SaaSGenius News Digest September 9, 2022

Google Meet Introduces New Updates to Fix Existing Problems

solve audio issue

Top on the news for this week is Google Meet and the new improvements they are making to fix current user problems. For a while, Google Meet users have complained about the audio issue they experience when others join a meeting.

Now, the popular video meeting service has announced that an update will be released to automatically adjust the volume of the devices used by people in the meeting.

In a recent blog post, Google announced that it would fix that little issue. Henceforth, once a new participant joins a Google Meet call, their volume will automatically be adjusted. Google Meet says it will make every effort to ensure that all sound levels are the same for everyone.

In addition, it is important to point out that this update is coming to Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, Frontline, and Individual customers only. 

To get this feature, you will need to have the noise cancellation feature activated.

Interestingly, Google Meet also announced that it has added support for additional ‘whiteboard’ functionality via a third-party app called Miro. This third-party whiteboarding service will be accessible to Google Workspace customers, as well as users with personal Google accounts. It is intended to help collaboration during video meetings, just like it exists on Zoom.

Hubspot Addresses Its Platform Disconnection Crisis at Inbound 2022

 new data quality features

HubSpot, the customer relationship management (CRM) platform, announced at its annual INBOUND event this week that there will be new features and updates to help businesses create deeper, more meaningful connections with their customers.

The recent fundamental shifts in buyer behaviors have made it increasingly challenging for organizations to create meaningful connections with their customers, and HubSpot sees its latest releases as a response to this current crisis of disconnection.

These new features include customer journey analytics, flexible payments, and connected data that will give businesses a deeper, more holistic view of the customer experience.

With HubSpot’s new data quality features, users can now have their data connected, clean, and secure. Additionally, with the custom object builder, teams can now craft customized data models without code and enforce consistent data entry with property validations. 

Prioritizing data hygiene is easier than ever with HubSpot’s data quality command center, where teams can get insights into the health of all data in one place.

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Apple Moves Webkit to Github

WebKit, the open source web browser engine at the heart of Apple’s Safari web browser, has announced this week that it has migrated over to GitHub.

The WebKit project team has cited various benefits that using GitHub will create for them, including its large community of developers and powerful automation capabilities. 

When the announcement was made via a blog post, the project team stated that they have frozen its Subversion tree since June 2022 and transitioned management and interaction with the source code to the Git version control system and GitHub repo hosting service.

Amazon Web Services and Google to Extend Their Footprint in South Africa

Currently, Africa has the world’s youngest, fastest-growing, and increasingly urbanized workforce, which is driving a rapid increase in its consumption of online services. As a result, increased connectivity will create more opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs with new technologies. 

It’s for this reason that Amazon Web Services and Google have this week announced that they’ll be extending their high-quality access to communication networks and services to this part of the world. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google are two of the biggest players in the cloud space, and they’re planning to enhance their presence in South Africa. Google is planning a cloud region in Cape Town with a data center likely to be housed inside an upcoming Africa Data Centers (ADC) facility. 

While AWS, on the other hand, is using retailer Pick n Pay to migrate its entire on-premise information technology infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Intuit Quickbooks Launches New Campaign to Help Latino Business Owners

New research from Intuit Quickbooks has shown that up to 4 million Latino workers in the United States are considering starting a new business this year. It is for this reason that Intuit Quickbooks announced this week that they will be launching a new campaign to encourage Latino business owners to think big and focus on the tools that will help them get there.

The campaign will feature Mexican professional footballer Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, who currently plays as a striker for Major League Soccer club LA Galaxy, and is aimed at reaching both English- and Spanish-speaking Latino-owned small businesses.

A major highlight of this campaign is that these Latino business owners will have more access to capital, as the businesses can automate and streamline their financial processes, pay employees, get paid fast, and gain access to capital.

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Microsoft Confirms Windows 11 May Not Let Users Sign In After Adding Microsoft Account

Also, this week, Microsoft confirmed an unusual issue that has occurred in the stable version of Windows 11. It reports that some users might be unable to sign in after adding a new Microsoft account user to the operating system. 

The company has shared details about the bug on the official Windows Health Dashboard website and explained how to fix it.

According to Microsoft, users get locked out briefly after the first restart or sign-out. The problem appears only once and for a short time on devices using a Microsoft account, while Active Directory domain users and Azure Active Directory accounts remain unaffected. 

This issue happens only on systems running the client version of Windows 11 21H2.

Microsoft has announced that those experiencing problems with signing into their accounts in Windows 11 21H2 should not do anything to fix the situation, as the operating system will let users sign in after a few minutes.

Slack Offers New Docusign Integration to Streamline eSignature Process

DocuSign and Slack announced this week that they have combined the power of eSignature with the shear ease of use of Slack’s channel-based messaging platform.

Although users already had the ability to send, sign and collaborate on agreements with DocuSign eSignature for Slack, much of the process still required access to multiple, disparate systems for internal and external stakeholders alike.

However, customers can now navigate the full agreement process directly within Slack, including redlining, reviewing, and approving. This removes the need for signatories to check their emails or switch to different systems in order to receive status updates.

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Capgemini Acquires Singapore-Based Aodigy to Bolster Salesforce Expertise

Lastly on the news this week, Capgemini has reportedly acquired Aodigy Asia Pacific amid plans to reinforce Salesforce’s expertise and capitalize on increased customer demand for personalized experiences.

Central to such efforts will be access to Aodigy’s full suite of Salesforce ecosystem customer engagement solutions, including sales optimization, customer interaction, cloud migration, and business process automation, delivered via operations in Singapore and Vietnam.

This acquisition represents Capgemini’s fifth in the Asia Pacific over the last two years and supports the provider’s strategy to deliver sustainable business value to customers through digital, data, and cloud services.


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