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Connect, engage and collaborate with enterprise social networking software effortlessly. It provides a secure and user-friendly digital environment where employees can connect, engage and collaborate regardless of their location.

Find the best value enterprise social networking software for your business.

Recommendations for the best value enterprise social networking software

Looking for the ultimate enterprise social networking software? Our carefully compiled list includes best-in-class solutions that are revolutionizing communication and collaboration in the corporate world. Browse our selection to find the perfect solution for your business needs.

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Introduction To Our Enterprise Social Networking Software List

Social networking is essential to connecting your employees and improving company communication. However, choosing an enterprise social networking software can be challenging.

We created our enterprise social networking guide to help you find the best enterprise social network for your company. Additionally, we can show you the benefits of enterprise social networking software, the costs, and more.

How We Rank the Best Enterprise Social Networking Software

At SaasGenius, we apply a detailed rating methodology to assess and rank enterprise social networking software vendors. Our comprehensive approach considers key factors such as ease of use, features, and support. In addition, we use the Genius Score, a unique rating system that rates each vendor based on external reviews and internal testing. To learn more about our rating process, visit our rating methodology page.

What is Enterprise Social Networking Software?

In a broad sense, enterprise social networking software creates an environment in a company where employees can engage in conversation and share important information. More specifically, enterprise social networking software is for employees to use when they need to collaborate on a task. For example, you can use them to share media files to collaborate on tasks. 

Enterprise social networking software systems are essentially equivalent to a social network you might use in your downtime; the critical difference with enterprise social networking software tools is that they optimize specifically for business purposes. 

Social networking tools center around employee communication for company purposes, such as tasks, brainstorms, and general employee communication.

Specific elements of enterprise social networking software include a team messaging product for cohesive communication, project and task management tools, and tools for employee collaboration. These elements are all in one social networking package.

What Does Enterprise Social Networking Software Do? 

Enterprise social networking software provides an excellent platform for employee communication. A great enterprise social networking software should be accessible to anyone in the company, with tools and systems for employers and employees to use. 

The idea of an enterprise social networking software product is to make it accessible for everyone to encourage communication.

Main Features of an Enterprise Social Networking Software Product

Enterprising social networking software can help streamline the company’s processes and channels for communication. Here are some specific ways an enterprise social networking software product can streamline company communication.

  • Team Messaging Tool: There is a team messaging tool that can have multiple messaging channels. You can message an individual colleague or message within a group (you can create message groups for tasks or projects).
  • Customizable Profiles: Enterprise social networking software can include customizable profiles so employees can personalize their profiles and post their thoughts and ideas; when they post ideas, other employees can see this and connect with them.
  • Software integration: integration with other software and tools, such as cloud server software or website creation software like Sharepoint.
  • Project Management Tools: Tools for managing projects are a critical feature of enterprise social networking software products. You can send and collaborate on ideas and send media files with these tools.

Benefits Of Using Enterprise Social Networking Software

Enterprising social networking software is essential for a company that needs to collaborate and communicate to succeed. A company can use enterprise social networking software in many ways to help them to create a better sense of communication and collaboration in their company. Here are some of the main benefits that come with using enterprise social networking software.

Create Groups And Collaborate With Your Colleagues

The easiest way to use the software is to communicate with your colleagues. You can do this by directly messaging anyone in the company or by messaging in a group. These groups can be for sectors or teams within the company or groups made for a specific task or project.

Manage Projects Using The Project Management Tools

You can use enterprise social networking software to create groups specifically for tasking and project management. During the project or task, you can use the group to start a conversation about ideas for the task, or you can send links and media files relevant to the task or project.

Stay Connected To Company Updates

Through the larger groups in the company, they will often send essential updates to the staff. Within many enterprise social networking software products, there are tools to pin specific comments or set them as must-read or high alert. These tools make it so your staff can keep updated with important company updates.

Streamlining Company Communications

The best benefit of enterprise social networking software is that it is a singular location for all company communications. So whether it be conversations, news, or collaboration on projects, everything you need to do involving communication in the company can be in one place (which makes it easier for employers and employees).

An Inclusive Tool To Use For Conversation

Although you can use enterprise social networking software products for communicating about business tasks and projects, they also serve as a social networking hub for colleagues to converse. Having this as a possibility allows the software to feel like something the company employees want to use instead of feeling like a mandatory tool.

Comprehensive Collaboration For Projects.

Finally, you can use enterprise social networking software to create groups for projects and use those groups as a tool to complete the project. Some examples of how you can use project management tools include using the chat to collaborate on ideas, ask questions about the project, and insert links and media files to help with the project.

Who Should Use Enterprise Social Networking Software?

An enterprise social networking software product is worth considering for any company type or size because it allows for excellent communication and collaboration to improve the company’s processes. Here are some business sizes and how an enterprise social networking software can benefit them.

Small Businesses

Although small businesses can communicate without an enterprise social networking software product, there are multiple benefits if they use one. For example, an enterprise social networking product can help small business employees to coordinate and arrange shifts.

Medium Businesses

Medium-sized businesses and companies are big enough to use enterprise social networking software daily. They can use it for conversation, group tasks, and more. It is especially useful for a remote business because it connects everyone in the business and keeps a steady flow of communication.

Large Companies And Enterprises

Large companies and enterprises can get the most out of enterprise social networking software because it can allow them to create multiple groups for different tasks or company sectors. The software can streamline communication in a large company and make it easy for all employees to access information.

How Much Does Enterprise Social Networking Software Cost?

There are multiple price brackets for enterprise social networking software products; they differ based on their features and the number of employees who can access them. 

Some enterprise social networking software products have a free version with basic features. However, most will have an entry-level tier, a mid-range tier, and an enterprise tier. The first two tiers will have a reasonable monthly price for most software products.

The enterprise tiers often require a quote to work out the price because there are often many extra features you can add to the software package.

Types of Enterprise Social Networking Software

While most enterprise social networking software products have similar features, some software products will prioritize and specialize in a specific feature. Here are some of the main types available to you.

Internal Social Networks

Internal enterprise social network software products focus on improving communication and collaboration between employees. They focus on many channels of communication to strengthen connectivity between employees. For example, they include channels for social conversation, collaboration on tasks, and groups for receiving company information.

Corporate Social Networks 

Corporate enterprise social network products mainly focus on formal communication between teams in the company. They have multiple features for improving team communication, such as dedicated team communication channels, features for linking information and media files for tasks, and pinning features to pin vital posts for teams.

Integrated Social Networks 

Integrated social networks focus on critical integrations with other software products. These software products aim to provide added value to the company, as well as improve communication. For example, some integrated enterprise social network products integrate with the Microsoft suite to offer valuable resources for teams on projects and tasks.

Intranet Social Networks

Intranet social network products focus on an internet system with news and essential information for the company. These systems also have directories for everyone in the company.

Enterprise social networking software is a very popular product for companies; many companies utilize the software to improve social integration and communication within the company. Because of the increasing demand, companies introduce multiple trends to enhance their software products.

  • Mobile Apps: Adding a mobile app to an enterprise social network software product is a brilliant way to encourage communication between employees. A mobile app allows everyone in the company to stay connected to the company and access and message in group chat easier.
  • Shareable content: This is a growing trend in enterprise social networking software, especially for younger employees. It allows the users to send information in many methods, including links to information, infographics and images, videos, and edited photos.
  • Integrated Video Calls: Many enterprise social networking software products now include a feature for video chat and video group calls. These are useful because they allow for further employee communication and more effective group collaboration. Sharing screens is also available to present information for team collaboration.
  • Integrations: Many enterprise social networking sites are working on improving their integrations, gradually adding more integrations to the package. Some software products integrate with other enterprise social networks and work-based software like Google Workspace or Microsoft 365.



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