Best Idea Management Software

Our Best Idea Management Software List

We used a detailed ranking system to create our ultimate list of the best idea management software. Here is our best idea management software list with all the best features for each product.

1. SwitchPitch

— SwitchPitch is a cloud-based marketplace that helps businesses connect with startups and innovators to accelerate innovation and…

Starting PriceContact for price
Pricing ModelQuotation based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes
2. Meistertask

— Meistertask is a task management software that provides an overview of all your tasks through tracking, from…

Starting price$4.19/mo
Pricing modelPer Team
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes

Introduction To Our Idea Management Software List

No matter the size, any company needs creative and intelligent ideas to thrive in their industry; idea management software products make it easier for companies to do precisely that. So we created our best idea management software list to help you find the product with the best features for your company.

How We Rank the Best Idea Management Software

At SaasGenius, we use a detailed rating score, the Genius Score, to evaluate idea management software vendors. The Genius Score is calculated using existing external reviews and by our internal testing team. Our top list includes the best value idea management software based on our research and analysis.

How Can Our Idea Management Software List Help Your Company?

Although you should find the features you want before examining our best idea management software list, our list can help you by presenting the software products with the best overall features.

Our ranking system for our idea management software is incredibly detailed and extensive. Here are all the steps we take to rank idea management software products.

  • We search through other top competitor software lists to find the software products that commonly have the highest ranking.
  • We read through idea management software reviews from industry experts and product users.
  • We use idea management software demos and free trials to get a feel for the products.
  • We review idea management software UI systems to assess their usability. 
  • We research the idea management system market to find the most exciting current trends.

Every idea management software product on our list has competitive pricing and high-quality features; the best product for your company depends entirely on what you want (the features you want, price, etc.).

What is Idea Management Software?

Idea management software is a system comprising of many tools that can help individuals and teams create new ideas and develop them. It can also identify new ideas from different sources, such as customers (reviews, emails, etc.), idea collection from members of the public, and more.

The most crucial element of any idea management software product is the workflow process. There has to be a simple and elegant workflow process so you can form the ideas, identify the most effective ones, and refine them so they can positively affect the company. If the idea management system doesn’t have a top-quality workflow process, it won’t be successful.

Idea management software also has tools for collaboration, including team lobbies and sometimes points for team members who create or contribute to an idea.

Additionally, idea management software doesn’t limit itself to retrieving ideas from employees in the company; it can also gather ideas from members of the public, customers, software review sites, and more.

What Does Idea Management Software Do? 

Both employers and employees can use idea management software to create and develop company ideas. 

Here is what idea management software can do for your company.

  • It can streamline idea creation with an excellent workflow process: An amazing workflow process can help you form ideas, identify the ones that will help the company the most, and refine them to become effective and actionable ideas.
  • It can promote collaboration within a team: Idea management software has collaboration tools, including optimized idea workshop chats and lobbies, and points for team members who collaborate on an idea (creation, contribution, etc.).
  • It can collect ideas from outside sources: Idea management software can gather ideas from external sources like members of the public, software review sites, customers, and more.
  • It can provide analytics on the best ideas: Analytics can give insightful information on the best ideas; they can also create reports on how to develop an idea.
  • It can create feedback forms: Feedback forms can help you gain ideas from customers.

Main Features of An Idea Management Software Product

Although idea management systems seem simple, many intricate features help the software achieve its purpose. Here are the significant elements in most idea management software products.

  • Streamlined workflow process: A fantastic workflow process helps teams and individuals form new ideas, identify the concept that will lead to exciting new products or processes, and refine them to become fully realized ideas.
  • Team collaboration tools: Idea management software has tools specifically for team collaboration, including chats for brainstorming and workshopping ideas. 
  • Idea collection tools: Idea management software collects ideas from outside sources, such as members of the public, software review sites, customers, and more.
  • Incentives and rewards: Employees can get rewards for collaborating on an idea (creation, contribution, etc.).
  • Idea analytics: Analytics provide insightful information on the best ideas; they can also create reports on how to develop an idea.
  • Feedback forms: Feedback forms on idea management systems can help companies gain ideas from customers.

Benefits Of Using Idea Management Software

The next section of our best idea management software guide looks at how idea management software can benefit a company. More specifically, we look at how you use the software, and the benefits of those software uses.

Using idea management software seems straightforward, but it contains multiple tools with specific benefits. Here are some ways to use idea management software.

You Use It To Create And Manage New Ideas

The primary use of idea management software is to create new ideas and form them into an effective product or process

To help companies create and manage new ideas, the idea management software has a straightforward and effective workflow process that forms ideas from scratch, identifies compelling ideas from teams and employees, and refines them until they are an excellent product or company process.

If the idea management software doesn’t have a top-quality workflow process with idea creation and management tools, it won’t be successful.

You Can Use It To Collaborate With Employees And Reward Them

Idea management software also has tools for employees to collaborate, including team chats and lobbies. Additionally, idea management systems can grant employees rewards for creating and collaborating on ideas.

You Can Use It To Find Ideas From Outside Of Your Company

Idea management software also retrieves ideas from members of the public, customers, software review sites, and more. Doing this allows idea management software to give companies as many potential ideas as possible.

What Are The Benefits Of An Idea Management Software Product?

Although knowing the exact uses of idea management software is vital if you want to buy it, knowing how all of its features can directly benefit your company is arguably more essential. Here are some of the critical benefits of idea management software.

It Can Help To Create New Ideas You Didn’t Consider

Many companies don’t use idea management software because they argue that they don’t need it to create compelling ideas. However, idea management software’s tools for developing ideas are incredibly useful because they can give you a clear roadmap to creating ideas and building upon them.  

Also, it can provide you with ideas from other sources like customers (via feedback forms), software industry review websites, and members of the public (via surveys). These research tools can help to create well-rounded ideas.

It Can Improve Collaboration In Task And Project Teams

The collaborative tools in an idea management software product can improve and encourage teamwork within a company. 

Specifically, idea management systems give employees more incentives by rewarding them for collaborating ideas.

It Can Give You More Direct Communication With Customers And Outside Sources

As well as helping to provide you with new ideas, the outside research tools on an idea management software product can connect you with customers; it tells you what customers and critics currently want from the products you sell so that you can capitalize on current trends.

Which Companies Should Buy Idea Management Software?

The features and benefits of idea management software are helpful for many types and sizes of company; multiple types of software cater to specific business and company types. Here are some of the companies that should consider buying idea management software.

Companies That Sell Products

The primary type of company that should consider using idea management software is a company that focuses on selling products. Idea management software is built for companies like this because it has tools that allow companies to create and develop ideas that can lead to new or improved products.

Small Businesses

Although some small businesses might not understand the need for idea management software, it can provide them with numerous benefits. These benefits include creating new ideas to optimize processes, rewarding employees, and connecting the business to its customer more closely.

Large Companies And Enterprises

Large companies and enterprises can take advantage of idea management software by using its tools to create collaborative teams that make excellent new ideas. Additionally, large companies will appreciate the data and analytics on new ideas and how they develop (the analytics include charts and reports).

How Much Does Idea Management Software Cost?

The cost for an idea management software product depends on various elements, including the type of company the software markets towards, the pricing tier, and the included features. 

Some idea management software products for small businesses have a free version to get the basic features and test out the product. 

Most idea management software products will have at least three pricing tiers: a starting tier for small businesses, a middle tier with all the necessary features (the most popular option), and an enterprise tier for large companies with added features (improved analytics, etc.).

Types of Idea Management Software

You can read through our best idea management software list to get an idea of the best software products for your company. However, it is an excellent idea to know the idea management software type you want before starting your research. 

Although most idea management software products aim for the same outcome, there are different ones that target different business types. Here are some of the most popular idea management software types.

Idea Organization Software

Although idea organization software can help teams create new ideas, it specializes in organizing the idea creation process so teams can collaborate more effectively. They usually have unique features like brainstorming tools and sticky notes to pin on group discussions.

Strategic Planning Idea Management Software

Strategic planning idea management software focuses on taking exciting ideas and creating a carefully considered plan for developing them and finalizing them. Typical features of strategic planning management software products include advanced analytics, detailed progress monitoring, and task management tools.

New Product Launch Idea Management Software

Most idea management software products focus on all types of products. However, some software products focus on launching new products. Some features you can expect for a new product launch include idea rankings to find the best one and employee engagement monitoring.



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