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Top list of crypto wallets

Below you will find a list of the best crypto wallet app options for 2022. Each of these wallets has been chosen through using careful quality analysis, security, cost, and functionality of each wallet.

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In recent years, cryptos like Bitcoin have become accepted and hugely popular. In turn, this has caused other cryptocurrencies to thrive and grow as well. Unlike the standard stocks and shares market, cryptocurrencies can be withdrawn from an exchange and stored in your own wallet. This means that it is actually very easy to manage your crypto portfolio in a secure way.

If you’re looking to buy and store cryptocurrencies, you will need to find the best wallet. We looked at a wide range of crypto wallets focusing on a selection of criteria including their cost, UI, cryptocurrencies available, and a whole host of other features. Read on to find out which are the best crypto wallet app and the most popular wallets available.

How we have ranked crypto wallets

Creating this list of the best crypto wallet app options was not easy. To do this we went through a very strict process that involved taking a look at the rankings of each wallet as outlined by other sites. From those, we chose the top 50 to 100 products for a closer inspection.

To create our ranking, we also took into consideration reviews from other users of these cryptocurrency wallets as they are hugely important to understanding which are the top features of each wallet. Furthermore, we signed up for free trials and demo versions and tested out each of the different wallets that were available in order to check out all the features and functions for ourselves. As such, we carefully noted the functionality, UI experience, support, and usability of each cryptocurrency wallet.

Through the use of these methods, we created a score and ranking system for each wallet. For this review, we only selected the top cryptocurrency wallets. As a result, we have ensured they are the very best wallets out there. What this means for you, is that these crypto wallets provide the best service for your specific needs.


With the rise in cryptocurrency, it’s important to have somewhere safe and secure to store your crypto. This has led to an increase in the number of the best cryptocurrency wallets available. However, not all of these wallets have your best interests at heart. Some are not as safe, secure, or functional as others. But, with so many options available, it can be really hard to pick the best cryptocurrency wallet.

Worse still, some of the cryptocurrency wallets look and sound excellent, but are actually fraudulent. It also doesn’t help that a lot of users simply look for the most popular option without actually considering the specific features, choosing to focus on looks and design. Each of the wallets provided here has been chosen from the 100 or so wallets available and is the best we could find in its specific area.

Crypto wallets overview

When you’re shopping for the best cryptocurrency to buy, you need to have a wallet to store the private keys in. This is where cryptocurrency wallets are important as they keep this information safe, but also easy to hand.

What are crypto wallets?

Cryptocurrency wallets are the place you can keep your private keys for your cryptocurrency. These are the passwords that allow you to access your cryptocurrencies, no matter which format or currency type you have. These wallets also provide high levels of security so that no one else can access your keys.

And why is this important? As all your cryptocurrencies are stored on the blockchain, the only way to prove that they are yours is through these passkeys. If someone else gets a hold of them, then they can take all your crypto without you being able to have a say in it.

Additionally, wallets such as this have a number of other features too. They offer support both from the app itself and the community. They also have built-in exchanges, use open source software, and even offer (in some cases) Bluetooth connectivity for even more accessible transactions.

What do crypto wallets do?

Cryptocurrency wallets are the place to store your cryptocurrency. Not only can you store your currency here, but you can rest assured that it’s safe and secure too. Here we will quickly touch on the different features that the best cryptocurrency wallets offer.

  • Store crypto — When you acquire cryptocurrencies, you can then store them in a wallet. It’s also possible to then retrieve the crypto from the wallet at a later date to make transactions.
  • Store keys — The wallet also stores the private keys needed to access the crypto. These are the passwords you need to get access to your money.
  • Provide exchange — As crypto is not used everywhere, and it also fluctuates in value, wallets will also have an exchange section as part of the app. This is used to exchange the cryptocurrency for something that can be spent at the desired site.
  • Security and protection — The best crypto wallet app has high levels of protection to make sure that no one else can access the cryptocurrency stored within the wallet. There are often numerous levels of protection and security in place.

Crypto wallet meaning

Crypto wallets are online places to store any cryptocurrency you might have acquired. Essentially, a wallet is like a bank for decentralized currencies. Similar to online banks, it has numerous safeguards in place to protect your funds. There are a number of other functions on offer as well.

Main features of the best crypto wallet app

Essentially, a cryptocurrency wallet is there to keep your crypto safe. Unlike an actual wallet, it doesn’t technically actually store the crypto per se. Instead, all your crypto is kept on the blockchain, but in order to access it, you need a private key. These keys show that you are the owner of that particular sum of digital money and, subsequently, they enable you to make any transactions. Losing your keys means losing access to your crypto, which is why they need to be stored in a cryptocurrency wallet.

Cryptographic keys

The first thing that crypto wallets do is store your private keys. This is so that no one else can access them, but also so that you can get to your crypto quickly. This is important if you intend to make a transaction of any kind.

Keys are always protected through the use of two-layer encryption protocols which makes it very hard for someone else to get access to them.

Open-source software

All crypto wallets are open-source software. This means that the license allows anyone to use the software. It can be changed, used, and distributed by any of the users, and this also applies to the source code. This means that if you are a coder, you can also access it too. What it also means is that the software is developed through public collaboration.

Bluetooth connectivity

Excitingly, some of the wallets will also provide Bluetooth connectivity. This means that it’s possible for you to get your keys whenever and wherever you are across a range of devices. However, not all wallets have secure encryption via Bluetooth connections, which means that this might not be the safest way to transact.

Schedule trading

Some of the best crypto apps also offer the chance to schedule your currency trading. When you’re trying to decide on the best cryptocurrency to buy, these apps can actually help you out. Not only that, but it’s possible to set a schedule for daily, weekly or even monthly trading.

Benefits of using crypto wallets

Prior to choosing any of the wallets, it is a necessity to understand what the benefits are of using a wallet. The best one does, of course, depend on the specific need you have for the wallet. For instance, whether you need the wallet for a single cryptocurrency, or whether you need it for multiple. Choosing the right wallet will improve your online experience too.

Different wallets have a variety of features available. Below are some of the different use-cases of this exciting wallet tool. Here are some of the benefits you will likely find the most helpful when using a wallet app.

Good customer support

Getting good support is a must. Most wallets offer 24/7 support so that you can get help if you ever run into a problem. Better yet, many of these wallets also have community support. This means that you can write on message boards and get help with a transaction, exchange or trade very easily. It means that you can often have things sorted out very quickly.

Control and management

Of course, the main reason to get a wallet for your crypto is to be able to manage and control it. The best wallets give you plenty of options to do just that. Better still, they give you these options in a clear way often making it a simple click of a button to make a trade.

The best management tools offered by wallets mean you can place any specific orders in a seamless fashion. It also means that you can make transactions, and get your withdrawals in Fiat currencies processed very quickly too.

Easy access to shops

By having your crypto in an online wallet, you get to enjoy quick and easy access to shops or other sites where you wish to spend your funds. It is very easy to simply browse from the wallet app.

Multi-currency storage

Importantly, a growing number of crypto apps no longer specialize in a single currency. Instead, they enable you to access a multitude of different cryptocurrencies. This means that if you have more than one type, you can store it all in the same place. This takes accessibility to a whole new level.

Easy UI

While many of these other features are hugely important, it would all be for nothing if the interface was overly complex. With that in mind, it’s important to get a wallet that has an easy UI making it easy to navigate and find all the required transaction and security options. Better still, this should also translate well to the mobile app version allowing you to make trades and exchanges wherever you are.

Trial versions

As some of these wallets do have fees in order to run them, it’s important to make good use of any trial versions. By taking on one of these trials, you can see if the wallet is for you. If it’s not, then you’ve not lost out, and you can simply find a new one to try.

There are different wallet options available that depend on the company size too. Depending on the size of the business, there are different features to consider. For instance, smaller businesses need to be more aware of pricing, setup, and installation. Making sure you get the right wallet to fit your needs is therefore essential. Below we have outlined some of the companies that should consider the type of wallet they need to help them in their business.

Large businesses

For big businesses, using a cryptocurrency wallet is a must. Having one that allows you to browse multiple apps as well as offering online trading is important when trying to get the best cryptocurrency to buy. Live charts are an important consideration here, as are multiple scheduling options for making trades. Having desktop access across a range of operating systems is also important allowing multiple employees access to the currency. Large storage offering 1500+ is a must for a big company too.

Small businesses

Smaller businesses won’t need to have so much storage when it comes to crypto. However, encryption and security are still just as essential. This is where something like fingerprint authentication can come in handy, although this can be more complex for larger companies.

What do the best crypto wallets cost?

The cost of using a cryptocurrency wallet does vary. This isn’t always in line with the features they offer either. Essentially, you can get a great wallet with a range of important features for a cheaper price than one with fewer options. In fact, you can get a cryptocurrency wallet completely for free. Alternatively, you can use some of the wallets that do charge for their usage and this can be over $100.

When it comes to a wallet for your cryptocurrency, then there are actually a number of different options available to you. Each has its pros and cons, but there are three main types available. These are paper wallets, hardware wallets, or online wallets. The top cryptocurrency wallet is one that you feel safe and comfortable with. These are the three main options:

Paper wallet

This one has nothing to do with the online world. It, therefore, can’t be hacked. The only downside is that you can easily lose it. And that’s because a paper wallet is actually what it sounds — the private keys are written on paper. This does make using the crypto you have bought harder as it can only be used in digital form. It’s also easy to misplace a piece of paper, and then you’ve lost all your funds.

Hardware wallets

A hardware wallet is usually a thumb drive or USB. Instead of storing your keys on a piece of paper, they are saved in a document on the drive. This drive then needs to be kept in a safe place ready for whenever you need the keys to use your crypto. It is a good balance between security and ease of access, but it’s still easier for someone else to get your keys from a USB than the best crypto wallet app.

Online wallets

As mentioned, the best option is an online crypto wallet app. All your keys are stored in an online site or app. The keys are protected with two-step encryption protocols so that no one else can access your funds. Additionally, as the keys are in an online wallet, it makes it very easy for you to use your funds be it sending or receiving money. In fact, it’s the same as using a regular online bank account.

The most popular cryptocurrency wallets are the ones that consider the usability of their apps from the user’s POV. This means offering top-level security protocols, a large amount of storage, the ability to hold various cryptocurrencies, and more. As technology is always improving, the latest trends relating to cryptocurrency wallets can affect the software you should be choosing. Here are some of the latest trends in wallets for cryptocurrencies.

  • Variety of crypto currency — With so many different cryptocurrencies out there, it’s quite common for users to have more than one. After all, it can be hard to choose the best cryptocurrency to buy, so why not have a few. With that in mind, it’s important that the app can support and store private keys for a number of different cryptos. It makes it convenient for you too.
  • Built-in exchange — Wallets should have an exchange section within the app. This will enable users to make their transactions swiftly. It can also be helpful to have an in-built exchange as it provides more consistency.
  • Customer support — The ability to get in touch with someone quickly and efficiently is a must when it comes to an online cryptocurrency wallet. This is so that you can get any issues rectified right away. Slow support is to be avoided at all costs. And apps should offer a number of different ways for users to get in touch. Better still, there should be community support too.
  • User interface — Just because a wallet has a number of good features doesn’t mean it’s the best. The wallet also needs to have a great UI that’s intuitive and convenient for all types of users.
  • Mobile compatible — In this day and age, it’s important that there is an app available. This app needs to be compatible with both Android and iOS users if it is to be functional.
  • Supported coins — Some wallets support more coins and tokens than others. This can make a difference when selecting a wallet too.

Which is the best crypto wallet app?

Picking the best crypto wallet app can be complicated. There are a large number of options out there. One of the easiest ways to determine which one is the best, or which one you like, is to simply test a few different options. We suggest that you start by taking a look at the ones we have listed above as we have ranked these the highest. They top our list thanks to a combination of great customer service, good UI, the range of cryptocurrencies accepted, and high levels of security.

How to choose the best crypto wallets

No matter if you’re a long-term crypto user or a beginner starting out looking for the best cryptocurrency to buy and the perfect wallet to store it in, we’re here to help. As a starting point, you can take a look at our carefully compiled list of the top best cryptocurrency wallets out there, but you can also look by yourself.

Most wallets have the option to test out the app and see if you like it completely for free. With this in mind, you should take a look at the UI, the support, which cryptocurrencies are accepted, whether there is a good exchange, mobile compatibility, and the strength of the protection provided.

You should check out how easy it is to make any transactions too, as this is what you will use it for. If the wallet doesn’t feel like the right fit, don’t continue using it. Make the most of any free trials and move on to the next one.


Access to your cryptocurrency quickly, easily and securely is the aim when choosing the best cryptocurrency wallet to buy. In order to keep your funds safe from hackers, it is important to select a secure wallet. However, not all the good options are that cheap nor are some of the simpler looking ones that great. With that in mind, this article gives you all the information you need to choose the best cryptocurrency wallet out there and includes the top 10 you should look at.