Meistertask is a powerful project management tool that offers a wide range of features to help teams work more efficiently. With an intuitive interface, task automation, and seamless integrations, Meistertask is the ultimate solution for managing projects.




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Meistertask Facts

Pricing modelPer Team
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes

Meistertask Overview

Meistertask is a flexible app that offers easy task management across a range of platforms. It is accessible across a range of team sizes and is based on the kanban style task system for easy and familiar use.

To find out more about Meistertask, its features, and its support system, keep on reading. We’ve rated the app very highly – to find out why, check out all the rest of our Meistertask review below.

Pros and Cons

Mesitertask has a range of pros and cons. From our research, we have found the most popular which are as follows.

The pros of the Meistertask app are:

  • User friendly – it is easy to use and it’s a simple platform to get the hang of.
  • Lots of customizations – there is a range of customizable features on the app, making it very easy to personalize.
  • Due dates and reminders – it has the ability to set due dates.

The cons of the Mesitertask app are:

  • Restrictive free version – in comparison to other apps of the like, the free version of the Mesitertask app is quite restrictive.
  • Glitchy integrations – the integration features of the Meistertask app do not work smoothly.


The usability of the Meistertask app scored very highly with many considering the platform a user-friendly space. The platform has an easy-to-follow layout with a horizontal view which makes for a good space to organize.

The kanban format is familiar and helps users to stay focused on their tasks, promoting productivity while using the app. Many user and expert reviews commend the usability of the Meistertask app.

The Meistertask app is available in mobile format and operates across both iOS and Android, making it accessible to everyone. The mobile Meistertask app is considered well-synced and reflects the desktop app. The mobile app allows users to stay on track even when out and about.

Overall, the user interface is considered great on the Meistertask app with colorful features and a well-laid-out task management space, perfect for staying focused and supporting productivity with your day-to-day tasks.


As part of our Meistertask review, we’ve rated the app highly in the features category because of its extensive list of helpful in-app features. These features range from those within the projects to analysis and communication features.

Project features for the app include sections, filters, timelines, automation, and recurring tasks. Timeline features are available within the higher-priced options and have been praised by user reviews.

Task features include due dates, time tracking, and attachments, all of which help to allow for collaboration across tasks as well as productivity. Users have praised the due dates and reminders features.

For analysis, Meistertask offers progress and time reports, helping admin and project leaders stay up to date with tasks as well as monitoring the progress and time taken by collaborators. And as for communication, Meistertask allows for comments and mentions, as well as notifications via email.

Generally, user and expert reviews commend the features across the Meistertask space and deem them easy to use and largely useful for task management.

Support Quality

Mesitertask gets a very high rating in terms of the quality of the customer support within the app. Support begins on the Meistertask site where users can access the help center along with tutorial videos for in-app features. There is little other contact information on the website.

In-app support varies across plans, with the more expensive Business and Enterprise plans offering priority and phone support over and above the email support features in the more basic plans. 

While there is little information for contacting the support system, users have generally praised the video tutorials for the support and help they offer.

Meistertask Pricing – What does it cost?

Meistertask offers four different plans that increase in price with added benefits to each. To find out more, check out our summary below. All prices are per user and are paid annually.

Pricing TierPrice per monthFeatures
BasicFreeUp to three projects, 20MB attachments, other basic features
Pro£8.25Unlimited projects, 200MB attachment size, admin account, multiple team members
Business£20.75All of the above along with timelines and agenda features
EnterpriseCustomAll of the above plus tailored pricing offer and a dedicated account manager


Users have generally found Meistertask to be user-friendly and a helpful addition to their workplace. The features the app offers encourage productivity and the support system is generally considered good.

The Meistertask app offers a great deal of customization for easy personalization of the spaces and is usually praised for the due dates and reminders features, where users can be reminded of tasks and kept up to date with their progress.

Through our research for our Meistertask review, we found that it is considered a good app for those looking to organize their work and get their tasks in order. It offers a wide variety of features, including those for communication and analysis, making this a good choice for both small and large workplaces.

Though the free version of the Meistertask app is considered restrictive compared with other apps of its kind, the pricing system allows for a good amount of additional features with the most basic subscription.

Try Meistertask now!

The Meistertask app offers a flexible, easy-to-use task management platform for a range of business sizes. With a variety of features, this app keeps you focused and encourages productivity.



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