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ZoomInfo is one of the biggest B2B contact databases in the world. It helps marketing and sales teams find the right contacts and close more sales.

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review new │ ZoomInfo Overview

When it comes to developing and marketing a new business, data is absolutely crucial. You need a database you can rely on for contacts and leads, and that’s where ZoomInfo comes into play.

One of the biggest B2B contact databases in the world, ZoomInfo is a veritable goldmine of direct dial phone numbers, verified email addresses, and other company information, but is it right for you? Find out all you need to know about ZoomInfo with our ZoomInfo review.

ZoomInfo – Best for B2BZoomInfo is a database platform designed for B2B companies. It allows users to search through a huge database of verified contacts and companies, while also offering a range of additional tools and features to help users engage with prospects and customers.

pros and cons new │ ZoomInfo Pros and Cons

Further down the page, we’ll look at some of the key features of ZoomInfo, as well as examining the main groups and types of businesses that can benefit from this platform. But, before we get to that, let’s first focus on the key pros and cons of this software to help you get a quick idea of whether it’s right for you.

ZoomInfo Pros

tick new A gigantic, up-to-date database for B2B companies 

The foundation of ZoomInfo is its huge database. It provides users with more than 65 million direct dial phone numbers and over 150 million verified email addresses, and it’s regularly updated to ensure that all of its info is accurate.

tick new Streamlining the sales process 

During a typical sales procedure, so much time is wasted and so many opportunities are lost along the way. ZoomInfo aims to change that, helping people, especially sales and marketing teams, save time and enjoy an optimized experience.

tick new Easy integrations with other software 

You might already be using various other pieces of software, such as SalesForce, HubSpot, Slack, Marketo, and Microsoft Dynamics. Well, ZoomInfo is able to play nicely with all of those other apps and more, offering seamless integrations with tons of software.

tick new Decent customer support 

Another nice benefit of choosing ZoomInfo as your sales and marketing database platform of choice is that the customer support is really friendly and responsive. So, if you have any issues, you should be able to get a helping hand in no time at all.

tick new An intuitive interface and easy processes

ZoomInfo is a really powerful piece of software, so you might be worried about it being complicated or overwhelming for new users, but it’s surprisingly easy to work with, with an intuitive interface and easy-to-understand functions.

ZoomInfo Cons

cons new Prices can be quite high 

One of the downsides of working with ZoomInfo is that it can be quite costly. Pricing varies from user to user, but the costs can quickly add up. However, this is mitigated by the amount of money you can make with ZoomInfo’s help.

cons new Some information missing from the database 

Another potential flaw you might notice when working with ZoomInfo is that it only provides basic information about each contact, including job titles and email addresses. Other platforms go more in-depth, with additional information about each contact or company.

cons new Data isn’t always accurate

Databases can never be 100% up-to-date and accurate, and ZoomInfo is no exception. Some of the data you’ll find will be inaccurate and some phone numbers will lead to dead ends or no responses.

ZoomInfo AdvantagesZoomInfo Disadvantages
plus new A colossal amount of informationminus new Costs a lot of money
plus new Save tons of time for sales and marketingminus new Only provides basic info
plus new Works well with other appsminus new Some phone numbers won’t work
plus new Impressive user support
plus new Relatively simple to work with

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Try ZoomInfo now!

If you’re looking for a way to save tons of time for your marketing and sales teams, as well as being able to make more sales at a faster pace, you have to consider giving ZoomInfo a try. It’s one of the most effective and efficient database platforms around.

what new │ What Is ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo’s tale began in 2007 with a man named Henry Schuck. Schuck started a company named DiscoverOrg, which ultimately became ZoomInfo. His mission: to help marketing and sales teams across the world hit their targets and reach entirely new levels of efficiency.

Schuck and his team saw that so many sales and marketing teams were forced to go through lengthy, time-consuming, tedious processes just to try and make one single sale, spending hours on individual contacts, working with lots of different pieces of software, and using up not only their own time, but company resources to try and hit their goals.

He wanted to find a way to simplify that entire process, cutting away some of the unnecessary steps of the process and making it much easier for companies to figure out who their ideal customers are and how and when to reach out to them. Thus, ZoomInfo was born as an industry-leading database platform.

A fully-featured B2B contact provider and sales intelligence tool, ZoomInfo is built on the foundation of a gigantic database, containing tens of millions of verified phone numbers and email addresses for various contacts and companies.

It also comes with a powerful search tool, allowing users to make their way through the enormous database and track down the ideal contacts and companies they need to target in order to have the best chance of doing deals and making sales, with many filters and advanced features for users to make the most of.

point new Overall Rating4.0/5
point new DataZoomInfo is primarily a database platform, contacting a huge number of contacts
point new IntuitiveThe ZoomInfo platform is really easy to work with, even for beginners
point new SearchZoomInfo allows users to search through the database with various filters, like industry, location, and job title
point new Free to tryYou can test out this software for free with a 14-day trial
point new FeaturesAs well as having a huge database, ZoomInfo also offers many advanced features for marketing and sales teams

how new │ How Does ZoomInfo Work?

So, how do you actually use ZoomInfo and how does the system itself operate? Well, the first thing to do is to visit the ZoomInfo site and set up your account in order to gain access to ZoomInfo’s extraordinary database and useful features.

You can even start a 14-day free trial to test out the service without any risks or commitments, or you can opt to speak with a ZoomInfo sales representative and set up a pricing plan that works for your business and budget, as ZoomInfo doesn’t offer preset pricing tiers like other companies.

Once you’ve got your pricing sorted and account set up, you can log into the ZoomInfo system. There, you’ll be able to access the full ZoomInfo database and make use of ZoomInfo’s advanced search tool in order to find contacts and companies that you can start to target with marketing campaigns or sales calls.

As stated previously, ZoomInfo’s search tool is highly advanced, letting you filter through millions of contacts in various ways. You can type in individual names of people you know, search for specific job titles, or search based on industry or location in order to find ideal leads.

The system is really intuitive and simple, and even total beginners can easily understand this platform, as it works just like so many other search tools across the internet. Then, once you’ve made a search, you’ll get a list of results to browse through, and you can click on each one to find out more about that contact.

feature new │ ZoomInfo Features

ZoomInfo has a whole host of handy features that your sales and marketing teams can use to save endless hours, maximize efficiency, generate leads, and ultimately, make sales. Here are just some of the key features of this platform and brief descriptions of how they work.

point new Contact and Company Database 

The main feature of is its enormous database of contact details. It currently includes more than 60 million direct dial phone numbers, as well as 150 million verified email addresses. What’s more, the database is regularly updated with new information and checked to ensure that the existing data remains as accurate as possible.

point new Buyer Intent 

With ZoomInfo, you aren’t just able to find a long list of company contact details and information, but you can also identify and reach prospects right at the start of their buying journey. This is all thanks to ZoomInfo’s buyer intent features, tracking companies that are similar to yours and helping to hone in on your ideal targets.

point new Website Visitor Tracking 

Another very handy feature of ZoomInfo is its website visitor tracking. This basically allows you to see potential contacts and leads who have been visiting and exploring your company website. This makes it easy to connect with people who are already aware of and interested in your brand.

point new Conversation Intelligence 

ZoomInfo also has an advanced conversation intelligence tool known as Chorus, which helps you analyze customer calls, meetings, and even emails in order to look for certain keywords and phrases that can teach you more about what your customers are looking for. This helps you shape future interactions and ultimately obtain more customers.

point new Email and Phone Automation

Time is so valuable in the world of business, and it’s vital for companies to do anything they can to save time where possible. ZoomInfo can help with this through its email and phone automation services, allowing you to build and implement automated workflows for emails and calls to save time and maximize the efficiency of your sales operations.

Why We Need to Use ZoomInfo
point new Gives you access to a goldmine of contact information
point new Allows you to easily find new leads and customers
point new Equipped with powerful tools for sales optimization
point new Saves lots of time for your sales and marketing pros

ZoomInfo Logo

Use ZoomInfo to streamline sales

If you’re looking for a sales database platform that can help you improve business process outcomes, drive revenue growth, and optimize your internal operations, ZoomInfo is the platform to choose.

who new │Who Should Use ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo can be useful for all sorts of businesses, but who are some of the main groups that should give this software a try? Here’s a breakdown of some of ZoomInfo’s primary users to help you see who this software is aimed at.

point new Sales Teams 

ZoomInfo can be a crucial tool for sales workers. Rather than spending hours on different programs or not knowing who to contact and how to speak with them, ZoomInfo can streamline your sales processes, giving you the data you need to make the right decisions at the right times.

point new Marketing Teams 

For marketing professionals, too, ZoomInfo can be an invaluable piece of software. It completely changes the game for marketing teams, giving them the data and advanced features they need to market their products and services as effectively as possible, hitting their targets and boosting sales numbers.

point new B2B Businesses 

ZoomInfo is primarily catered towards businesses that operate in the B2B sector. In the world of B2B business dealings, it’s vital to have a reliable, up-to-date database of contact details you can turn to in order to work out new deals and find prospective customers. That’s exactly what ZoomInfo provides.

point new Big Businesses

ZoomInfo is also a very useful tool for large and well-established businesses. If you’re running a big business, you need to be able to find customers and make deals quickly and efficiently. ZoomInfo gives you the tools and features you need to make that happen, cementing your brand’s position.

point new Useful for businesses in various industries
point new A vital tool for sales and marketing professionals
point new Easy to work with, with minimal training required

ZoomInfo Logo

Give ZoomInfo a try today

Whether you’re running your own sales team and looking to optimize efficiency or setting up a B2B business and searching for your first contacts, ZoomInfo can give you the data and tools you need to enjoy success.

cost and time new │ZoomInfo Cost and Time

Cost is one area in which ZoomInfo can be a little challenging for some businesses, as it does cost quite a lot of money to subscribe to this service. However, the amount of potential money your company can gain with ZoomInfo’s assistance could be enormous, allowing the software to essentially pay for itself many times over.

And when it comes to time, ZoomInfo is a real life-saver. Rather than wasting endless hours on pointless cold calls and multiple programs, ZoomInfo gives your sales and marketing teams the chance to streamline their operations and massively cut down on wasted time. Plus, it’s easy to work with, so you don’t even have to worry about using time to train staff.

usability new │ZoomInfo Usability

Ease-of-use is always an important thing to consider when you’re thinking about using a new piece of software or digital tool, and it’s best to find apps and programs that are simple and intuitive. So, how does ZoomInfo compare to other apps in terms of its ease-of-use?

Well, we’re glad to report that this software is astonishingly easy to work with. You don’t need any real training to get to grips with the basics of ZoomInfo, and even total beginners can log on and start searching for prime contacts in a matter of minutes.

Some of the more advanced features and functions of the service, like Chorus and Engage, can take a little more getting used to. But overall, ZoomInfo is one of the most seamless and straightforward database platforms available right now.

pricing new │ZoomInfo Pricing

So, how much do you have to pay for ZoomInfo’s Sales OS and database access? Well, this is where things can get a little complicated. Like other providers, ZoomInfo has several payment tiers to suit different users, but unlike other providers, ZoomInfo does not publicly disclose the costs of each plan, and you have to contact them and work out a pricing system that suits your brand and budget. Here’s how it all breaks down:

point new Professional 

The Professional plan for ZoomInfo is the base-level plan. You can have a free 14-day trial of this plan to test it out before you commit, and it gives you the basic features of ZoomInfo, including database access, tailored prospect lists, alerts, and various management filters.

point new Advanced 

The next tier up is Advanced. This plan gives you all the same data as you get with a Professional subscription, but with added insights to help accelerate your sales processes and allow you to hone in on ideal targets, like locations and hierarchy data, along with social media profile links for each contact.

point new Elite 

At the top end of the tier system, we have the Elite plan. This is the most expensive offering but gives you the most features, including real-time buyer intent signals and company attributes, providing you with even more actionable data you can use to make the smartest and most effective sales decisions.

point new Premium Add-On

There’s also an optional Premium add-on with ZoomInfo. This gives you a range of additional engagement tools like Chorus, Chat, and Engage, helping with phone and email automations, website chat systems, and conversation intelligence.

ProfessionalContact ZoomInfo for a quote
AdvancedContact ZoomInfo for a quote
EliteContact ZoomInfo for a quote
Premium Add-OnContact ZoomInfo for a quote

tools new │ZoomInfo Tools for Business

ZoomInfo is one of the best database systems for business use, and it comes with a range of handy features and tools designed to help businesses grow and operate more smoothly. Here are some of the key business-oriented tools included with ZoomInfo.

point new Integrations 

Your company or sales teams might already be using a range of existing applications like Slack, Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Outreach, Pipedrive, and so on. Part of what makes ZoomInfo so useful is that it seamlessly integrates with those apps.

point new API 

If your company has its own in-house development team and you really want to make the most of ZoomInfo in line with your existing systems and infrastructure, you can also obtain the ZoomInfo API, allowing you to completely integrate ZoomInfo’s B2B data with your current workflow.

point new ZoomInfo Chat

ZoomInfo Chat is a data-powered chat tool that you can set up on your company website. It allows you to engage with visitors to your site, turning leads into potential customers with minimal effort required.

Points to Note
point new Works well with other software
point new Enhance every aspect of your sales pipeline
point new Develop new sales opportunities

example new │ZoomInfo Use Cases

Many businesses out there are already working with ZoomInfo and use this database platform on a daily basis to make sales and connect with potential customers. Here are a few examples of businesses that used this software and enjoyed serious success with it.

point new Sendoso

Sendoso is a sending platform that helps companies with their go-to market programs. Like so many businesses, the company was struggling to optimize its sales processes and needed reliable, accessible data to make more successful sales opportunities. It turned to ZoomInfo, immediately increasing its ICP by 10% and saving hundreds of hours of time.

point new Workfront

Workfront is a work management platform. It was struggling with data management issues, with an outdated and stagnant database, filled with erroneous information. It made the switch to ZoomInfo and saw a colossal 90% boost in pipeline, more than doubling its activity and efficiency.

point new TentCraft

TentCraft is a custom tent manufacturer. Like many companies, it struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic and needed a smart strategy to survive those difficult times. It used ZoomInfo to access B2B data and develop an entirely new strategy of working with hospitals and healthcare organizations, resulting in $2 million in gained contracts.

support new │ZoomInfo Support

So, what can you do if you need some help or assistance using ZoomInfo? Well, this company doesn’t currently offer a live chat help system, which is a minor drawback, but they do have a support phone number and email you can contact with queries.

Support staff are standing by during working hours throughout the week to respond to user questions and help people make better use of the ZoomInfo software, and we found that responses tend to be rapid, courteous, and helpful.

The ZoomInfo site is also filled with handy guides and tutorials to help you learn more about the software and figure out most issues on your own. Plus, ZoomInfo has an active YouTube account with videos showing you how to use its database intelligence.

Email and phone support system
Lots of video guides on YouTube
Rapid and professional responses
Alternative to ZoomInfo – Email Hunter
Email Hunter is another sales and marketing platform that allows users to find professional email addresses in a matter of seconds. It’s aimed at helping sales teams and businesses connect with the right people to grow their brands.
Comparing ZoomInfo to Email Hunter
Both ZoomInfo and Email Hunter make it easy to access email addresses, and both platforms have big databases. However, ZoomInfo goes much deeper in terms of the information it provides and the advanced features it has to offer.

conclusion new │Conclusion

Overall, if you’re looking for a B2B data intelligence tool that can give you an almost endless amount of email addresses and potential contacts, ZoomInfo has to be at the top of your list of apps to consider.

It’s one of the deepest platforms on the market right now, with millions upon millions of pieces of information that you can use to grow your brand, and the smart search features included with ZoomInfo Sales OS make it easy to browse through that gigantic database with minimal fuss.

ZoomInfo also comes with so many other handy features like Chorus and Engage to help users not only find data, but also make the most of it. It’s a super tool and one that can completely transform the way your business markets products and makes sales.

ZoomInfo Logo

Try ZoomInfo Now!

ZoomInfo is a one-of-a-kind B2B data platform that could completely change the way you do business, and it’s totally free to try! Test out the features and functions of this platform with a 14-day trial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ZoomInfo is an intelligence platform that B2B companies mainly use to get data about contacts and leads for cold-calling, marketing, and more.

In general, ZoomInfo has many positive reviews across various sites and is regarded as a reliable and functional platform.

ZoomInfo can be contacted via an email form via the official site or over the phone at 1 866-904-9666 (sales inquiries only).

ZoomInfo's headquarters are located in Vancouver, Washington.



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