How will AI change the landscape of content marketing

Artificial intelligence or AI is constantly developing. This term includes technologies such as neural networks, natural language processing (NLP), natural language generation (NLG), machine learning and deep learning. That means that AI Technology is able to decipher and understand natural language. It can also compile and analyze information in order to extract insights. Thus, AI is applicable to business marketing. Actually, there is nearly 40% of marketing departments that are already incorporating it to their strategies. And with all its endless possibilities, AI will change the landscape of Content Marketing.


How Useful can AI Systems be for Content Marketers?

Creating content is no easy task! It is time consuming, expensive and you always have to find new ideas… Moreover, if you have an original content idea, nothing ensures it will attract the attention you think it deserves. With AI Technology you will have access to data reports or keywords that can guide your content creation process.

Indeed Artificial Intelligence systems have a predictive analysis function that calculates the audience reaction and sentiment for various topics. Thanks to this system it becomes easier for marketers to know what type of content will attract the most attention. And ultimately generate buzz!

As you will have understood, artificial intelligence systems are used to make recommendations based on previously established criteria. By adopting this technology you will get a tremendous amount of data and insights. As a result, your assumptions will be more insightful than ever to create better quality content. Artificial intelligence works by identifying trends using algorithms to track conversations on the Internet. Especially those that can be observed on social media and within published content. So no more guesswork to find out what consumers are asking for.

More Personalized Content With AI Technology

It should be noted that most consumers are more inclined to turn to a brand that offers personalized content. Because of the amount of consumer data needed to personalize content, this task is often not easy. In addition, if all the information is in hand, it must be analyzed and translated into actionable strategies. Well, with Artificial Intelligence technologies those tasks have never been easier.

As a matter of fact, AI machine learning systems are able to gather relevant data points from website visitors and customers. From this point, individual profiles can be established and be used by brands. Namely by including customized content specific to each customer and eventually proposing individualized offers for higher conversions.

With the right data comes the right insight, and insights allow to predict outcomes and customize content. Nevertheless, it should be noted that it is not simple to guess which information is most relevant to a specific organization and its content marketing needs. But it is possible to maximize the opportunities offered by the data. This is done by working with internal stakeholders and owners of datasets to extract the most pertinent insights and strategize the most appropriate actions.

Artificial Intelligence to Facilitate Customer-Brand Contact

In general, the more difficult it is to contact a company, the more reluctant prospects are to buy its services / products. It is therefore crucial to offer a seamless contact experience . For this, the use of AI-powered chatbots is recommended. Rest assured, this customer experience is very interactive. In fact, more than 50% of consumers state that they are ready to interact with a chatbot in order to resolve an issue or get answers to their questions.

AI-powered chatbots work by using machine learning. They provide more appropriate responses after each interaction and reply quickly and efficiently to the needs of each future customer. And eventually generate more sales. In addition, the use of a chatbot guarantees a customer service available around the clock.

Time Optimization, Money Saving and Smart Content

Staying on top of marketing trends is a challenge because it is necessary to constantly analyze and evaluate a large amount of data. Even more because content marketing practices evolve all the time. So content marketers must quickly adapt to the ever-changing SEO and social media algorithms. And especially to consumer expectations and needs.

However the off-putting tasks of analyzing and evaluation can be entrusted to some AI-powered marketing tools. Before using them, you need to evaluate your current content marketing process and identify tasks that can be automated. With this technique, an advertising agency or a content marketer will have more time and will be able to focus more on creating original content. Indeed, he will have more time to generate high-impact topics and keep his key strategic documents up-to-date. Ultimately, this saves time and money.

Artificial Intelligence solutions can help to adapt to the constantly changing marketing practices, in particular thanks to the delivery of smart content. A smart content is a content that is specifically appropriate to a customer’s needs. Using it allows to fully leverage the power of omnichannel by delivering personalized communications through email, social media, websites and mobile app.


Artificial intelligence makes it possible to obtain a plethora of data. Data that can then be used by marketers to create quality and relevant content. AI systems can also be used to create messages personalized to the preferences of each potential customer. Or help them connect more easily with a brand to ask questions about a service or resolve an issue. In addition, artificial intelligence makes it easier for happy marketers to keep up with the latest changes in content marketing practices.

Thus, AI facilitates the work of content marketers by supporting them at each step of their strategies with data. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the world of content marketing by integrating it into its important aspects. If you want to have a clear advantage over your competitors, artificial intelligence systems and data-driven technology are more than appropriate. In addition, you can already start to familiarize yourself with this technology by using AI features in your current tools.

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