Best practices for making sticky apps

Downloading and using your favorite app on your mobile or pc is quite an easy task but preventing your apps from deletion or from any unauthorized use is a bit difficult. Your friends can use your apps as well as can delete your apps easily saving your apps from this deletion and using them for a long time you need to make them Sticky. Sticky Apps can resist for months on your customer’s desktop because of their good features. You can use them any time you want from your computer screen. In this article, we share some practices for making sticky apps. 

Rich User Interface

Using the sticky app enhances the overall user experience. It improves the visual presentation of your app by using real-world materials such as leather, corkboard, and aluminum visually. 

Provides Completed and Clear Utility

Your app provides value to the users quickly whenever they enter into the app for using it. It delivers information in a fast and convenient way as per the user’s needs. The user can easily access the required app with just a few clicks. 

Increases App Value

It leverages the network effect when your app becomes popular among a large number of users. Your app becomes highly valuable to all its users. 

Facilitates Push Notifications

Delivers bit-sized message updates to all its users by using push notification features. Your app users can easily receive these notifications by using the provided app options. This facility improves the value of the app even when it is not in use. 

Thought Leaders as First Adopters

Appealing to the thought leaders for using your app will help you in promoting your app. It helps in increasing the number of users for your app. The thought leaders of the industry, are high-level persons, they can help you in finding the weakness of your app and making it more usable for its users.

Make It an App for Daily Usage

Design your app in a way that fits in the user’s daily routine so that the user can use it without making any modifications to its functionalities and features. Add automatic working functionalities to your app so that it can work continuously even without the user’s attention. 

Encourages Sharing

Sharing of information and resources improves the efficiency of an app. It allows the user to share its data with other users or non-users easily. It improves his contacts and relationship with other users over the internet through the social network.

Increase Value of Data Overtime

It stores the whole data in a protected way and in a well-defined structure. The data becomes more valuable for the users when he uses it longer and more frequently. A mobile app development agency can deliver analytics for the stored data easily. There is no need for additional rework for creating stored data analytics. More details about big data analytics you can find here

Focus on user’s Important Tasks

Every user has some work that is to be performed before the others. This task has a higher priority for getting accomplished at first. Develop a unique shortcut method for the users of your app so that they can do their important tasks by using this mechanism. Try to make the method faster and more usable than the traditional solutions. 

Develop a Bond of Emotions With Your Users

Be friendly with your users for understanding their expectations from your app. If your app satisfies the user and they enjoy using it then they will keep using it for the long term because of its positive impact on their life. 


By making your app Sticky you can increase its lifespan as well as its popularity. So try these practices for making Sticky apps and reduce your fear of app deletion.