Workato is a user-friendly platform that enables businesses to automate their workflows and integrate with their favorite apps. With features like workflow design, real-time analytics, and customizable integrations, Workato helps businesses save time and increase efficiency.




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Workato Review


Workato is the most popular platform for integration and automation. It is a leader in enabling business and IT teams to integrate apps and automate business workflows while maintaining security and governance. Moreover, it allows businesses to get real-time results from business events. There is no need for coding, and the platform uses Machine Learning and patented technologies to make the execution and creation of automations 10× faster than standard platforms. 

Additionally, Workato is a leading iPaaS provider with over 21,000 customers. It is the only intelligent automation platform that provides a better customer experience, process automation and enterprise integration. Let us see in detail about the pros & cons, usability, features, support, and pricing of the platform in the Workato review.

Pros and Cons


  • No code integrations
  • User-friendly interface
  • Extraordinary customer support provided
  • Growing new features and making improvements
  • Clear interface for intuitively creating powerful workflows
  • Slack workbot integration


  • Formulas and Transformations are complex
  • Complex pricing structure 


This section of our Workato review is where you have the usability of Workato explained in detail. A significant learning curve was necessary to get user’s Workato recipes working with the amount of precision and granularity of normal business processes. The software’s foundations are simple to grasp, but learning how to use formulas and other more advanced features requires a lot of trial and error.

Workato features a robust feature set for dealing with real-world issues, including the integration of apps, data, and people. On-premises and cloud-based solutions are both supported. Security, reliability, robustness, and high performance are all features of the runtime system.

Debugging mistakes in recipes can be difficult, especially because errors are typically reported by the API of one of the services that Workato is connected to, rather than Workato itself.


Workato ETL Tools software enables IT specialists and company stakeholders to cooperate on automation implementation, operation, and development. If you want to know more about what features you may expect from this service, make sure to keep reading our Workato review below.

API Construction

  • API Testing
  • Data Security
  • Orchestration
  • Scalability

API Management

  • Logs/Documentation
  • API Monitoring
  • Gateway

Data Integration

  • App Integration
  • Data Transformation

Support Quality

New support tickets are centralized in a single view and can be received through a variety of methods. CS teams can receive external input at any point in the process thanks to a sophisticated workflow. Workato reduces response times and provides all customers with high-quality help.

Customer service is outstanding. They are extremely polite, patient, and helpful in assisting the user in locating the information.

Workato Pricing – What Does It Cost?

The software comes in three different pricing editions, with prices ranging from $119 to $2199. A free trial of Workato is also available. Check out the different pricing editions below and learn more about the product’s plans in our Workato review to see which one is right for you.

Free TrialYes
Premium Plan$119 per month
Professional Plan$599 per month
Enterprise Plan$2199 per month

Workato, for a business, offers unlimited apps, unlimited connections, and unlimited users.

On the other hand, Workato, for a product, enables a connection to thousands of apps, customization, and access to customer insights. 


The Workato iPaaS platform provides a quick and easy approach to enable systems to communicate with each other by allowing you to develop a non-code way to integrate applications including on-premise and cloud-based apps together. With all of these capabilities, Workato can automate your workflow and boost your productivity beyond your wildest dreams. The Workato system encrypts all data at rest with a powerful encryption technique (AES-256).

Try Out Workato Now!

Workato is a one-of-a-kind workflow automation program that automates practically every aspect of the office. Complex workflows may be built across different businesses using a basic workflow platform. Workato can assist departments such as IT, finance, HR, marketing, sales, and support in creating workflows.



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