SaaSGenius News Digest January 13, 2023

Microsoft to launch Teams Premium in February

business communication platform

Great news (or not) for all Microsoft Teams users! Something great is coming this February.

This week, the software giant announced that it will bring some of the elements of Teams business messenger to its paid version of Teams Premium.

The first time that Microsoft made the features available on a Premium subscription was in December 2010. Now, we are expecting the Premium version to launch in February. However, the spoiler is that Microsoft will keep the relevant features available for an additional 30-day grace period, after which you’ll have to pay a premium first to get these features.

Features including translation with subtitles in real time, temporary markers in meeting recordings when a user connects or disconnects, customizable scene organization for Together mode, SMS notifications for virtual meetings, organizational analytics of virtual meetings, and showing scheduled queues in virtual meetings are some of the features that will become exclusive.

In addition to the possibility of adding watermarks to the picture to protect the privacy of the data, it will also be possible to ban recording meetings and copying text messages from a chat.

We estimate a Teams Premium subscription cost will be $10 per month. However, in exchange for the new product, Microsoft will announce the exact amount as soon as the official package goes into effect.

We will see how that goes!

GitHub introduces automatic scanning for code vulnerabilities

Great news for GitHub users as they can now scan their code for vulnerabilities using a .yaml file.

This week, GitHub announced that the code repository will be used to introduce a new default set-up mode for scanning that does away with needing an extra document. The default setup will scan code written in JavaScript, Ruby, and Python, with plans to roll out support for all nine code families currently supported by GitHub within the next six months. The pace of the rollout will be based on which languages are most popular.

To get the scanning set up, users need to navigate to the “Security” setting under the “Settings” tab and then scroll down to “Code security and analysis.”

This will bring up the new code scanning set-up toolbox. Clicking the “Set up” button will give users two options — “Default” sets up automatic scanning without a .yaml file, while “Advanced” lets you customize code scanning with a distinct .yaml file.

Salesforce introduces Commerce Cloud to maximize revenue

Salesforce has unveiled new commerce innovations to help organizations across industries streamline operations, maximize revenue and drive loyalty.

Companies such as Advanced Turf Solutions, a green industry distributor and producer of field products and accessories for lawn and landscape management, and Newell have turned to Salesforce to accelerate digital commerce, reduce costs and build a rapport with customers.

Commerce Cloud unifies customer and orders data to create a connected and personalized buying experience for businesses and consumers across marketing, sales, and service touchpoints. With Commerce Cloud, healthcare organizations can quickly launch trusted storefronts, streamline post-purchase journeys and reduce costs.

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Adobe’s new AI training may be causing an aversion within the user community

Right now, AI art is taking over everything, and artists are struggling to know what and who to trust. One surprising turn with this is that it appears that everyone’s creative brand, Adobe, could sneakily sign up users to its AI ‘machine learning’ algorithm, Sensei.

Adobe users have taken to social media to voice their concerns that the company is using the content they have saved on its servers to train Sensei. The model has been one of the Adobe suite’s key innovations of late, able to offer creative and impressive outputs.

In response to this, Adobe said via FastCompany that “when it comes to Generative AI, Adobe does not use any data stored on customers’ Creative Cloud accounts to train its experimental Generative AI features. We are reviewing our policy to define Generative AI use cases better.”

We can only hope for the best.

12 new Google Analytics 4 ecommerce dimensions and metrics

Google Analytics 4 (GA4), has just released 12 new item and event-scoped eCommerce metrics and dimensions.

This is exciting news because eCommerce advertisers and retailers can now view and analyze specific information about products, services, and interactions. They should also be able to see items purchased and purchaser’s by country, which shows you the number of items purchased and the number of purchases for each country.

Google is set to release this to the public on July 1, 2023, and we cannot wait.

RevSure.AI Joins the Hubspot App Marketplace

This week, RevSure.AI announced that it is now listed in the HubSpot App Marketplace.

App Partners are independent software vendors who have built an integration with HubSpot and been accepted to the App Marketplace. The integration is natively built according to HubSpot’s best practices, so it is ready to go out of the box for all HubSpot users as of this release.

RevSure works seamlessly with Hubspot to provide real-time data insights to quickly assess different channels and campaigns and ultimately make better, faster decisions to drive ROI.

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Ava Labs collaborates with Amazon Web Services to introduce one-click Avalanche

Ava Labs, the developer of Avalanche Network, has entered into a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to introduce new features. We believe that the initiative aims to ensure the proper functioning of a node.

The new features consist of one-click node deployment using the AWS Marketplace, AWS GovCloud integration for decentralized application (dApp) creators concerned with compliance, and the development of Avalanche subnets through clicks. 

The Avalanche community has reportedly expressed a positive response towards the update, and AWS has previously entered a similar relationship with Alibaba Cloud in 2022.

Boxed launches Spresso SaaS Solutions on Google Cloud Marketplace

Boxed, a technology-driven company that specializes as both an e-commerce retailer and enabler, announced this week that Spresso, its SaaS modular solution platform, is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, indicative of a deepening of the partnership between Boxed and Google Cloud.

The launch of Spresso on Google Cloud Marketplace unlocks new value for joint customers and creates opportunities for enhanced operational insights for businesses globally. Google Cloud customers can now take advantage of Spresso’s actionable insights driven by advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI to better forecast customer value, predict churn, and optimize pricing for profitability and conversion.

It’s worth noting that this launch builds on the recent momentum of Spresso’s software launches for AEON Malaysia and expansion to AEON Vietnam.


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