Appian is an efficient BPM software that helps you build enterprise workflows and apps rapidly. This software enables users to fuel their workflow requirements, enhance their business and IT collaboration, source data anywhere, and scale with performance. Appian is designed for life scientists, insurance companies, and professional services.




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Appian Facts

Pricing modelQuotation based
Free Trial14-day
Free VersionYes

Appian Overview

Appian provides a unique business process management (BPM) software suite that includes business process automation solutions. Digital process automation is a simple notion in which software tools streamline and complement human operations. This is done to reduce human labor expenses, make systems simpler and more efficient for management, and reduce errors.

Case management, business process management, three-step app development, and application integration are all key features.

We hope that this Appian software review provides you with the basics of the program. 

Pros and Cons


  • Low code platform
  • Intelligent automation
  • Case management
  • Customer management


  • No free version
  • Contact center integration
  • Advanced features in RPA


Appian breaks down its app creation, user interface (UI) customization, and process analysis into an integrated set of simply designed experiences enabling teams or departments inside the business to make apps and collaborate on both mobile and desktop appliances using its low-code software tool. 

Furthermore, Appian is one of the most fully grown and capable low-code systems on the market for corporate environments that want average users and programmers alike to build business applications quickly and start using them immediately. While the product comes at a higher price point and lacks some of the friendlier user experience (UX) features of modern tools like the Microsoft PowerApp and Google App Maker, it is still one of the best.


Let’s look at the important features of the software in the Appian Review.

Automation of Robotic Processes (RPA)

Boost productivity by using Appian low-code RPA or third-party RPA to perform routine operations in an integrated workflow. Legacy systems can be easily integrated.

Management of Business Processes

With its industry-leading Intelligent Business Process Management, you can design, implement, monitor, and optimize complicated processes.

Case Management

Additionally, with its best-in-class features, you can resolve situations faster by automated collaborative work and exception handling.

Artificial Intelligence

Integrate AI from AWS, Google, and Azure into your apps to make them smarter. Intelligent Document Processing allows you to process large volumes of documents with ease.

Appian has introduced several more features and customizations to this process, such as the ability to delete default fields, build a standalone site for your Quick App with a distinctive icon, and preview your form at any point.

Support Quality

Customer support offerings include onboarding materials, forums, webinars, tutorials, use cases, a developer’s guide, and support articles.

Upgrade to a premium subscription, though, and you can get priority support. This plan (and the more expensive ones) come with a Customer Success Manager (CSM) who can assist with on-site training, coaching calls, and problem-solving.

Essentially, Appian offers standard support, which is available to all customers, advanced support that features Cloud High availability, and lastly, enterprise support. 

The Appian support team is always there and prepared to step in and assist you, as well as show you exactly what you need to do in order to get what you want.

Appian Pricing – What Does it Cost?

Appian’s major drawback is its expensive per-user fee, which, when compared to the other tools in this overview, is likely to exclude many small to medium enterprises (SMBs). 

Because Appian has been around the longest of all the programs in our overviews, the truth about its high pricing is that it has been undercut by tech goliaths like Google and Microsoft who have entered the field with low-cost, trendy new low-code platforms.

However, Appian’s no-hassle form-based app invention, combined with the truly unique social collaboration experience in Appian’s Tempo interface, gives it a clear advantage and an Editors’ Choice nod for enterprise teams looking for a fully developed, hassle-free platform to build and share apps within a project and productivity-focused nature.

The Appian application version pricing ranges from $90 per month per user to $1,500 per year. Business monitoring, interaction, analytics, API SDK, administration, and many other features are included in both Appian price packages. 

Appian does not have a free version; however, users can download a free trial. Contact the vendor for the best Appian price plans. Users can get demo data through the company’s website and begin experimenting with the technology to see if it is a good fit for their business.

Free TrialYes 
Free TrialFree
Application Edition$90 per user per month
Enterprise Edition$180 per user per month


In a nutshell, Appian optimizes efficiency by managing the workflow of corporate processes, sharing, and delegating tasks and activities over the cloud. With a single social activity that streamlines real-time news and event-driven notifications, Appian extends the transparency of the process across the business and chains of command. We hope that this Appian review has cleared any doubts that you may have had. 

Try Out Appian Now!

It is a comprehensive intelligent business process management suite that makes managing business operations, social collaboration for employees across the firm, work outsourcing, and customer and system management simple. Appian organizes and coordinates operations so that decision-makers can react quickly. It also improves transparency and speed across processes. 



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