Quixy is a BPM software that offers no-code app development, business process management, and digital workplace development. This platform features help desk support, project management, legal case management, customer relationship management, account submission processing, procurement management, inventory management, and excellent enterprise-grade security.




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Quixy Facts

Pricing modelPer User (storage space)
Free Trial14-day
Free VersionNo

Quixy Overview

Quixy’s cloud-based no-code platform enables business users (citizen developers) to manage workflows and construct simple to complex enterprise-grade apps up to 10 times faster for their custom needs.

Furthermore, Quixy helps businesses become more innovative, productive, and transparent by automating manual processes and quickly turning ideas into apps.

In minutes, users may create their own apps or alter pre-built apps from the Quixy app store.

Who uses Quixy? Companies that seek to empower citizen developers to create their own business applications in a secure and managed environment without relying on central IT teams. Learn more about the app by reading this Quixy review.

Pros and Cons


  • Extensive list of features
  • Speedy platform
  • Flexibility


  • App library should be improved
  • Needs more tutorials


It provides admins with little to no coding knowledge with drag and drop tools to construct applications that automate workflows and business processes. You can also use its visual workflow interface to model and design simple, customizable, sequential, or selective workflows in a matter of minutes.

Quixy’s fully customizable, effective, and simple-to-use employee training management software is a non-traditional solution for ensuring corporate value development. Employee Training Management Software is one of the numerous ready-to-use Quixy products that allow departments across the company to automate operations and drive innovation.

Furthermore, Quixy is a clever no-code platform that allows you to automate any business activity and build simple to complex business apps in hours rather than weeks or months. All without writing a single line of code. The procedure can be tailored to your specific demands and best practices.


It offers an intuitive visual interface that allows you to model any process and create workflows using data from a variety of sources that are connected to your app via integration. Quixy includes ready-to-use templates for the most typical operations that you may start with. 

You can use a rules engine to easily create business rules and verifications to control data access. As for both desktop and mobile users, an included simulator allows you to quickly test your workflows in a range of scenarios.

Advanced Sales Techniques

The sales function in Quixy allows you to track and manage opportunities as they go via a sales pipeline. A sales pipeline can be tailored to your company’s sales strategy, but there is also a standard setup. Orders can be tracked, billable contracts can be created, documents can be kept, invoices can be generated, and sales forecasts can be calculated.

Consumers can get bills, contracts, and other documents by email. Making it easier to finalize deals, especially when participants need to sign documents frequently. Overall, documentation is less of a necessity, and team cooperation is easier.

Support Quality

Customer success managers are assigned to enterprise accounts. Onboarding assistance is provided to all sorts of accounts, as well as free access to Quixy’s extensive knowledge library.

On the site, you can search the knowledge base, file a ticket, and track the status of your tickets. You can also contact customer support at any time at [email protected].

This software’s customer service is excellent. There are a couple of times when users said that an agent didn’t seem to understand what they were trying to accomplish, but it didn’t happen that often. Many have also said the customer support of Quixy is incredibly nice and considerate. In that department, we don’t believe that people require much assistance. 

There are no videos or pictures to help with the setting up process, which may be seen as a drawback. However, customer support is available through email and phone calls 24 hours of the day if you get stuck.

Quixy Pricing – What Does It Cost?

The software offers a Solution plan for $500 per month, a Platform plan for $10 per user per month, and an Enterprise plan for about $30 per user per month, but you may need to contact a vendor. These prices are based on paying annually and saving up to 20%, but you can also pay monthly. 

$500 per month$10 per user per monthCustom


Quixy is a cloud-based, user-friendly business application system that provides enterprise corporate users with no coding knowledge to automate workflows and processes, as well as construct enterprise-grade applications 10 times faster than the traditional method.

Furthermore, Quixy has dozens of pre-built solutions for CRM, HRMS, Project Management, Travel and Expense Management, Incident Management Service Request, and many other user cases. We hope that this Quixy review has helped you understand how the platform works a bit better, as well as choose the best CRM tool for your business. 

Try Out Quixy Now!

Quixy is a fantastic platform for creating applications without having to write code. Users may use the platform’s numerous features to design and publish applications in minutes.  



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