15 Apps/Software to Manage Your New Small Business

The business world is enormous, with millions of businesses struggling to make it to the top. 

We understand how daunting the process of starting up can be, especially since you have to compete with more established businesses for limited prospects. Add that with all the internal work you’ll need to do, and you can tell that you’ll constantly be on your toes to meet up. 

As a starter, you’ll be in charge of so much, including finance, communications, project management, hiring, marketing, etc. Your typical day in the office will have you handling tasks from one or more of these departments.

However, handling all of them can consume a considerable amount of energy and time. Besides, you won’t be efficient in all of them. Why go through so much stress when you can get helpful apps that’ll help you automate many processes? 

The best small business apps make multitasking, business management, and project tracking easy, whether you’re working from the office, at home, or on the go. They also reduce the likelihood of errors and can be accessed from anywhere. 

This article reviews top-level apps or software you can use to manage your new business.

Top Apps to Manage Your New Small Business

Manage Your New Small Business

Take back your time and energy with the help of these 15 mobile business apps that can help you efficiently manage different aspects of your business.


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Keep track of your business’s finance using FloQast, check our FloQast Review to get complete details.

FloQast accounting software allows you to monitor your company’s financial situation from anywhere. It has features that will enable you to keep track of all your company’s revenues and expenditures, review your financial statements, and send payments to business partners and staff. 

The software’s expense tracking feature allows you to easily upload images from saved invoices. It also allows you to easily file your taxes so that you can readily have accurate figures when you need to review them. 

The app’s popularity is largely drawn from its ease of usage and many startups are incorporating it to help them cushion the financial downturn caused by the COVID 19 pandemic.


You should consider using Outpost if your business relies heavily on sending and receiving emails to customers and other stakeholders. It is one of the best email management software for small business owners.

Beyond its popularity, Outpost is also user-friendly, with all the right features to make tracking, organizing, and coordination of responses to customer emails easier. You can also use it to monitor email conversations between your staff and clients. 

Moreover, it also allows team members to monitor how other team members converse with clients; thus, preventing two people from replying to the same email. 


Irrespective of your business’ size, slack comes in very handy for managing remote employees. The instant messaging app has unique features that enable the adequate arrangement of team workflows into separate channels. It also allows team members to view project progress, share files, and send private messages to each other.

Slack also automatically saves all your files and messages, so you can always refer back to your files or pull up conversations when needed. 

Although limited, slack’s free version allows you to handle most of your projects with a remote team. But there’s also a premium version that supports unlimited archiving and search, so you can always upgrade to it to enjoy better features.

Troop Messenger

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Easy communication is important for a smooth working environment, Troop Messenger allows you to attain that. Want to know what all features this software has, read our Troop Messenger review.

Troop Messenger has existed for many years. It’s become so popular that it’s the first thing many people will think about when you talk about effective communication for corporate success. 

With millions of users globally, you can expect that there’s so much to achieve with Troop Messenger. 

Firstly, it allows small organizations to easily communicate with co-workers regardless of their current location. You can also enjoy several other features, such as file sharing, chats, and screen sharing. 

Again, there’s a free and premium version of this app, and most small businesses will be OK with the free version. However, be ready to upgrade to the premium version as your business increases and the need to hold large meetings comes up. 


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Get complete information about the software in our Asana Review.

If your business needs more project management than contact management, you’ll need to access the best project management software and apps. Asana is one of them. The project management app that Facebook employees initially used to enable team collaboration has since become a comprehensive app that offers small businesses a lot. 

These days, users can effectively collaborate without needing to send backlogs of back-and-forth emails. The app’s features include task management and scheduling, task updating, task assignment, and reminder sending. 

The direct communication feature of Asana helps to reduce the humongous email communication associated with project management. So teams would spend more time on the project than on communication.

3PL Central

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Searching for inventory management software, then read our 3PL central review to confirm whether it is the wise choice.

This is the right option for you if you want an app specially designed to make inventory management easier. 3PL Central comes with several features for easier inventory tracking, order management, and record-keeping of production. 

This app easily integrates with Shopify and QuickBooks and has a mobile, tablet, and desktop version. It is also an excellent fit if you have more than one business location, as it allows you to manage your inventory from different locations. 

It uses attributes like cost history, serial numbers, and packing slips to track your items. 


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Get to know the features, pricing, and many more about the software in our FieldAssist review.

FieldAssist is a salesforce automation software that small business owners can use to understand customers and incorporate sales into their platforms . However, unlike most other sales automation software, FieldAssist provides the easiest and most accessible way to handle repetitive and mundane tasks, leaving you with enough freedom to make sales. 

It also works for integrating sales into the platform to present e-catalogues to clients, and for forecasting sales to help you plan your day smoothly.


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Check out the Tanda Review to get more details about the software.

If you’re looking for a strictly mobile-based employee scheduling app that’s efficient without sacrificing simplicity, this is the perfect application for you. Tanda is a 100% cloud system for scheduling, time-attendance and timesheeting. It’s great for startups with a predominantly mobile-focused workforce. 

Although we’ve seen a few complaints about the user interface, we still think this app does well in many areas. The employee scheduling and shift planning app provides information on employees’ work schedule while also monitoring them to ensure availability for their shifts. 

However, it’s important to note that it’s a premium app, although you won’t be paying too much to download it. 


You’ll like this app if you’re a marketer or business owner handling campaigns and customer loyalty programs. It has an integrated loyalty program that allows businesses to efficiently manage and automate campaigns. 

SpendGo allows you to create customer loyalty and marketing programs tailored to meet your unique marketing needs. The app works for all business sizes, and can easily be incorporated into your business model, whether your customers come to your store, shop online, or via their smartphones. 

Other marketing apps exist, but this one has many features tailored for startups

However, in this case, you’ll need to contact Spendgo to get a price quote based on what you require from the app. 


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Check out the Trello Review to get more details about the software.

If your business model requires you to manage more than a few employees remotely, Trello is an excellent option to try. The app allows you to implement larger and more complicated processes for a larger workforce. 

Trello is a card-based system that lets you easily create, assign, update, monitor, and comment on different tasks. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy to incorporate the app with other helpful business apps. It’s a great app for monitoring everyone’s productivity levels and breaking down large projects into small divisible tasks. 

Invoice Home

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Want to know more about the software, then read out the complete Invoice Home review. 

The popularity of Invoice Home is undoubted. It is often referred to as the ubiquitous invoice template generator for online businesses due to its ease of usage. 

Invoice Home is designed for easier integration into payment gateways. So whether you own a simple or a major e-commerce platform, you can be guaranteed that payment issues are covered. 

Invoice Home also offers additional features that your e-commerce platform can grow into. And the fact that there are no hidden charges makes it one of the most sought-after apps for small businesses.


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Take care of invoicing process easily using FreshBooks. Want else what else is in the table, then check out our FreshBooks review and find it.

Here’s another customer tracking and invoicing app that small businesses can use to create invoices quickly. Small businesses can benefit from this invoicing software, irrespective of their size or what they do. 

The app is free on the app store and features a unique accounting solution that allows you to handle all accounting needs, send invoices, track time and capture expenses from one dashboard. The software is marked with ease, speed, And security, making it one of the most revered invoicing software in today’s world. 

One of the most notable features of FreshBooks is that it allows you to work from anywhere, reminding you of late payments and allowing you schedule future payments so it automatically disburses when the time comes. 


This one’s so popular that we’re sure you already know it. You’re probably already enjoying its features on your personal computer, but getting the app takes your experience to another level. 

We’ll know LinkedIn to be an extensive marketing tool that allows you to connect to prospects from around the world. It also doubles as a recruitment platform, and small businesses can use it to find talents from different parts of the world. 

The app’s extensive features allow you to send updates as you go, recruit new talents, add connections, see what your competitors are doing, and follow inspirational companies. 

Breezy HR

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Check out the Breezy HR Review to get more details about the software.

As its name denotes, this software makes handling most human resource responsibilities a breeze. It is a scalable HR software that you can depend on for handling all recruitment related issues. It has a tracking system that allows you to minimize the hassle of identifying all applicants. 

The software’s modern look and feel, as well as its intuitive architecture makes it easier for teams to adopt with little training. 

The software is also available for job advertising, allowing you to craft the right message that will resonate well with your potential talents. You can either write your job description from the scratch or use one of the numerous templates available on the app. It also allows you to schedule interviews and reminds you to prepare for them. 

Overall, it’s an all in one solution every small business owner should have. 

Google Drive 

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Get complete information about the software from our Google Drive review.

This free app allows you to create and save files online. It also allows you to share files with team members, access them from any device, and make real-time edits. That said, it’s important to point out that this app is great for people already using Google Workspace

The generous free storage that Google Drive offers means you can store limitless files. You can also invite others to edit and download files on the app.


Let’s face the fact – managing a small business is difficult. The workload is often too much, and there is very little you can do in terms of employment. So it’ll make sense to turn to apps that can help you. 

Fortunately, there are so many of such apps today to help you handle finance, communication, and more. The apps reviewed in this article will help free you up so that you’ll have enough time to focus on other aspects of your business that require your time and dedication.



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