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Zapier is a powerful automation tool that connects various apps you use every day, enabling them to work seamlessly together. With Zapier, you can automate repetitive tasks by creating “Zaps,” which are workflows that trigger actions between different apps when a specific event occurs.
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What is Zapier? 

Zapier helps business professionals by creating an effective platform for organizations to excel in daily workflow. It is an automated online platform that gathers numerous management apps in a handy catalog. 

What is Zapier Used For? 

Zapier allows you to streamline work on a role, workflow, or organization level without management hassles and hiccups.

Zapier Product Details

Efficient company and collaborator relationships are based on timely shared information with the right detail and good construction. Zapier is a platform that collects all valid project management skills in multiple apps, creating a simple system accessible for many professionals – on company and skill level.

Company Collaboration

Zapier allows secure company collaboration without compromising data, and detailed zap history of all successful and unsuccessful entries. Confidently run accounts using additional permissions, alert, and notify co-workers. You can also send troubleshooting notifications, so Zapier teams can immediately work on fixes. 

Easy To Manage

Indulge in productive teamwork without having to worry about setup and codes. Easily manage work plans, schedule tasks, and send alerts with a simple zap. The simple Zapier interface and easy-to-use tools create an effortless work experience supported by attentive customer support and additional educational resources helpful for the business sphere.

Various Ways To Work

Zapier offers a free 14-day trial and five additional packages with many benefits for every company, ranging from free of charge to $99 per month, billed annually. Each Zapier plan offers several organizational, editorial, administrational, and security benefits.

Zapier Plans 

Zappier offers five different plans that vary depending on the number of users, the update time, and the number of zaps used daily. 

  • The free and starter plans only offer five and 20 daily zaps each, while the other plans have unlimited zaps options. 
  • The free, starter, and professional plans allow only one user to organize the board, while the higher-tiered plans have options for larger companies to incorporate an unlimited option. 
  • Zapier plans can also differentiate editorial options, although all basic features are available in every plan. 
  • The professional, team, and company plans also offer premier support and more customization options for management plans and connections.

Zapier Pros & Cons

Using project management software can be useful in organizing teams and work schedules. From easy navigation, many collaboration opportunities, and effortless organization, there are some pros and cons to consider for Zapier. 

Convenient app integration.Very limited free version.
A time-effective solution for repetitive tasks.More complex workflows could require technical support to set up.
Easy to navigate.

Zapier Pricing

All of Zapier’s plans come with a free 14-day trial period. You can choose to pay monthly or annually to get access to the regular features. However, Zapier also includes additional features that differ between plans.

Price (annual subscription)$0$19.99$49$69$99
Free Trial
Tasks per month1007502K2K2K
Additional Features– Single-step Zaps
– No-code editor
– Multi step Zaps
– Filters and formatter
– Versions
– Unlimited premium apps
– Autoplay
– Custom logic with Paths
– Unlimited users
– Premier support
– Shared app connections
– Advanced admin permissions
– SAML single sign in on (SSO)
– Custom data retention

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Integrations & Compatibility

Zapier is a no-code software that you can combine with gadgets of your choice. Compatible with over 5000 apps, it offers integration with Google program management tools, project management tools like Trello, Microsoft packages, note-taking apps, etc.

You can organize workflow and zap content in subfolders available in every Zapier plan. Connection to other sites via webhooks is also available in all versions besides the free version.

To help you maximize your productivity, Zapier has alphabetically organized all apps in the selection, helping you build a powerful platform that helps run your business.

Are There any Similar Products to Zapier? 

Some other products include: 

  • Integrately
  • Integromat
  • MuleSoft


Zapier is a useful, time-effective solution for large teams where tasks keep piling on. It offers effortless user experience and many diverse working options. If you opt for effective time, project, and team management, give Zapier a try and gain some new business skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Zapier is a leading online automation tool that connects different web applications and automates tasks—allowing users to create workflows called "Zaps" by defining triggers and actions.

Many different industries use Zapier. Some applications include automating email management and project and social media management. Overall, Zapier helps automate repetitive tasks and integrate applications.



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