Smartsheet is a flexible project management software that enables teams to manage operations, develop new solutions, and enhance collaboration within an enterprise. It also has a simple interface that allows users to get their job done quickly. Smartsheet is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux OS.




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Smartsheet Facts

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Smartsheet Review


Smartsheet is a dynamic work tool for companies. It is a prominent cloud-based work management platform that enables businesses and teams to plan, execute, and report on work at scale, leading to more efficient processes, continuous innovation, and improved business outcomes.

The Smartsheet platform provides workers with a solution that can adapt to the changing needs of dynamic work across a wide range of departments and cases. Read through this Smartsheet review to learn more about this app and its features.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely customizable 
  • Supports proofing, approvals, automations, and web inputs
  • Management dashboard
  • Collaboration with team members


  • Companion software is required, with additional payments for time tracking, budgeting, and resource management.
  • Pages do not update in real-time or save automatically after each keystroke.


You’re able to tell right away whether Smartsheet will be simple to use or tough to master. Smartsheet can be a piece of cake if you’re an expert spreadsheet user who understands all of the benefits it offers.

When you first use Smartsheet, which is available on iOS and Android and operates in the cloud (via a web app), you have the option of creating a blank sheet or selecting a template. There is some formatting on the blank sheets, such as Project, Form, Cards, Task List, and so on.

Regardless of how you enter Smartsheet, some overlays show on the screen to explain all of the key functions. You’ll need a tooltip and a link to documentation and training videos at some point, so keep them handy. Even if you’re a genius with Excel, Smartsheet can be frustrating at times, because the formulas are not the same in both apps.

Smartsheet is well-organized. The spreadsheet takes up the entire screen. At the top, a toolbar reminiscent of Microsoft’s has formatting buttons, as well as choices for changing the display. You can select to view a Gantt chart to the right of the cells if one is included with your sheet. Sliders allow you to modify your view by changing the width of the windows.

Additionally, you can see all the sheets you’ve generated or that others have shared with you thanks to a collapsible left side panel. You can also use it to easily switch between your sheets.


As for folks who aren’t Excel specialists, Smartsheet makes spreadsheet data more dynamic. A drop-down bar of custom values, a date, a contact list, a symbol, a checkbox, or various more items can be found in each row or column.

Below is a list of Smartsheet’s features:

Task prioritization and scheduler: Smartsheet has a normal spreadsheet (grid) view, a card view suitable for scrum ceremonies, a Gantt chart, and a calendar view for task prioritization and scheduling.

Shared Team Calendar: Smartsheet features a shared calendar view that displays tasks that cover the time period they are supposed to be done.

Time Tracking: Smartsheet’s grid view allows you to add time tracking fields because of its flexibility.

Resource Management: The customization of Smartsheet’s grid view allows you to keep track of all of your project resources.

Document Storage: Each spreadsheet in Smartsheet has a file column where you may upload documents, photographs, and other relevant items for each assignment.

Support Quality

When it comes to Smartsheet’s advantages and disadvantages, this is where the platform really shines. All the vendor’s support services, such as various types of training, certifications, and support request portals, are available while using the program instead of having to go to the vendor’s website to find them. 

While testing it out, most of the consumers’ only desire was that the rest of the software was equally user-friendly. The company’s assistance and training choices, on the other hand, were quite clear and helped consumers realize where they could get everything they needed.

Smartsheet Pricing – What Does It Cost?

When you step beyond the basic option, Smartsheet charges skyrocket, especially considering that it behaves like any other spreadsheet most of the time. Is it worthwhile to invest in this platform? We don’t think so.

The individual tier is inexpensive, but once your needs outgrow this platform, the price climbs to a whopping $25 per month per user. That’s rather pricey considering you’re paying for a little more advanced spreadsheet tool, not to mention the Enterprise and Premier tiers are likely to be more expensive.

$14/month$25/month/userContact for pricingContact for pricing


In this Smartsheet review, we have concluded that this app has almost all the features a project manager may need to manage and execute his/her activities at hand. However, finding those functions when using the software can be a challenge.

Try Smartsheet Out Now!

Smartsheet is a spreadsheet-style project management tool for companies with several projects and dozens of moving pieces. It assists businesses of all sizes with workflow management and collaboration. Try Smartsheet today to get more in-depth understanding. 



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