SaaSGenius News Digest July 15, 2022

Salesforce finally launches Code Builder in beta

Code Builder

Back in June 2020, Salesforce announced they were developing a web-based integrated development environment (IDE) called Code Builder. The announcement received a lot of buzz but Salesforce didn’t say a word about it again for two years.

This week, the company announced that their coding solution finally launched in beta. With Code Builder, developers can launch IDEs directly from their browser and make use of a host of features including refactoring, code completion, search and more. Developers can also integrate Salesforce extensions, and they’ve pre-loaded the software with support for Salesforce frameworks.

Code Builder works well with Lighting Web Components and Apex as they’re both programming languages developed by Salesforce. The program will auto-complete code for both languages and allow developers to test and deploy changes. It also integrates with GitHub’s version control systems.

If you’re a developer making plans to give this beta launch a try, read on before you do. To start, Salesforce capped the usage at 20 hours and a max 30 days for the beta’s entire duration. And to save your changes, you must deploy them to committed or org source control. 

Salesforce also can delete environments without notice and stated it will remove all environments developed in beta from the platform before its full launch. 

Microsoft security patch fixes serious Azure vulnerability

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday arrived this week and gave Azure users a collective sigh of relief. The program had over 84 vulnerabilities with two that gave hackers the potential to execute code from remote. 

The key focus within the patch was for Azure Site Recovery, a tool that moves workloads automatically in an emergency. Of all the vulnerabilities, Microsoft patched 32 for this tool. 

For now, it seems Microsoft has taken care of the injection vulnerabilities on the platform. Take note and be aware when SaaS companies release patches as they can help protect your system from potential vulnerabilities. And of course, be sure to update your system before using Azure. 

AdminaHealth partners with Selerix Systems

There was some good news for SaaS billing solutions this week. If you’re not familiar, AdminaHealth is a leading billing solutions provider in the healthcare and insurance space. And this week, they announced they’re partnering with leading benefit administration provider Selerix Systems.

This partnership will enable Selerix Systems users to integrate AdminaHealth’s billing services into their console. From there, users can compare payroll deductions, generate monthly invoices, and reconcile their carrier invoices all in one spot. 

It’s a big win for healthcare and insurance providers using these platforms as it will automate things and reduce the chance of human error. 

Yamaha Motor Finance Corporation opts for Asurity’s RiskExec® SaaS-Platform

This week, the Yamaha Motor Finance Corporation selected Asurity Technologies subsidiary RiskExec® as their SaaS portfolio evaluation solution. The company handles financing solutions for both Yamaha customers and dealers all over the US.

Like most RiskExec users, Yamaha Motor Finance will use the system mainly for Fair Lending Compliance. They’ll utilize RiskExec’s mapping, geocoding, proxy and match pair analytics features to increase the efficiency of their loan portfolio.

On the selection, RiskExec president Dr. Anurag Agarwal stated, “We are very excited and fortunate to have Yamaha join our growing community of RiskExec users. With a regulatory environment that is evolving so quickly, our clients need solutions that are innovative to better serve their customers, remain compliant, and enhance their competitive edge in the marketplace.”

Allxon announces SaaS-in-chip turnkey solution

Edge device management is hugely important to the networking industry. And Acer spin-off company Allxon is at the forefront in creating solutions for this space. 

This week, the company announced its new SaaS-in-chip turnkey solution that works to help integrated circuit and industrial computer makers. Using their solution, these hardware makers will be able to introduce out-of-band (OOB) technology to manage and remotely control edge devices. 

That may seem like a bit of a security risk at first glance, but it’s necessary to help maintain mobile edge equipment like robotic arms, drones, delivery robots, and logistics vehicles. Allxon is also developing this technology for smart agriculture.

Xero and Airwallex announce expansion of their partnership

Famed SaaS accounting software company Xero will have a longer partnership with Airwallex. The Australian fintech payments platform announced this week that they will move forward with their partnership and offer a payment link integration for Xero invoices.

Using the integration, Australian businesses can utilize Airwallex’s multi-currency capabilities and embed Airwallex payment links within Xero invoices. From there, the businesses can receive funds in over 170 currencies directly into their Airwallex account. And upon payment, the system auto-sends a receipt.

With backers like Sequoia Capital China and Lone Pine Capital, things are looking even better for the startup Airwallex. Bloomberg reported recently that the company may seek an IPO in 2024.

AI-based human data collector obtains a patent for a real-time SaaS diagnostics system

Detroit-based Sports Data Labs announced this week it received a patent for a SaaS based system that uses browser applications within sensors to monitor health and provide biofeedback. The system works as a two-way system and offers data in real time. 

The patent is titled “Biological Data Tracking System and Method.” And within the patent, there is a featured admin console that allows users to integrate sensors with one click and enable real-time communication. 

The implications of real-time health diagnostics via a cloud system are huge. The patent states that the system can take on an unlimited number of sensors on any number of individuals. 

In this scenario, we can imagine a potential world where an entire hospital has sensory equipment attached to patients that streams real-time diagnostic data from remote.




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