Should professional bloggers use freelancers to proofread their posts?

Content creation is always a challenge, but there are fewer challenges more significant than those faced by professional bloggers. While the Internet is a big place with a nearly endless supply of money to be earned, things like content quality, posting frequency, SEO, and engagement all have their impacts. Whether those impacts prove to be positive or negative, have a direct correlation with how they are managed.

Most professional bloggers would agree that competition for readers these days is intense. The advent of social media has added a whole new set of rules to the game. It wasn’t long ago that if a blogger had mastery of SEO his (or her) blog was more likely to climb the ranks quickly than those who didn’t. Today, SEO is just one small piece of the puzzle.

The Visibility Factor

The biggest challenge faced by most bloggers today is remaining visible to their audiences. With so much content bombarding people’s social media feeds, sometimes even the best work goes completely unnoticed.

Constant engagement is key to maintaining a successful blog, especially if that blog is being monetized. Since we are addressing professional bloggers in this post, we are going to assume that making money blogging is something you are at least trying to do at this point.

Staying visible means continuously publishing good-quality optimized content, but there is more to it than that. What makes a good quality blog post? Here are a few key elements:

Unique content and messaging – having something to say that hasn’t been covered ad nauseam by other sources

Well-presented and formatted text – making good use of the language and presenting information in small, easily-consumable chunks, not bricks of text

Consistent publication of fresh content – keeping your work visible and offering something new on a regular basis

This is why so many bloggers fail: it’s a lot of work keeping up with all of that and maintaining high-quality standards.

The Case For Freelancers

The explosion of freelancing (especially with remote writing jobs) has changed the way companies all over the world hire talent and produce high-quality work. In many cases, freelancers can work out cheaper than hiring a full-time employee, making it an attractive proposition for many businesses. 

All of the things we mentioned above amount to reasons why professional bloggers entirely should be working with freelance copywriters and editors. If your work is geared more toward a general audience, sites like Upwork and GreatContent are great places to find the help you need.

Here are just a few ways that working with freelancers can be helpful:

1. Freelance bloggers and editors write for a living.

As elementary as it may look on paper, this is the single most compelling reason to collaborate with a freelancer. Professional copywriters and copy editors deal almost exclusively in words. They get paid to know the right things to say and how to tell them. They can spot flaws in your delivery that might be costing you readers and help elevate the quality of the messaging in your blog.

2. Freelancers bring a fresh perspective.

Some of the ideas and changes a freelance proofreader might suggest could also expand your readership by offering a fresh perspective on topics covered previously in your blog. No matter how vast its subject area, the same concepts, and ideas will inevitably show up repeatedly. A good writer/editor knows how to present information frequently while keeping the messaging itself feeling new and fresh.

3. Freelancers can help keep your publishing on schedule.

Once you find a writer or team you trust, hand over the reins and let that person or group start writing some posts from scratch. Always review what someone else writes before you publish, but have enough faith in your team to let them steer the ship, too. The time it will liberate can be significant.  

4. Freelancers know SEO.

Yes, this is still a huge consideration and something that far too many bloggers even neglect. Don’t rely solely on social media, boosted posts or paid ads. Long-term success hinges on creating organic traffic, and that means employing SEO best practices. Good freelancers keep up with the SEO landscape and deliver content that is optimized for the conversions you are attempting to generate with your blog. 

Final Takeaway

There is no doubt about it: working with freelancers will do your job as a blogger was much more comfortable. Freelancers help keep the content flowing, and they help make sure the quality remains high. They also know what words to use to appeal to the current market and can keep your blog optimized, so it continues climbing the ranks.