Trello is a visual project management tool that helps teams to collaborate, organize, and prioritize tasks. With Trello, you can create customizable boards, lists, and cards to track your team’s progress and boost productivity.




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Trello Facts

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Trello Review


Trello is a project management and collaboration tool used by companies of all sizes and sectors. Marketed as a “productivity powerhouse”, over a million teams worldwide count on Trello to organize their day-to-day operations—but is it right for you?

Our Trello review draws on hundreds of reviews and many hours of first-hand demos to help answer that question. Below, you’ll find objective insights into the tool’s pros, cons, and key features. Let’s find out what’s behind Trello’s impressive Genius Score!

Pros and Cons

We found Trello’s key strengths to be:

  • Customization – Trello has lots of customization options for things like font, color, and category
  • Cross-platform compatibility – Trello is available across virtually all operating systems
  • Integrations – Integrations with popular apps make it easy to use Trello alongside other project management tools

Its weaknesses include:

  • Lack of advanced features – Trello is light on some features found in traditional project management software
  • Limited free plan – Trello’s free version lacks several important features


There’s a reason why Trello is so popular: it’s incredibly easy to use. This is kanban in its simplest and (arguably) most effective form. The tool’s accessibility is the driving force behind its impressive usability score in our Trello review.

Users begin by creating ‘lists’ for distinct stages of the project pipeline (“to do”, “doing”, and “done”, for example) and then assigning specific tasks, or ‘cards’, to each of those stages. Once a task has been completed, the card can be moved to the relevant list. It’s very easy to pick up.

Extra detail can be added to your cards with customizable labels and commands before they’re shared with co-workers. Cross-platform compatibility means that team members can keep informed and contribute regardless of the device they’re using. 

For some users, Trello’s simplicity is, however, a double-edged sword. Large projects become cluttered and hard to follow if not kept in check by users. For simple tasks, though, you’ll struggle to find anything better.


Trello has a strong selection of features that measure up favorably against competitors at this price point. For this reason, the tool lands an impressive score in the features section of our Trello review. 

Let’s start with the basics: once you’ve created your tasks and added them to a list, Trello allows you to customize your cards with unique colors and tags. Paid users can then view their project progress in a multitude of ways, with visualizations for calendar, timeline, and map views. 

In terms of collaboration, specific members can be assigned to tasks and active comments help co-workers keep informed on the latest project updates. Integrations with other popular tools like Slack, Dropbox, and Google Drive make it easy to incorporate Trello into your workflow. 

Another nice touch is the automation feature, which allows users to automatically trigger certain commands when a specific action is performed. However, Trello lacks some more advanced features you’d expect to find in traditional project management software, such as reporting. 

Support Quality

Trello’s priority customer support is reserved for members of its Premium and Enterprise plans. If you’re a paying customer on Trello’s Standard plan, you won’t have access to priority support.

It’s also worth noting that Trello’s top two subscription plans receive additional security features.

Still, there’s a large number of resources freely available on the Trello website that help users improve their experience with the tool. These include helpful how-to guides and troubleshooting articles for common issues.

Live telephone support isn’t currently offered by Trello, but the wealth of quality onboarding resources on the company’s website nevertheless convinced our experts to give Trello a strong score for support quality.

Trello Pricing – what does it cost?

The details of each Trello plan can be found below. Non-profit community and education discounts on paid subscriptions are available for eligible customers. 

PlanPricingWho is it best for?Features
Free$0StartersUnlimited cardsUnlimited storage
Standard$6 per month billed monthly,$5 per month billed annuallySmall teamsEverything in FreeUnlimited boardsAdvanced checklists
Premium$12.50 per month billed monthly,$10 per month billed monthlyTeams of up to 100Everything in StandardAdditional viewsPriority support
EnterpriseContact sales departmentOrganizations that need to connect work across teamsEverything in PremiumUnlimited workspacesPublic board management


Trello is a great app for planning and organizing projects, whether that’s at work or in personal life. The quintessential kanban tool, it’s no surprise that Trello proves most popular with visual learners. If you identify as such, definitely give Trello a go!

It’s quick to pick up, and the intuitive interface allows you to map out your project in any way you see fit, thanks to the tool’s excellent capacity for customization. 

With your lists and cards set up, team members can keep up to date with project progress and be held to account for their own contributions. In short, it brings transparency to project management.

Cross-platform compatibility and all the integrations you could hope for provide added functionality, and make it easy to incorporate Trello into your team’s daily operations.

As mentioned earlier, Trello’s simplicity is both its biggest strength and flaw. Lacking some advanced features like time-tracking and reporting, Trello isn’t quite the complete answer to project management. However, it’s certainly worth using alongside other tools.

Try out Trello now! 

Whether you’re planning a personal project or looking for an organizational overhaul at work, install Trello today and take your task tracking to the next level!



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