ProcessMaker is a powerful workflow automation platform that helps businesses to streamline their processes and increase efficiency. With features like drag-and-drop workflow design, integration with third-party applications, and real-time analytics, ProcessMaker provides businesses with the tools they need to automate their workflows and improve their bottom line.




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ProcessMaker is a workflow management and an open-source business process management (BPM) application that allows analysts to model approval-based workflows using a drag-and-drop interface. The solution aids businesses in the design, automation, and deployment of business processes of various sizes. A document builder is included in the solution, which can be used to create electronic receipts, confirmations, letters, invoices, and contracts.

Users can develop and edit process diagrams with BPMN standards using the ProcessMaker designer, which is a cloud-based drag-and-drop process modeling tool. All process elements are resized and labeled by the designer, and processes may be imported and exported in the BPMN standard.

Let us see in detail the pros & cons, usability, support, features, and pricing of ProcessMaker in our ProcessMaker review.

Pros and Cons


  • Strong scalability
  • The Processmaker provides a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get flowchart design tool
  • Great and flexible dashboards
  • Easy to map process and easy to implement
  • Notifications
  • Documents and evidence filing


  • The IE Browser is not compatible with jQuery, and ProcessMaker is based on jQuery
  • User’s menu: not straightforward, main features are difficult to find.


The software is a very efficient, lightweight workflow software with one of the lowest overheads in the business. ProcessMaker Enterprise clients may take advantage of a fully supported, high-quality BPM suite, with the added benefit of being open source. 

Furthermore, ProcessMaker is an open-source business process management or workflow software program that is both cost-effective and simple to use. This software is beginner-friendly and is available on both app stores for iOS and Androids. Regardless of the platform you decide to use this app in, you’re assured to get a nice experience.


602 features are organized into a standard Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) structure with well-defined modules and sub-modules. Here is a list of some of the features we have listed in our ProcessMaker review that the software provides:

  • Low-Code BPM
  • Embedded Workflow
  • Digital Transformation
  • Workflow Automation
  • Extend Legacy Systems
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Document Scanning and Storage
  • Integrations/Connectors
  • Business Rules
  • Master Data Management

Support Quality

Many have complained about ProcessMaker’s customer support team. If something goes wrong with software, we have to wait for hours until somebody can pick up the call for customer assistance. A support portal is provided. However, it’s not efficient. You can initiate and manage support cases with the ProcessMaker support group on the website. It also gives you access to other features, such as ProcessMaker product news and resources, as well as information on how to contact ProcessMaker Support for assistance.

ProcessMaker Pricing – What Does It Cost?

ProcessMaker is priced at $550 per month, payable annually. The Platform version costs $1,495 per month when paid annually. Its Enterprise version adds $19 per user each month to the Platform base charge, which is payable annually. There is no option for a free trial. 

CustomsContact vendor


This software can be used by various types of companies such as small firms, medium firms, and large enterprises. ProcessMaker’s key features include the ability to help users run their businesses by producing and distributing cases to employees, creating workflows, and setting up alerts all from their browser. The functionality also allows users to resize and label process elements, as well as export and import processes in BPMN format. Without any programming knowledge, the designer may assist users in creating language forms and subforms. Offline access is available on the platform, allowing users to fill out mobile forms and then sync them once they are online.

In case you’re eager to optimize your processes, this may be a good alternative to consider.

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