitors has been assessed to find the best software product for you to purchase! 

We follow a clear process when producing our ranked list, leaving no stone unturned to provide you with all necessary information. 

Key MetaData and Top Features are considered when ranking the best file sharing software. We also take into account user reviews and expert reviews to create a reliable basis for our expertly ranked list. 

US/UI evaluation is carried-out, assessing demos and free trials as part of our professional procedure.

Additionally, website traffic trends and search intent data are accessed, focusing on Google Trends and Social Listening tools. 

Utilizing this information, we then rank the best file sharing software products in order. We consistently update our list to reflect new reviews and software updates, offering you accuracy so you can make the right choice.

You can access a range of free trials and demos to test the software for yourself! You are under no obligation to buy any software product, so what have you got to lose? Take advantage of free trials and demos today when reviewing our list!

Review our expert list to find out how file sharing software can help your company develop!

Best File Sharing Software Guide

Sharing files through the cloud is simple, safe, and fast! Using file sharing software, you can upload, amend, and access files, reducing time and enhancing the quality of collaborative work. 

You can access file sharing software remotely so wherever you are in the world, your files are fully accessible!

What Is a File Sharing Tool?

File sharing software helps you to store and share files across your company.

Grant authorization to users who can access your files securely, saving new versions to the cloud. Storage is not a problem and can be increased, safe in the knowledge that your data is safe.

You will save both time and money when using a file sharing platform, reducing the number of times files need to be shared. You will never need to email or upload any documents, offering fast access and regular data backups. 

How Can File Sharing Software Help My Business?

File sharing software is perfect for your business, allowing fast storage and quick collaboration!

You can grant access permission to your desired users, adapting restrictions to read-only or allowing edits. In the event of a power outage or computer crash, your files will be safely backed up. Recovering data is not an issue, protecting your files and ensuring that you never lose valuable documents.

What other ways can file sharing software help you and your business? Here are the main advantages you can expect to experience from file sharing software in your business:

  • Save time
  • Unlimited transfers
  • Easy collaboration
  • Access permission
  • Reduce costs
  • Secure data
  • Data recovery
  • Version history
  • Real-time monitoring

What Are the Features of File Sharing Software?

File sharing software will provide your company with a convenient method to share files instantly. The workload is reduced and time can be spent more effectively on other tasks.

Your data will consist of increased reliability and heightened accuracy throughout. Furthermore, the size of the storage is reduced as you can access unlimited storage on the cloud.

What are the top 5 features of file sharing software?

  1. File Transfer. Transfer files on an unlimited capacity, allowing you to share, store, and organize documents.
  2. Grant Access. Authorize access to users, tailored to various restrictions. 
  3. Monitoring. View real-time monitoring and generate specific reports to inform decision-making.
  4. Recovery. Data recovery features are second to none, protecting your files even after deletion.
  5. Secure data. Data is backed-up regularly, relieving you of stress!

What Are the Benefits of File Sharing Software Tools?

File sharing software is effortless and convenient, enabling you to save time and reduce costs! Use less storage space with increased dependency on the cloud, providing a safe and secure environment for your data.

Here are the main benefits of using file sharing software in your business.


How many times have you emailed documents to a colleague, taking a great deal of time and effort? If the size of your files is too large, the email may not even be sent successfully!

File sharing software eliminates this inconvenience, providing a quick and easy upload to the cloud. Your peers can then access the cloud, using the correct credentials. 

Costs Decline

You never need to purchase large storage space in your computer system and hardware again. 

Using the cloud, you will receive storage to share files for the cost of the file sharing software. This saves you a significant amount of money over the long run!

Secure Backup

With regular backups to the cloud, your files are secure and completely safe. You will never lose your documents, regardless of power outages or computer crashes.

Even after you delete files, recovering your data will be easy to do for a specific amount of time.


Grant authorized permission for users to access your files. You can tailor the permission to read-only or edit functions, depending on your preferences or needs.


You can use file sharing software to monitor activities and provide an analysis of required actions.

Which Companies Should Buy File Sharing Software?

Every company that works online needs to purchase file sharing software! Provide a convenient and reliable transfer of data to the cloud, aiding collaboration and ensuring that data is secure.

Small, medium and enterprise businesses will benefit from file sharing software due to the speed and ease of use of the software. 

Files can be uploaded, amended, transferred, and collaborated on in the cloud, with security and recovery a key factor and benefit of the software.

What Does File Sharing Software Cost?

The cost of file sharing software will differ, depending on the size of the storage service you acquire. 

Generally, you can access file sharing software for free when acquiring 100GB of volume and 200Mbps UDP transmission for one user. This rises to an unlimited download volume, 1Gbps, and 50 maximum users for $599 per year.

Price ranges:

  • $0 – $199 per year for smaller businesses
  • $199 – $599 per year for medium businesses
  • Custom packages for bespoke enterprises

How can you choose the best file sharing software available to your business?

Our best file sharing software list provides you with a rundown of the top file sharing platforms currently on the market. Let us help you decide which software product meets your company’s needs!

Are There Any Niche File Sharing Software Tools?

Specific file sharing software products are available to niche markets, such as certain industries. For example, healthcare settings will use tailored file sharing software to meet the demands of their industry.

Are There Any Relevant File Sharing Software Trends?

Trends in file sharing software focus on making the features of the product even easier, centralizing functions.

Here are some important trends in file sharing software:

  1. Centralization. To increase efficiency further, a central database will be the focal point for all files, increasing exchangeability and enhancing organization features.
  2. Control. Increasing security is a consistent issue for digitalized businesses. One method on the horizon is the inability to download documents on personal devices.
  3. Compliance. With a growing number of industries utilizing file sharing software, software providers must make sure compliance is visible and secure.

Which Is the Best File Sharing Software Available?

Review our best file sharing software list today to find the perfect file sharing platform for your business! Our highest-ranked list will provide you with every ounce of information you need to make a fully informed choice.

Our list is regularly updated to reflect software updates and changes, along with newer reviews and user experiences. Reliability and accuracy are central to our delivery!

Free trials and demos are available across the best file sharing software list, offering you the chance to test a range of platforms! You are under no obligation to buy so try a vast array of demos and trials to satisfy your curiosity.

How Can I Choose the Best File Sharing Software?

Review our best file sharing software list now to discover the perfect solution for your company! You can store and share files across your team and with other company stakeholders. Data will be backed up and safe from threats and risks at all times.

All file sharing platform features have been assessed and analyzed, taking into consideration user reviews and expert appraisals. We have ranked our list accordingly so you can make the best decision for your company! 

Test a range of file sharing platform demos and trials to assess the best interface and usability for you. Demos and trials place you under zero obligation to purchase the software product so what are you waiting for?! Take advantage of this great privilege today!

Rundown of the Best File Sharing Software

File sharing software has revolutionized business and the way that we carry out daily tasks. You can easily migrate files to the cloud where peers and other stakeholders can access data. 

Collaboration is made easy across all teams whilst version history allows you to view changes made to documents and go backwards if necessary.

Data is safe and secure and consistently backed up. You never need to save your documents as the file sharing software will complete this task for you, without being asked! 

Furthermore, your team members will save time, increase efficiency and improve productivity across your company. 

Find the best file sharing platform solution inside our list today, growing your company through the Twenty-First Century!