Evernote is a note-taking app that lets you capture and organize ideas, documents, and projects across all devices. With powerful search capabilities, collaboration tools, and integrations, Evernote helps you stay productive and focused.




88% Genius Score

Evernote Facts

Pricing modelPer User
Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes, limited to 2 devices


A popular choice for note-takers, Evernote helps users gather their ideas and stay organized. The app is purposed primarily for quick note-taking, but it’s also equipped with a variety of additional features that make Evernote a useful tool for school, work, or personal life. 

Our Evernote review dives into the app’s pros, cons, key features, usability, and pricing. With an excellent Genius Score, Evernote should certainly be on your radar. However, is this the right note-taking app for you? Find out below.

Pros and Cons

Our experts found Evernote’s biggest strengths to be:

  • Advanced organizational controls – Evernote allows you to record your notes in a great level of detail
  • Cross-platform compatibility – Evernote is available on all operating systems as well as in browser form
  • Solid UI – Evernote boasts a clean user interface that’s easy to navigate

The app’s biggest drawbacks are:

  • Limited free version – the app’s free level of service is very restrictive
  • Costly plan – Evernote’s paid subscriptions are more expensive than most other note-taking apps on the market


As all good note-taking apps should, Evernote maximizes convenience for the user. It’s well-deserving of its strong score for usability in our review.

The good news for new users is that Evernote comes with only a small learning curve. The interface is simple but effective, which helps make the note-taking process as effortless as possible. 

Once a new note is created, users have a range of storage options at their disposal. For instance, notes can be grouped based on topic or urgency and later retrieved using the intuitive search bar. Offline storage helps users without an internet connection stay in the loop.

Even greater flexibility is offered by Evernote’s cross-platform compatibility. The app is available on all major operating systems as well as on the web, meaning you can access your notes across all of your devices.

Overall, our experts were very impressed with the app’s user experience.


Provided you pay for the full service, you’ll have access to dozens of great tools and integrations that have yielded an impressive score for features in our Evernote review.

What’s unique about Evernote is the detail in which you can record your ideas. It’s easy to stack notes, assign them to different areas, transform them into to-do lists, and even add them to your Google Calendar. Evernote’s search tool also makes retrieval seamless.

The app goes way beyond capturing simple text, too. You can attach multimedia content to your notes and clip web pages you encounter while surfing the internet. The document scanning feature is great for those who want to go paperless with their files.

Evernote also offers a range of easy-to-install note-taking templates that allow users to jot down their ideas in a clear and concise way. The app’s developers regularly release updates with innovative new features.

Unfortunately, the best features are generally reserved for paying members. The free version of the app only provides very basic functionality. 

Support Quality

Evernote has a thorough selection of resources for users who want to get the most out of the app. How-to guides and troubleshooting articles on the Evernote website provide simple fixes for common issues and better acquaint readers with the app’s various features.

If problems persist, additional customer support options are available for Personal, Professional, and Teams members through the Evernote website. However, free users are not entitled to live support. 

That said, there’s still enough material online for non-paying members to feel comfortable with the Evernote ecosystem. For this reason, the app scores well for support quality in our Evernote review.

Evernote Pricing – What does it cost?

The details of Evernote’s four plans are explored below. 

PlanPriceWho is it best for?Features
Free$0StartersUp to 2 devices
25 MB max note size
Limited features
Personal$7.99 per month billed monthly,$5.83 per month billed annuallyIndividualsUnlimited devices
200 MB max note size
Basic features
Professional$9.99 per month billed monthly$8.33* per month billed annuallyProfessionalsUnlimited devices
200 MB max note size
Advanced features
Teams$14.99 per monthTeamsUnlimited devices
200 MB max note size
Advanced features
Collaboration tools

*Eligible students receive 40% off for a full year of Evernote Professional


If price isn’t an issue for you, Evernote is certainly worth trying. Packed with features, it’s perhaps the most versatile note-taking app on the market today.

Whether you’re looking to record a quick voice memo for later reference or add an interesting article to your reading list, Evernote covers a wide range of bases that few competitors can match.

Integrations with popular apps like Google Drive, Gmail, Slack, and Microsoft Teams make it easy to incorporate Evernote into your daily planning processes. 

Additional features such as reminders and calendar synchronization evidence how the app encompasses more than just note-taking: it might better be described as a ‘productivity’ app.

Our experts had a trouble-free experience with the app, though some users report occasional lag. The main hangup is with the price structuring; the paid plans are relatively expensive, and the free plan simply doesn’t cut it.

So if you’re willing to spend, this could be the app for you. If not, look elsewhere.

Try out Evernote now! 

If our Evernote review has caught your eye, try the app yourself today and begin transforming those passing ideas into concrete plans!



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