Holiday Marketing Strategies: Tips and Ideas to Win More Customers

The holidays are close, which means that your sales are about to skyrocket as buyers go into a frenzy looking for the perfect gifts and décor. If you do it right, you as a marketer can attract consumers and boost your business revenues by taking advantage of the shopping season that precedes the holiday season.

Don’t underestimate the importance of good holiday marketing ideas. This year, an estimated $807 billion will be spent on presents. 

And a well-thought-out marketing campaign can engage consumers as they look for some last-minute shopping or those who have been waiting for the holiday discounts to start spending. 

Ready to stake your claim in this billion-dollar pie? 

Holiday Marketing Strategies That Are Bound To Work 

Holiday Marketing

Planning holiday marketing campaigns beforehand helps make these strategies successful. As long as these tactics are executed well, customers will make more purchases, increasing your revenue margins.

Here are some things to keep in mind to help consumers have an outstanding shopping experience:

Understand Your Audience

You can create appropriate holiday promotions targeting your audience by identifying and understanding them. 

Doing this will allow marketers to collect insight into their audience while learning about their preferred channels, the kind of information they like consuming, and whether they use their mobiles or desktops to find products, brands, and businesses they like.

All these insights are essential to help win more customers.

Go Through the Previous Campaign

By going through previous statistics and holiday campaigns, you can see the change in audience behavior. 

This helps you learn about new trends and see how they will impact your business’s growth. This information will help determine the aims and objectives for a better marketing strategy. 

Create Goals for Yourself

Before creating holiday marketing strategies, it is essential to set realistic goals for your business. Understand who your target audience is and go through previous campaigns before setting your goals.

This will ensure that your present goals are customer-oriented and effective at increasing sales and drawing in new customers.

Measure Your Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Once you have outlined the goals for your business, you must take time to look into your business’s KPI. This will help you determine the percentage of growth your business earns from sales. 

To do this, you will have to understand client engagement tools and processes needed to interact with consumers based on their most-used channels so that you can help set the best experience for your customers.

Holiday Marketing Tips

Start By Personalizing Your Website 

Personalizing Your Website 

Did you know that business sales during the holiday season account for nearly 30% of total sales? This makes the holiday season the perfect time to boost revenue. 

Personalizing your website is a great way to target existing customers and increase the customer experience for new customers. 

Before the holidays start, you can revamp your website’s front-page design and introduce Christmas holiday themes. You can add elements that allow your website to look fresh, particularly when the holidays are around the corner. Not only will this boost user experience, but it will also ensure higher consumer engagement. 

After all, consumers cannot resist when they see holiday sales! Here are some ways you can personalize your website:

Festive call-to-actions (CTAs)

Do you want to get your clients in a holiday spirit? 

There is no better way to do this than by adding holiday-inspired CTAs to your website. Use the correct color and copy to boost sales during this time.

Create pop-ups

Get your graphics team to design pop-ups that include all relevant information about sales of products or services on your website.

You can also use graphic design software that is available on the market to make your work easier. Visit our category page to get reviews of different graphic design software.

Concise messages

You want to make the messages and text on your website super clear. Not only should it communicate the products you are selling, but it should also convey the advantages of those products so that clients feel the need to buy them.

Boost website speed

No consumer wants to wait more than a few seconds for a website to load. In fact, a second’s delay can reduce conversions by 7%

Personalized greetings

Live chat widgets help grab customer attention and are also great ways of turning leads into potential customers. One way to encourage website visitors to look through your holiday deals and make a purchase is by adding personalized greetings to chat widgets.

Work on Your SEO for Holiday Traffic

Using basic SEO will help you increase traffic on your website during the holiday season as you attract consumers who are interested in buying your product. It is best to create queries that target your audience during the holiday season. 

Here are some target keywords you can use to drive traffic:

  • Christmas decor
  • Best Cyber-Monday sales
  • Holiday winter clothes for girls

If you are a service-oriented or local business, we recommend updating your listing for local SEO during this time. When creating content, you can use focus keywords like:

  • How to clean your home this holiday season
  • DIY Christmas décor
  • Healthy holiday dessert recipes

Keep in mind that SEO takes time to drive results. Hence, it’s best to implement SEO strategies early rather than waiting for the peak holiday season. This also ensures that your products or services will find their way to the first page of Google faster.

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Give Loyal Customers VIP Access

There is no better way to boost your sales than by showing loyal customers that you recognize and value them. One reward is giving them early access to holiday deals on your website before the rest of the crowd pours in. This is also a tactic to attract customers and make them feel special since they get a discount before anyone else.

You can also participate in email campaigning by sending customers discounts. These discounts can give them access to special deals only if they share pictures, reviews, and stories of the early-bird discount on social media platforms before the holidays arrive.

Here are some tips to make holiday promotions effective:

Surprise your customers

Creating some exclusive deals for VIP clients is bound to make them happy. It is also a way to increase sales in the future. Customers who know that you appreciate them are more likely to value your brand.

Start sales earlier than your competitors

During the holiday frenzy, customers are normal to get overwhelmed by all the deals they come across. By starting your sales early on, you can beat the competition. 

Give early access to loyal customers

One of the most incredible benefits of early access is that it targets loyal customers and is a wonderful way of showing them that their favorite brand cares about them. 

All you have to do is provide them with some exclusive offers and deals and watch them fall in love with your offerings.

Offer Free Gifts

Are you looking to establish the best holiday campaign to make your competitors envy your business? Try offering free gifts with every purchase a customer makes during the holiday season. 

Not only does this gesture add to the holiday spirit, but it also makes customers admire your business more because, let’s admit it, everyone loves gifts!

Keeping your consumers happy gets them into the buying mood. You can set a budget and offer inexpensive products that will not increase shipping costs but make a stellar impact on your buyers because they’d love to see a free item in their package. 

For example, Pandora offers a limited-edition Christmas ornament as part of their holiday marketing campaign on every $150+ purchase. 

While the customer does not have to pay for the ornament, it makes them believe they are receiving something pricey, mainly since it is a limited edition. 

Since the item is exclusive and can only be availed during one season, Pandora increases its sales by attracting customers to this product.

 Here is how offering gifts is a great holiday marketing strategy:

It makes your customers feel special and loved

Holidays are all about sharing and caring, and an appropriate gift, no matter how small, makes people feel valued and heard.

Gifts are a strong conversion booster

It helps you increase sales and widen your client base.

Use Social Media Platforms to Market Holiday Giveaways

In today’s world, all consumers have access to social media platforms. Why not use their preferred medium and provide them with the products and services they would be most interested in?

Giveaways are a great way to target existing followers while attracting a new audience. It helps draw attention to a product, service, or upcoming event. Getting your followers to share, like, or comment helps increase engagement while allowing your product to reach a broader audience that does not follow you.

Giveaways help boost sales and garner interest from prospective and current buyers. This tactic is a great way to target your selected audience and motivate them about upcoming holiday sales.

Based on your marketing budget, you can create a Twitter hashtag contest, take part in video marketing, or run a festive quiz on a social media platform.

Work on Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

 Mobile phones have become incredibly powerful in the past few years, which makes them a wonderful medium for holiday marketing.

In 2021, more than 60% of internet traffic started from mobile phones. This shows that consumers like browsing through products on their mobiles, especially when they are on the move

Last year, more than $35 billion in sales were made on mobile phones during the holiday season. Optimizing your business’s mobile applications can help increase conversions and sales, resulting in a better customer experience.

For example, Walmart attracted customers by creating an SEO strategy for mobiles, giving customers a preview of upcoming sales. Similarly, Amazon announced mobile-only deals unavailable on any other platform to encourage traffic and boost user engagement.

Here are some of the best mobile marketing strategies:

  • Using A/B testing to boost customer experience on mobile phones.
  • Create an onsite mobile experience for customers. This includes increasing mobile CTAs to make inserting details in forms on mobiles much easier. 

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Another holiday marketing strategy you can use to win more customers is video marketing. 

Video campaigns boost sales, and according to a study, more than 64% of consumers said that they purchased a product because they watched a marketing video about it on Facebook.

People are more likely to watch videos than read texts. This means that by including holiday-specific messages in your videos, you can increase orders. 

Whether you want to send marketing videos via email or add a video to social media pages to match the holiday spirit, you can be as creative as you want. Remember to have fun with your videos and give them a personal touch so that you can inspire consumers and attract them to your business.

Here are some ways to help you use video marketing correctly:

Make your own CTA

Customize holiday-inspired CTAs for each audience and ensure that the CTAs differ based on each holiday. Adopt a present-giving approach and add urgency to your messages to make customers feel that time is running out.

Set a holiday theme

To create a theme for Christmas, you can add some music or holiday text to your website.

Shoot high-resolution videos

No one wants to see blurry images that they do not understand. Instead, ensure that all your videos are shot in high resolution. Include stills in your video and clear the message you are marketing, so it does not confuse your audience.

Final Thoughts

There is no better time than the holidays to create a bond with your target audience. By using the holiday marketing strategies mentioned in this article, you can boost customer engagement and sales.

By creating a personalized experience for your customers that is consistent across all platforms, you can ensure maximum success for your business this holiday season. Remember to start marketing earlier than your competitors, so you have more time to choose the right channels and attract a larger audience.