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Jaxx Liberty is a popular non-custodial, multi-currency wallet that supports over 80 different cryptocurrency assets. It’s an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced users. It’s ideal for smaller amounts and full-time access for those that need daily transactions.

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review new │ Jaxx Liberty Overview

As cryptocurrency grows more prevalent, the need for a safe place where users can store and trade their investments increases. In 2022, blockchain wallets around the world saw over 81 million users, which is only expected to increase.

In this article, we’ll talk about one crypto wallet in particular that has garnered millions of users – Jaxx Liberty. We’ll discuss the biggest advantages and setbacks of the app, key features, pricing, and major competitors. 

Read on to find out if Jaxx Liberty is worth your time and whether you should trust them with your assets.

Jaxx Liberty – Best For Users That Want Constant AccessJaxx Liberty’s design makes it a great choice for beginners and seasoned users alike. As a hot wallet, it works best with a smaller amount of crypto, and it’s ideal for full-time access, so you can transact on a daily basis.

pros and cons new │ Pros & Cons of Jaxx Liberty

Every cryptocurrency wallet has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s delve into the pros and cons of Jaxx.io and look at the aspects that function exceptionally well vs. ones that can be improved.

Jaxx Liberty Pros

tick new Cross-Platform Availability

Jaxx is one of the most accessible crypto wallets available across multiple platforms. As far as the desktop version goes, the software is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. There is also a browser extension available for Chrome.

Jaxx Liberty also has a dedicated application for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Availability across all popular operating systems is an undeniable plus, and the Jaxx team has also announced a probable hardware integration in the future.

tick new Free To Use

Jaxx Liberty is fully free to download on whichever platform you choose. You won’t be charged anything for installing the software or storing your crypto, although there may be some fees while sending or purchasing assets, as with any other digital wallet.

tick new Wide Range of Crypto Assets

The multi-asset wallet supports a fair variety of different coins. Jaxx Liberty allows you to store and trade over 80 crypto assets, including some of the top cryptocurrencies on the market, as well as certain stablecoins and ERC20 tokens.

tick new Simple and Functional Design

One of the greatest perks of Jaxx Liberty is its simple and easy-to-use dashboard. The wallet allows users to navigate through all the features easily and buy and sell supported assets without any previous technological know-how.

tick new Secure Customer Service 

Jaxx Liberty is dedicated to providing quality customer service to its users. On top of this, Jaxx tries to keep the service provided safe as well as helpful – the support team is accessible through the app, so you know you’re getting legitimate advice.

Jaxx Liberty Cons

cons new No Two-factor Authentication

Some wallets and other applications allow you to link your account to a phone number or mobile app so that you have an additional layer of defense in place. Jaxx Liberty doesn’t offer any two-factor authentication, which can be considered a security shortcoming of the app.

cons new Limited Coins

While the wallet does support a variety of different digital coins, there’s no denying that number could be much higher, especially when we compare it to other wallets.

cons new Not Ideal for Large Amounts

Jaxx wallet may not be the best place to store your cryptocurrency if you’re dealing with large amounts; however, this is a good rule when dealing with any hot wallet. It’s best for users who store smaller amounts and day-to-day transactions.

Jaxx Liberty AdvantagesJaxx Liberty Disadvantages
plus new Available all popular platformsminus new No two-factor authentication
plus new Free downloadminus new Few cryptocurrencies available
plus new Variety of digital assets supportedminus new Not recommended for large quantities
plus new Easy-to-use
plus new In-app customer support chanel 

Jaxx Liberty Logo

Form or Function? Why Not Both…

Jaxx Liberty is sleek, clutter-free, and simple – perfect for beginners and highly functional for everyone! Download the software and get started with ease!

what new │ What is Jaxx Liberty?

Jaxx Liberty is a popular non-custodial, multi-currency wallet that supports over 80 different assets. Jaxx is produced by Decentral Inc., the Toronto-based company that introduced Canada’s first two-way Bitcoin ATM. 

Decentral was founded in 2014 and since then has produced two cryptocurrency wallets. Jaxx Liberty launched in September 2018 as a platform update to the no-longer-available Jaxx Classic.  

Non-custodial means that users are in sole control of their private keys and assets. Jaxx Liberty is extremely user-focused – the platform is built as a simple introduction and gateway to the blockchain world for anyone, no matter their previous knowledge or lack thereof.

Since its initial release, the wallet has found quick success, and with a simple layout and strong features, it’s garnered over a million active users. 

In 2017, Jaxx Wallet was hacked, resulting in a US$400,000 loss for a user. This is a fairly modest amount compared to other crypto hacks and was a result of the user downloading the software onto a jailbroken phone. However, the event still warrants mentioning as a part of the wallet’s history with hacking incidents.

All in all, Jaxx Liberty is a solid platform where you can buy and sell crypto, track market data, and keep up with the news. However, there is limited to no support for NFTs or decentralized apps.

how new │ How Does Jaxx Liberty Work?

Overall, Jaxx Liberty functions similarly to many other crypto wallets. That’s to be expected, of course, as the main purpose is generally the same – to store your digital assets.

Jaxx provides users with an interface to help them interact with a blockchain. The main use is to store and handle your crypto assets, but Jaxx Liberty also offers some additional features like buying coins, tracking market data, etc.

Jaxx Liberty doesn’t have access to your funds as the wallet stores your private keys, not your assets. It’s a non-custodial wallet, so you control the seed phrase of your assets, and you are the sole person who can access and manage the funds. 

The wallet can be used across 8 platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It’s also available as a browser extension. It’s free and easy to download, as long as you meet all the needed system requirements.

As we mentioned, this is a hot wallet. This makes it a convenient solution, but note that it’s less secure than cold wallets, hence more vulnerable to cyberattacks. If you’re storing large amounts of crypto, you may want to consider different solutions.

Did you know…
point new One of the founders of Decentral, Anthony Di Iorio, is also the co-founder of Ethereum!

feature new │ Jaxx Liberty Main Features

Jaxx Liberty has many features typical for a crypto wallet. But it also has some that make the platform stand, and certainly a few exceptional features that are worth mentioning. So, let’s go through them one by one. 

point new Intuitive Interface

Even if an app doesn’t cost you a dime, it does take time to install, get used to, and manage a new platform. Jaxx liberty makes using the app easy and even enjoyable.

The design is simple, and its usability is one of its strongest points. It’s an easy platform for beginners to navigate, and it’s extremely functional for everyone else.

All the essential features you’d need are easily accessed from your home screen, and everything is clearly marked. A clean UI doesn’t just enhance user experience, but it can be a huge time saver.

point new Security

Jaxx Liberty has precautions set in place to protect your valuable assets. It also has automated updates, so any vulnerabilities can be patched as soon as possible. 

For starters, you will get a 12-word backup phrase that you can use to recover your wallet if you lose access to your device. You’ll also get to set up a password that you’ll need to use if you want to transfer assets, access private keys, or view sensitive information like your recovery seed. 

If you forget the password, you can use your backup phrase to recover your wallet. However, make sure to keep the recovery seed and password safe, as if you lose access to both, you will effectively lose access to all your assets.

Jaxx is a hierarchical deterministic wallet, meaning it will generate a new random address for each transaction, making it difficult to trace payments and masking your real private key. Also, because it’s a non-custodial wallet, Jaxx stores private keys on users’ devices as opposed to external servers. 

Keep in mind that while Jaxx takes security measures, some aspects, like the password and device safety, are down to the user’s actions as well. 

point new Integrations

Other than being storage for all your digital assets, Jaxx Liberty allows you to purchase cryptocurrencies or exchange them. This is easily done from the app thanks to integrations with third-party platforms. 

The entire process takes place within the wallet and is quick, effortless, and secure.

point new Crypto News

Jaxx Liberty can serve as your digital wallet but also as your only stop for all things crypto. The app features a news tab where users get up-to-date information regarding any relevant blockchain happenings. The articles all come from a variety of reputable news sources.

This is a great addition to Jaxx as it allows users to get information and rely solely on one app for anything related to managing their assets. It’s also a wonderful feature that can help out beginners by presenting them with the newest information and casually easing them further into the crypto world.

point new Block Explorer

Another one of Jaxx Liberty’s better features is the built-in block explorer. This lets users check balances and transactions on various blockchains and access all this data without ever needing to leave the app.

Why Do You Need Jaxx Liberty?

As we said, Jaxx Liberty can be used by both beginners and seasoned crypto traders. Below are some of the reasons that can back up our statement.

Reasons to Use
SecurityJaxx is a hierarchical deterministic wallet that generates a 12-word backup phrase, and lets you set a password. The app also encourages you to stay safe from scams and back up your wallet.
PrivacyJaxx Liberty requires little to no personal information for you to download and use their service. You can remain a nameless face and even if the platform is breached, know your privacy will stay intact.
Comprehensive SolutionJaxx has the potential to be an app where you can easily access and manage all things crypto-related.
AccessibilityThe wallet is accessible on desktop, mobile, and as a browser extension – across 8 platforms. You just need to pick your preferred device and install it.
Ease of UseThe user-friendly interface goes a long way. The platform looks nice but is also functional.

who new │Who Should Use Jaxx Liberty?

Jaxx Liberty can be a great option for just about anyone; however, there’s no denying that the wallet isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s a software wallet, so it can’t offer the same level of security that hardware wallets do, which makes it less than optimal for storing larger amounts of cryptocurrency.

However, this shouldn’t cause anyone to discount Jaxx just yet. Even those who use hardware wallets can benefit from having a hot wallet like Jaxx Liberty available. 

point new Investors

Jaxx Liberty makes crypto investment simple and stores your valuable assets in a safe place. The clutter-free dashboard is easy to operate and has all the tools needed to be your one-stop gateway to managing your digital assets. 

Jaxx Liberty can be an excellent solution for experienced users searching for a multi-currency functional wallet. It also features news and market data that will help you stay informed and carefully decide whether to hold or sell an asset.

point new Businesses

Individuals aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a crypto wallet like Jaxx Liberty. Companies in various industries can use the digital wallet for investment, operational, or transactional purposes.

Using crypto to conduct business opens up a host of opportunities. Plus, transactions from your Jaxx Liberty wallet are low-cost, quick and secure. 

point new Beginners

The simple layout of the app is extremely helpful to new users. Even if you’re just delving into the world of cryptocurrency, Jaxx prominently displays all the major features you’ll need from your wallet. 

It’s easy to use and also one of the most versatile and accessible programs you’ll find.

Who Can Use Jaxx LibertyCorresponding Features and Tools
BeginnersSimple interface, crypto news, integrations with third-party apps, availability.
BusinessesSecurite transactions, support for various coins, large availability, cross-platform pairing.
Long-time crypto investorsBlock explorer, myJAXX rewards, customization options, security and privacy.

Jaxx Liberty Logo

Safety First!

Crypto is still novel enough for many to wonder what the proper way to store it is. A crypto wallet can be the solution you’re looking for – try out Jaxx Liberty and see if it’s the right fit!

cost and time new │Time and Money Consumption

The installation process is extremely quick and easy, whichever platform you’re using – as well as free. So there is very little time and no money you’ll be putting at stake to get the wallet up and running.

Once you actually start using the features, you can acquire certain fees and costs, the magnitude of which will vary. Overall, though, the wallet is a very simplified way to access and manage your currencies, so beginners and more experienced investors alike can navigate with ease and incredible speed.

If you commonly transact with crypto, you might notice a flaw with Jaxx in that it doesn’t have any contact list, meaning you have to manually enter the address for each transaction. However, barring this disadvantage, sending and receiving payments is very easy.

usability new │Usability

As mentioned above, Jaxx Liberty is available on 8 platforms. You can use the desktop version provided you have:

  • macOS 11.0 (Mac users);
  • Windows 8 (Windows users);
  • Ubuntu 12.04, Fedora 21, or Debian 8 (Linux users).

Later versions also work with the software, but these are the minimum system requirements for your computer to run the Jaxx Liberty wallet.

You can also download the Android or iOS app on your mobile device or use the Chrome extension. The wallet layout and functions are nearly identical across all platforms, so it’s really down to which device is most convenient for you.

The setup is simple, and the interface makes accessing and managing digital assets easy, even for new users. In terms of usability, Jaxx ranks pretty high and satisfies, even exceeds at some points, what users may expect from a crypto wallet.

pricing new │Pricing

Downloading and installing Jaxx Liberty is fully free. The wallet also doesn’t charge users anything for storing their cryptocurrency.

However, there are some fees you can incur while using the app, even if they don’t go directly to Jaxx or Decentral Inc.

Thus, although the wallet is free at first glance if you do use it, expect a dynamic fee system where you will be charged for transactions.

point new Transaction Fees

When transferring their digital assets, users are charged network fees, the cost of which varies depending on network activity.

These aren’t different from those applied by other wallets – the transaction fees depend on the network load, and they’re set dynamically. Jaxx has no part in determining the charges, nor do they profit off them – the fees go fully to the miners.

Jaxx users do have a bit of control, though – they can choose the size of fees applied out of 3 options: slow, medium, and fast. The faster options, of course, mean higher fees.

point new Buying Fees

Users are also charged when they use Jaxx’s partner Simplex to buy cryptocurrencies using a credit card. These fees are 3.5% and are a minimum of $10. 

Jaxx Liberty Pricing

TransactionDynamic Fees
Simplex Purchase3.5% or $10

Jaxx Liberty Logo

Buy Assets Today!

You can download Jaxx Liberty and set up your digital wallet in a matter of minutes. Download it for free and see if it suits you!

tools new │Jaxx Liberty Tools

Jaxx Liberty gives users access to a variety of tools that facilitate advanced trading for everyone, no matter their level of experience with crypto. It streamlines the most common tasks you’d use and tops it off with some additional features.

point new Cryptocurrency Transactions

Perhaps the most important aspect of any wallet – Jaxx Liberty allows users to store, send, and receive crypto with practically zero effort. You need to select the cryptocurrency you wish to use and then make a transaction.

Keep in mind that you want to make sure the coin you’re using is supported, and it may take some setting up – purchasing or transferring assets and enabling the particular wallet if it’s not automatically toggled on. However, once you’re up and running, transactions should be quick and easy.

point new Buy and Trade

Thanks to integrations with partnered app Simplex, Jaxx Liberty allows users to easily purchase currency from the app using a credit card, bank transfer, or Apple Pay. This tool has a prominent center spot on the bar and is easy to find and use.

Additionally, users can also exchange one coin for another, navigating to this feature from the same Buy/Trade button.

point new Pricing Data Overview

While using Jaxx Liberty, you can track any changes in your coin value. The pricing data is one of the tools displayed on your dashboard right when you start the app. 

It allows you to view changes over the previous day or week in order to make informed business decisions on when to sell and hold. Use this to view market changes, compare, contrast, and follow trends.

point new Customization 

You can easily manage what you see on your dashboard. Toggle on different currencies, change the widget layout on your homepage, and set your native coin to any of the dozens of options (CAD, USD, ARS, and many more).

In the customization menu, you can also change your language, choosing between 8 different options, including English, Chinese, Russian, French, etc.

This is also where you set your mining fees that determine the cost of your transaction depending on how “competitive” you choose to make it.

point new MyJAXX Rewards

Jaxx Liberty is a product of Decentral, and the company introduced its Unity tokens as reward points for users. Bear in mind, however, that if you sign up for the rewards program, you may be asked to enter personal information that is otherwise not required.

Jaxx Liberty ToolsTool Details
Crypto TransactionsSend and receive digital assets in a few easy-to-follow steps.
Buy and TradePurchase coins or exchange them for others right within the Jaxx app.
Market DataView coin value changes that can help guide your investment decisions.
CustomizationChange the layout and further optimize the platform to suit your needs.
MyJAXX RewardsEarn cryptocurrency by performing various tasks.

Jaxx Liberty Logo

You Only Need One App!

Jaxx can give you access to cryptocurrency storage, market changes, and blockchain news – everything you may need is implemented in just one app!

example new │Jaxx Liberty Community

One of Jaxx Liberty’s benefits that many online reviews have expressed is privacy. So, while Jaxx users are in the company of millions of others, none of these people or businesses are required to give the app any personal information.

Online, there are plenty of real-life examples of satisfied customers. For instance, one has stated that the best thing about Jaxx Liberty for them is the seamless integration of the app with the browser. Another has praised the vast crypto options that you can store. 

support new │Customer Support

Jaxx’s customer care used to work through emails (ticketing system) and social media messaging. However, this made way for fraudsters to impersonate the company. 

Therefore, to provide their clients with more secure communication and ensure they’re not scammed by malicious parties, the company shifted to an in-app support system.

Customer support is a click away and can be reached through the “Help” button found on the home page. If you’re using the browser extension, this button will lead you to a page where you can contact their bot Jazzy in much the same way.

Jaxx Liberty Support and Contact Information
FAQ, articles, and tutorialsOn the Jaxx.io websiteAccessible 24/7
In-app ChatOn the Jaxx platformAccessible 24/7

Jaxx Liberty Alternative

If you’re looking for a non-custodial software wallet, but aren’t quite sold on Jaxx Liberty, you may want to consider its competition and even compare multiple apps. One alternative is Exodus, a well-known crypto wallet founded in 2016. 

Exodus shares a lot of similarities with Jaxx Liberty; however, there are also notable differences between the two.

Jaxx Liberty & Exodus: Comparison

Let’s start with the similarities between both wallets. For starters, they offer a sleek and intuitive design. Both apps are incredibly easy to navigate and offer 24/7 in-app customer support for their users.

Both Exodus and Jaxx Liberty are accessible across multiple platforms and available on both desktop and mobile. However, only Jaxx Liberty is available as a browser extension. Meanwhile, Exodus has the advantage of being available as Trezor hardware.

One of the larger differences is the number of coins supported – where Jaxx only supports a little over 80 coins, Exodus supports over 130 cryptocurrencies. This means there is a bit more variety with Exodus.

When it comes down to price, both apps are free to download and equipped with dynamic transaction fees. Thus, it’s difficult to directly compare the cost of each. However, Jaxx does offer a bit more freedom as you can choose the speed and, in turn, the cost of your transaction – an option Exodus lacks.

Exodus provides easier access to popular decentralized applications, while Jaxx has additional features like its block explorer and built-in news that set it apart.

Overall, they’re both popular for a reason – it’s a safe way to store and trade crypto, so the choice depends on user preference concerning smaller aspects and details of each app.

conclusion new │Bottom Line

Jaxx.io has plenty of robust features to show but also lacks certain elements found in other popular crypto wallets.

However, for a lot of people, limitations of the wallet regarding things like DApps or NFTs aren’t a deal-breaker. Jaxx has millions of users and continues growing its base with a smart design and an overall fairly good selection of features.

All in all, Jaxx Liberty is a solid digital wallet and a good way to keep your cryptocurrency safe and accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jaxx Liberty is considered a safe platform. It automatically updates to fix any security issues, and the app includes password protection as well as a 12-word backup phrase.

However, Jaxx is a hot wallet, so it operates online, which puts it at risk of cyber attacks. On top of this, it’s a non-custodial wallet, so to avoid any breaches, users are also responsible for keeping their devices safe.

Decentral has released two digital wallets. Out of these, Jaxx Classic is no longer available and was replaced with Jaxx Liberty in 2018. This rebranded and improved Jaxx wallet is still up and running with more features and a growing user base.

Jaxx Liberty supports over 80 cryptocurrencies and tokens. The list includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and many others. You can see a full overview of supported coins in the app or at https://www.jaxx.io/community.

Jaxx Liberty wallet is completely free to download and use. However, some functions do come with fees attached.

For one, there is the transaction fee which is typical for all crypto wallets. The amount varies, but you can have some control over the cost by selecting the speed of the transaction, which will correlate to the fee.

You will also be charged a 3.5% or $10 fee when purchasing cryptocurrency from the app.

Yes, you can access Jaxx Liberty from 8 different platforms, including your phone. The app is available for Android devices on the Play Store and for iOS on the App Store.

To recover funds on Jaxx Liberty, you will need access to the application from any device and your 12-word backup seed. You simply select the “Pair/Restore Existing Wallet” option and enter your recovery phrase.


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