The SaaSGenius News Digest June 7, 2022

Adobe and Microsoft to improve workplace software with updates


Microsoft and Adobe announced some interesting workplace software developments at Microsoft Build last weekend. The two companies partnered last December in a bid to “reinvent the future of work.”

The new updates include new features and capabilities for developers, IT personnel, administrators, and end-users. Here are a few updates you should see soon:

  • Updates to Acrobat and Acrobat Sign for Microsoft Teams – They’ve added a Single Sign-on feature and a ‘Personal’ tab that puts all projects, documents, and tools in one window.
  • Live Share with Preview – Now owned by Adobe, is dropping a preview integration between Live Share and With the integration, users will see how and Microsoft Teams can work together with interactive reviews of work in progress.
  • Purview Information Protection – The desktop version of Acrobat will soon incorporate Purview Information Protection policies and labels that users can apply to any document on Adobe desktop. 
  • Power Automate and Acrobat Sign embedding – Companies will be able to connect Adobe Sign and Power Acrobat to automate a wide range of business processes like new hire forms, sales contracts, and field service requests.

With the announcement, Adobe Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media Ashely Still said,

Through the deeper integrations between Adobe and Microsoft that we’ve announced today, we continue to innovate to elevate today’s agile and rapidly evolving workforce.

Visit Adobe’s announcement to see the full list of updates.

Salesforce and TikTok announce Commerce Cloud partnership


Salesforce Commerce Cloud merchants who market within the TikTok community just got a boost. The two companies announced a partnership this week that will make it easier for merchants to advertise to TikTokers and make their products discoverable on the platform.

Through the partnership, Salesforce Commerce Cloud users will be able to publish products on the platform quickly using one-click setups. From there, users can utilize TikTok Pixel to help with personalization and conversion. Merchants will also be able to integrate dynamic videos and collection ads as a new sales channel within the Commerce Cloud platform. 

Regarding the partnership, Melissa Yang, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships at TikTok said,

We’re thrilled to be working with Salesforce to make it easier than ever for merchants to be discovered and authentically connect with the TikTok community.

Elements Global Services is now Atlas

Leading Employer of Record company Elements Global Services is rebranding to coincide with the release of its SaaS Human Experience Management platform. The company is now called Atlas and will work to streamline operations for companies with large workforces all over the world. 

The Human Experience Management platform is an enterprise software solution that can integrate into current operating processes. The platform allows companies to easily onboard new workers, manage compliance, accurately distribute benefits and pay employees on time. 

The company claims their platform will “enable startups to go global and days” and give mid-market and enterprise level companies access to top-notch talent. 

Mohawk Industries to use Skyscend for supplier management

Mohawk Industries is looking to update their supplier management practices by integrating SkyscendPay into their operations. The platform will help Mohawk automate support for suppliers and allow them to manage orders. 

Giving suppliers the power to be self-sufficient in their support for Mohawk is the primary goal. With the program, they won’t have to contact Mohawk directly, which will give the company resources to focus on growth. 

If you’re not familiar, Skyscend, is a rapidly growing SaaS company that works at the enterprise level to help corporations manage supply chains and accounts payable. Their program uses Blockchain and Web3 technologies to enable self-service for suppliers. 

Verdafero launches ESG reporting SaaS solution

Utility insights and data intelligence provider Verdafero launched a new SaaS solution this week. Verdafero InSights allows companies to monitor their environmental impact and utility usage for ESG reporting. 

With the platform, companies can make better decisions on how they want to reduce waste, reduce their emissions, and limit pollution. It also helps companies to save money by identifying inefficiencies.

Regarding the launch, Verdafero CEO Alastair Hood said,

Verdafero InSights® takes the innovative approach of detecting leaks, misuse, and other inefficiencies to forecast trends to prepare budgets and avoid surprises.

He added,

It’s a must-have for anyone concerned with the bottom line, the environment, and ESG compliance.

SaaS Labs launches Dialworks, a SaaS sales team training solution 

No matter the industry, training sales teams is key to strategy, growth and development. However, it takes an enormous investment of time and money to do it right. SaaS Labs is offering a solution to this common problem with their Dialworks sales acceleration platform

This SaaS solution allows businesses to prepare sales teams rapidly using real-world scenarios. On the platform, reps can practice delivering pitches and receive immediate feedback on areas where they can improve.

Speaking about Dialworks, CEO of SaaS Labs, Gaurav Sharma said,

We analyzed thousands of calls, call analytics and rep performance and found that the only way to improve selling was to create training tools that ramped up learning by mimicking an actual workflow as closely as possible. Dialworks emerged from this insight with a clear aim of creating a sales coaching program that actually works and delivers for teams.




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