Pipedrive Pricing

Which Pipedrive pricing plan should you use for your business? We examine all Pipedrive plans and compare their features. Read on to learn which plan makes the most sense for your business.

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Pipedrive – An Affordable CRM Solution

Improving customer service and experience is the essence of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It is a useful tool for enhancing business productivity and efficiency and gathering other applicable metrics.

With numerous customizable features and several affordable pricing plans, Pipedrive is the go-to provider for many consumers and allows companies to manage their sales funnel. CRM tools at the right price seem challenging to find, but Pipedrive offers more than a few viable options fit for every budget. 

We put our value metrics to practice and reviewed all relevant Pipedrive pricing plans that accommodate any business need – read our list to find your best pricing model.

Overview of Pipedrive’s Pricing Plans 2022

Pipedrive Pricing PlansMonthly Pricing PlansAnnual Pricing Plans

Value Metrics

Visual dashboards11UnlimitedUnlimited
Cost per Visual dashboards$12.50$24.90
Advanced user permissions (sets)223Unlimited
Cost per Advanced user permissions (sets)$6.25$12.45$16.63
Meeting schedulerBasicBasic
Document open trackingUnlimited BETAUnlimited BETAUnlimited BETA
Workflow automation3060100
Cost per Workflow automation$0.83$0.83$0.99
Meeting schedulerBasicBasic
eSignaturesUnlimited BETAUnlimited BETA
24/7 customer supportChatChatChatChat
Features Listed45668181
Cost per Features Listed$0.28$0.38$0.62$1.22

The Complete Pipedrive Pricing Plan Offer 

Simple data import and easy customization  Essential Plan features included +

Advanced Plan features included +

Professional Plan features included  +

Lead, deal, calendar, and pipeline management Group emailing plus open and click trackingCreate, manage, and eSign documents and contractsNo feature usage limits
24/7 support and 300+ integrationsFull email sync with templates and schedulingOne-click calling and call trackingImplementation program and phone support
 Workflow builder with triggered automations
Revenue projections, forecasts and enhanced custom reporting
Unlimited user permission and visibility settings
 Additional and heightened security preferences

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Enjoy 24/7 customer support, dead and deal calendar, over 300 integrations, and customizable features. Get Essential for $12.50 a month!  

Managing Deals and Leads

The features used for managing deals and leads are available in all Pricing plans.
There is a difference in the open deal limit, which is only 3,000 in the Essential plan, but the Enterprise plan offers an unlimited option. This is also true for the custom field per company, which is unlimited for the Enterprise plan but is limited for the other plans. 

Communication Tracking 

The Enterprise plan offers all available communication tracking options from Pipedrive. This includes unlimited access to document open tracking and eSignatures. It is a great option that also allows unlimited access to the Professional plan

For larger teams who need a detailed and flawless meeting scheduler, the feature automatically adds appointments to the calendar so you won’t be double-scheduling. The Essential and Advanced plans will only provide a basic version of this feature so keep this in mind if your employees have busy schedules. 


There are many options available for reporting, but priority is given to higher pricing plans on customizing reports and revenue forecasts. Higher plans have unlimited numbers of visual dashboards, while the lower pricing plans have only one.


Higher pricing plans are completely covered when it comes to security, with the Enterprise plan being the only plan with unlimited advance user permissions.
Other plans have limited permission sets of 2 or 3 for the Professional plan. 

Did you know? 
Doing product demos is out of style – for the best results and the greatest impact, try in-person or video call demos! 

Best Pricing Plan Integration 

Pipedrive seems to have provided the best integration opportunities for all pricing plans. All offered integration features are available regardless of the plan you choose. The only exception is the web-to-mobile calls, which are not available for the Essential Plan only. 

Integrations are possible with Google Maps, Google S Suite, Zapier, and MailChimp. The integration with Xero allows invoice generation and tracking. 

Both web and mobile versions of Pipedrive are simple to navigate. Voice commands are available on Androids through the integration with the Google Assistant. Pipedrive offers storage of relevant emails to be shared with the rest of the team in the company. 

The Essential plan is best for those involved in simple sales processes and in need of higher organization
The Advanced plan is the best pick for companies that need easy-to-use email options and automation for a faster increase in productivity.
The Professional plan – the most recommended of all – is intended for businesses whose operations are already on a satisfactory level but need a revenue or performance boost
The Enterprise plan is for companies with big teams that need to customize the features to fit their needs. Teams get unlimited access and have all plan features tailored to their needs.


Pipedrive provides many support options to help users run this CRM software smoothly. There is 24/7 email and live chat support available, along with a possibility for toll-free calls in the US, Canada, or the UK. 

Users also have access to in-depth demo videos, FAQ section, and the platform’s knowledge base. Their impressive support also includes social media interactions.
Despite the on-hand support, Pipedrive is very easy and simple to use. 

Almost all the offered support is available to users of all plans, with one slight benefit for users of the Enterprise plan. This is the only plan that includes phone support and the option to schedule a call with the support team. This pricing plan also includes an onboarding implementation program and a detailed Pipedrive setup.

Pipedrive Pricing Plans’ First Look

The different pricing plans offered by Pipedrive will give users access to different features and meet different business needs of theirs. While users of the highest plan have the benefits of using all its features and benefits, the rest also have some benefits of their own. 

The Essential Pricing Plan

The Essential plan includes all core features that Pipedrive has to offer as software.
Its mobile app allows users to use Pipedrive anywhere and get access to features like lead and contact management and unlimited customizable sales pipelines.
Still, the company has limited users of this pricing plan to 3,000 open deals, 15 reports per user, and limited 30 custom fields. There is 1 visual dashboard and 2 permission sets for advanced users. The Essential plan allows basic access to the meeting scheduler although eSignatures are not permitted for this plan. 

The plan offers great features for those who are just starting their CRM journey and it works best for small businesses with simple sales processes

The Advanced Pricing Plan

The Advanced plan includes all Essential Plan features and some upgraded features. There is an increased number of reports, open deals, and custom fields. Contact and leads are easily accessible by syncing the email communication via the pipeline. 

An advantageous feature here is the plan’s workflow automation. It helps automate tasks and avoid wasting time on repetitive manual work. But, there is a limitation to automating 30 tasks per user, per month.

Offering more than the Essential plan, the Advanced plan is the best solution for growing businesses. It allows them to automate a number of tasks and use group emailing to take some of the load off employees. 

The Professional Pricing Plan

This is one of the two higher plans and whilst it still has some limitations, it is a far more flexible plan than the rest. With it, there are up to 100,000 open deals and the possibility for 150 reports and 1,000 custom fields

To make things easier on the staff, there are now 60 workflow automation tasks per user, per month. Pipedrive uses public sources to automatically fill in contact cards once a contract is entered into the CRM. Establish and record a call with contacts directly from and to Pipedrive. 

Google Drive integration and web-to-phone calls are available for users of this plan. It’s the best option for fast-rising businesses in need of revenue and performance boosts

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Record calls, integrate Google Drive, and reach up to 100,000 open deals and 150 reports! Sign up for Pipedrive’s Professional plan today to unlock more features!   

Pipedrive Pricing ModelsSuitable Business
EssentialBest for startups 
AdvancedBest for small to medium businesses
ProfessionalBest for fast-rising businesses
EnterpriseBest for enterprises

How Much does Pipedrive Cost?

Pipedrive’s price depends on which pricing plan a business chooses. All plans have a 14-day free trial day period without having to leave any billing information.

  • The cheapest pricing plan, Essential, will cost $12.50 per user, per month and it is a great option for startups. 
  • The Advanced plan will cost $24.90 per user, per month and it is mostly suitable for small to medium businesses. 
  • Rising businesses that want to increase productivity can opt for the Professional Plan, which costs $49.90 per user, per month. 
  • For $99.00 per user, per month, large enterprises can help get their CRM process in order with the Enterprise plan. 

Additional Costs of Pipedrive

Pipedrive offers other features or services that don’t come included in the price of the chosen pricing plan. Such is workflow automation, charged at $0.83 per task for the Professional and Advanced plans. At the same time, users of the Enterprise plan will pay $0.99 per workflow automated task

Users can also find the Pipedrive add-ons useful. Choose between the LeadBooster add-on billed annually for $32.50 per month per company. The other option is to choose the Web Visitors add-on for $41.00 per month per company, billed annually. 

Clients can also use the Campaign add-on for $13.33 and pay $32.50 to use the Smart Docs Add-on

Advance Your Business with the Pipedrive Advanced Plan! 

Level up your small or medium-sized business with the Pipedrive Advanced Plan! Group emailing, click tracking, workflow automation, and all Essential Plan features included – join today to make the most of it!  

What is included in Pipedrive’s Enterprise Plan?

Enterprise is the highest pricing plan Pipedrive has to offer. This plan requires your business to have at least 10 users. You can get unlimited access to almost every available feature – from security alerts and rules, and two-factor authentication to being the only plan with full access and featuring all possible support options. 

The only limitation set in this plan is the automation of tasks allowing only 100 tasks per user per month. It is an excellent option for large-scale companies who wish to have access without limitations, and at the same time get the required support. Users of this plan can customize the features based on the needs of the company.

Regardless of your company size and needs – Pipedrive’s Professional plan is the go-to choice for you! All necessary features on deck allow seamless CRM processes for your business!

How to Save Money Using Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is software created for salespeople by salespeople. It can help businesses save time and money while redirecting staff to more pressing issues. 

And here is how to make the most of its features and save up at the same time:  

  • Have a visual of the whole sales pipeline. It allows companies to have a clear view of the progress and uninterrupted realization of their goals. 
  • Task automation allows a mistake-free process of reaching the right people.
    It cuts on doing repetitive jobs and having to pay someone to do them for you. 
  • Use the Probability option to make sales forecasts and make the right business decisions to avoid losses. 
  • Having a visual overview keeps you alert on what needs to be done to avoid interruption of sales and other processes. 

How Do I Pay for My Pipedrive Subscription?

Pipedrive offers several payment options for monthly or annual subscriptions. It may be done through the use of a credit or debit card, a direct debit, or through a valid Paypal account. Simply go to Billing and fill out the required information to complete the payment. Depending on the company location, Pipedrive allows payments in US dollars, Euros, and British pounds. 

Can I Use Pipedrive for Free?

Pipedrive doesn’t have a free plan that can be used. Every one of the offered pricing plans has a 14-day trial period which will not require leaving any billing information or charges. 

The company allows more people to try Pipedrive during the trial period, and also allows users to try several plans during the trial period to get a sense of what they can expect from each of them. 

Do Pipedrive’s Prices Vary By Location?

Pipedrive can be used in many different countries and in many languages, but the price remains the same. The only difference is the currency in which the chosen plan is paid.

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Comparison of Pipedrive Pricing Plans with Salesforce Software

Both Pipedrive and Salesforce offer a free trial to users, but there is a significant difference in the cost of the subscription fee. Salesforce is designed with big enterprises in mind and comes at a higher price that is not suitable for all users. 

Pipedrive’s key features include numerous lead generation and management features, email integration, and sales forecasting and reporting. Salesforce’s key features focus on customer service, sales, and marketing.

Main FeaturesPipedriveSalesforce
Monthly PlanEssential: $12.50/user/month
Advanced: $24.90/user/month
Professional: $49.90/user/month
Enterprise: $99.00/user/month
Essentials: $25/user/month
Professional: $75/user/month
Enterprise: $150/user/month
Unlimited: $300/user/month
Annual PlanEssential: $15/user/month
Advanced: $29/user/month
Professional: $59/user/month
Enterprise: $99/user/month (billed annually, minimum 10 users)
Pros– Among the most affordable CRM solutions
– Easy-to-use software with an abundance of support materials and training
– Available 24/7 support
– Numerous integrations
– Select features essential to the business
– Tools for each part of your business
Cons– Potentially a limiting feature set
– No free plan
– Has a complicated setup
– Challenging to learn
– The choice of many features will get pricey

Pipedrive has gained a reputation as an easy-to-use CRM platform while Salesforce is aiming to be a feature-filled platform. Salesforce is trying to appeal to all businesses, but it is intended for larger-sized ones. Here is what makes it apt as a Pipedrive alternative: 

  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Registering calls and emails
  • Highly customizable
  • Multiple sources for support


Pipedrive is without a doubt the best CRM solution that can be found on the market. Easy to use and set up, and at the same time reasonably priced. With plenty of features that can improve the workflow, it has an intuitive and rather friendly UI. 

Ranking high with other CRM software, Pipedrive offers an excellent user experience that you wouldn’t want to miss. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pipedrive is built for sales teams and managers and offers them visibility in all areas of interest and focus. It also encourages an activity based-selling, unlike other competitors.

Monthly billing means charging the client for the subscription fee each month on the same day. For the annual billing option, the client is charged the subscription fee once per year.

Pipedrive has the highest security standards and offers first-class security features and protocols. Altogether, your data is safe and secure with Pipedrive.

Except for the Enterprise plan, all other plans have limits that also apply during the trial period. Depending on your needs, you can upgrade to a higher plan to increase the limits.