The SaaSGenius News Digest June 10, 2022

35,000 DevOps Specialists trained in to work in Salesforce Ecosystem

Low-code DevOps global leader Copado announced new milestones for the company this week. The company has certified over 20,000 DevOps professionals and 35,000 DevOps specialists in the Salesforce Ecosystem.

The company uses a training platform called Copaverse that provides a DevOps ecosystem for users to train, network, and expand their career opportunities. And with over a thousand customers, fifty thousand community members, and dozens of partners, this is good news for Salesforce. 

The company is on a growth streak and will require additional personnel in the coming years. Specialists in low-code administration, security, DevOps, and DevSecOps are areas where many expect the company will focus their hiring efforts. With Copado training and upskilling more workers, the company should be able to fill the gaps.

Ashley Dodge, vice president of community at Copado, stated,

“Now more than ever, businesses are focused on how to enable employees and support customers digitally while defending against more security threats, yet finding the talent they need has never been more challenging.”

To mark the milestone and continue their momentum, Copado is launching a Copaverse Roadshow that will stop in seven cities around the world. The company will use the roadshow to educate and inspire Salesforce development teams on DevOps. 

Asana launches Employee Impact Suite

Staying focused at work is difficult in today’s business environment. To help with this issue, Asana announced the release of a suite of new tools and integrations that will help managers to keep teams focused and working in alignment.

The company cited their Anatomy of Work Index in the announcement that states personnel are wasting up to six weeks every year on duplicated work and unnecessary meetings. Their Employee Impact suite will work to fix many of the underlying causes of these issues. 

The Employee Impact Suite’s highlights include:

  • My Goals – facilitates team alignment by showing employees how their individual efforts are contributing to company goals. It allows managers to coordinate collaborative efforts and set objectives within a single system. 
  • Automatic Progress Roll-Ups – Provides project and initiative insights in real-time that reduce the need for micromanagement and status meetings.
  • Focus Tools – A suite of mobile and desktop features that helps workers with time management. 

Explore more features on the Employee Impact Suite official site.

AppOmni throttles forward with $70M funding raise

Security is an ongoing issue for SaaS applications with companies migrating to the cloud. To help with this need, AppOmni built a platform that helps teams address vulnerabilities when using applications together or in tandem. 

The company is on an excellent growth streak and landing customers like Accenture and Dropbox. So it’s no surprise that they recently raised $70 million in a Series C funding round this week. 

Speaking about the round, a partner at leading investor Thoma Bravo stated,

“The digitization of businesses across all sectors has accelerated the need for reliable data protection and control, and AppOmni’s security solutions are unmatched in the industry.”

The company will use the funds to continue expanding across the globe and to increase the capabilities of their platform. 

GitHub launches Enterprise Server 3.5

Last week, GitHub released its new Enterprise Server version 3.5GA. The new update added new security features, U/I updates and some automation features to help developers with their coding.

On the new version, users gain access to the GitHub Container registry that allows:

  • Configuration of ‘internal’ visibility settings
  • Sharing of data across the organization to reduce storage and bandwidth requirements
  • Anonymous access to public containers
  • Management and storage of Open Container initiative images

The new update also allows integration with the Depandabot tech stack to help developers keep dependencies up to date. The feature checks outdated requirements and open PRs.

Microsoft launches F5 NGINX for Azure — a tracking and traffic assessment solution

Microsoft recently announced that users now have public preview access to F5 NGINX for Azure. This cloud-based SaaS solution allows for seamless application delivery within the cloud and incorporates its widely used traffic management features. 

Both enterprises and open-source users alike love NGINX, as it offers use as both a load balancer or proxy server. With this launch, Azure users will be able to procure the new software quickly through the Azure Portal. Plus, it comes with security functions like the Azure Key Vault. 

“F5 NGINX for Azure removes the burden of having to deploy your own NGINX Plus cluster, install libraries, upgrade, and other tasks.” said F5 Global Solutions Architect, Jeff Giroux.”

Micro Focus releases new version of its Network Operations Management (NOM) solution

Micro Focus NOM users found out about the company’s latest version of the program this week. The new release adds features that help users with troubleshooting, dashboards, and reporting. 

The company highlighted the Performance Troubleshooting module in the announcement. The module offers a high-performance interface that can identify errors by comparing changes in data. It can also identify network slowdowns using diagnostic data from devices on the network.

The new version of this SaaS solution is available now. Micro Focus NOM customers can easily integrate the new version and gain access to the new features.

Zoom hires new company president

New hires aren’t typically something we highlight. But hiring a new president with a resume like Greg Tomb is certainly notable. He started at Zoom this week, bringing over 20 years of experience to the video communications company.

His most recent role was as Vice President of Sales, Google Workspace, SMB, Data & Analytics, Geo Enterprises, and Security Sales at Google Cloud. And as Zoom is transitioning and adding more products to its portfolio, Tomb is a top-choice head things up. 

Speaking about the hire, Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan said,

“I am so excited to welcome Greg to the Zoom team. Greg is a highly respected technology industry leader and has deep experience in helping to scale companies at critical junctures. His strategic thinking, can-do attitude, and value of care he brings to customers make him the perfect addition to our strong leadership team.”




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