A complete guide to the best company management software in 2020

Simply put, company management software helps you keep your business running smoothly. Without the right tools, it’s easy to see your business run off the rails.

With 20% of businesses failing within their first year, it’s important that you do everything within your power to make sure that doesn’t happen. One of the best ways to do this is by using software and systems to help you get things done.

Continue reading this article to learn about some of the best options for you to use in 2020.

Understand the Gist of Business Management Software

There are a lot of different types of software that fall under this umbrella. The general agreement is that the software must help businesses with their process by either supporting it, improving it, or automating it.

The goal of the software is to make the business run more efficiently, decrease mistakes, and make sure the business remains healthy.

Some of the common types of software that would fall under this umbrella are programs for business invoicing, database programs, programs for word processing, and customer relationship management software.

Keep reading to learn about some of the must-know software options for 2020.


If you’re looking for an all-in-one type of solution, then ProofHub is a good option for you to look into. You can do a lot with this software, including storing and sharing files and giving constructive feedback through the platform.

Another pro of this option is that it doesn’t have a lot of different bells and whistles that are going to confuse you. It’s pretty straightforward and doesn’t bog you down with resource management tools.

If you have a small team, you should take a closer look at this option.


nTask is a project management tool. Having a project management tool is necessary if you want to run your business without a lot of headaches and miscommunication.

When you’re looking for something to smooth out your business projects, nTask is a good option. You can use this platform to plan, monitor, and collab. You don’t even have to switch applications to get things done.

One of the things many people love is that you can add tasks as you’re going through the project management process. You can even assign tasks to specific team members, so everyone understands who is supposed to be doing what.


Slack is the best for helping with team communication. It’s especially great for teams that like to have a more fun atmosphere. You can add emojis, gifs, and lots of other fun things.

There are different channels that allow you to keep everything in order. When you’re on that channel, you know what you’re talking about. If you notice there are a lot of talks that don’t relate to that channel, you can simply create another channel.

Even if you only have a few people on your team, it can be helpful to take communication off of email. When you’re in Slack, it’s easy to find who said what and when they said it. No more trying to go back and figure out who wanted what done when.

You can have multiple teams within Slack, which makes it easy to keep the confusion to a minimum.


Email is a must for communication, even if you’re using Slack. Your clients aren’t in your Slack channels, so you need to have a way to communicate.

Both personal and professional communication is simple and easy to track through Gmail. The spam filtering on Gmail is especially effective. It is very rare that you’re going to get spam in your inbox.

You can categorize your email, filter emails, forward, save and archive, and much more. You also get free storage that will take quite a while to fill up. If you do fill up your free storage, you can always purchase more.

You can even access your email offline as well as find emails through an easy-to-use search bar.


If you want to store your important files, Dropbox is a very simple solution for you. Your business needs to store important information, and you need a secure place to do this.

When you use Dropbox, it is easy for you to store your important files as well as let other people in to collaborate. You can easily set up your account, and the learning curve isn’t very steep. 

Another reason many people love this application is because of its ability to integrate with other applications. If you’re worried about how to get things going, you might want to speak with IT support to understand how everything works.


If marketing and sales are where you need some help, then HubSpot is a must. There are a lot of tools that can help you with everything you need for your inbound marketing.

You can use HubSpot for leads management, sales management, and more. The company has established a very successful and well-known brand for good reason. They are the best at sales management and can help you get things on track, so you can increase your revenue.

You can use HubSpot to track emails, create prospect profiles, and more. Having one platform to do all the things necessary for your inbound marketing will cut down on the time it would otherwise take.

Picking the Best Company Management Software

Now you know more about how to pick the best company management software. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and out of control, you’ll have a co-pilot to help you get things done.

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