6 SaaS products that would hold their place in future and why?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a type of cloud computing application where the vendor provides a software product to the clients. they can purchase this service via a subscription fee. The software is usually accessible through the user login through the cloud. The advantage is that all processing overhead is done on the vendor’s side through the cloud and the client or user doesn’t need any extra hardware devices to integrate the SaaS software functionality in their existing system.

As the SaaS model of cloud computing has gained popularity, more and more products are being launched and being received with great enthusiasm by the business community as it helps them grow their business and cater to their business needs. If you take a look at the SaaS software available in the market you would be overwhelmed with the types of services and variety of products that are there to choose from. All these software have different features and are popular for different reasons among their clients. Businesses when they need a solution have to do their own research to find a SaaS service that matches their suitability and criteria. 

Many SaaS software may be present in the market and newer ones on the way but not all of them can sustain their place and popularity because they do not fulfill the requirements of their clients well or maybe there is a better option available in their niche that attracts their customers. As the saying by Marc Benioff, co-founder – Salesforce The only constant in the technology industry is change”. No matter how this race goes on but some SaaS products are here to stay because they cater to their clients’ needs very well and have gained their place in the absolute “must-have software” list and any good business cannot do without them.

Here we have compiled a list of SaaS software/tools that would surely stick out in this ongoing competition and stand firm in their place while others vanish slowly from the market.


BI and Reporting tools 

Business Intelligence and data insights are the newest trends in the business market. Data is no longer just regarded as data but it is a valuable asset that when analyzed properly can give great insight into not only the past trends of the business but also help analysts take long-term and short-term decisions about the future growth of their business. Tapping into this wealth of information many BI tools and reporting software have surfaced in the market providing a wide variety of ways to manipulate and present data in a meaningful form. Many Ad hoc reporting tools like dotnet report builder offer cloud-based solutions to customers that can be easily integrated into their existing software and generate customized data visualizations and reports.

These tools certainly have a great chance of holding their place in the future because they have shown their customers how using the business data they can take timely decisions to unlock doors of success for their businesses.


Video creation and editing tools

Video creation and editing tools have long proven their worth in media and marketing as well as gaming industries. Now, these tools come forward as SaaS software providing similar services through cloud computing. This doesn’t put any hardware overhead on the customer and lets them use the video creation and editing features online providing them with a large video library hosted on the cloud. Using this software, businesses or individuals can create high graphics video and media content for their marketing and promotion purposes.

No one can deny the impact of great high-quality video on the customers in influencing their decision to purchase a product and this is done by using these cloud-based video creation tools. They help users to work on different videos and animations to impact their customers.

Some popular examples are Vimeo, Magisto, and Animoto.


Content creation tool

This is another software that caters to the needs of the future. These SaaS products let users create content for their marketing and social media. They can work with text and include other media like images and videos to create high-quality content for their website. There are some content creation tools like Visme that lets users create professional infographics. Users can work from the company’s template library that has a huge variety of media content at the user’s disposal. They can help clients identify the types of infographics and then piece together their data into informative content and media that would help them achieve their target growth. 


CRM Softwares

Customer relationship management tools have been around for quite some time. Now they have found their firm spot through cloud computing as SaaS software. These products offer sales management, data insights, customer feedback, and support with customer interaction analysis tools that can help improve the vendor-customer relationships and keep customers happy. Examples include the popular cloud applications like SalesForce and Hubspot that provide users with CRM features and solutions that can help the clients to boost their sales and create a bridge between the company and its customers. They provide valuable insights and generate leads that can help businesses reach their customers and communicate with them using features like meeting scheduling and live chat.


Project management tools

These SaaS products help businesses to manage their projects online with features to assign and update tasks, share files and involve all workers with everyone contributing to the project at hand. The tasks can be assigned and managed on the go. Each user can access their tasks and responsibilities from any device and does not need to be physically present to share in the work. Some popular Project management tools like Monday and workflow max assign user roles and tasks to people in a project. These tasks are then scheduled and workload is shared among the project members. All communication and collaboration are managed from inside the software platform.


Collaboration and file-sharing tools

These SaaS software tools form the backbone of businesses as they can help users not only create quality content and data files but also share, upload, and create backups of their work. Teams can work together and manage a single file on a remote location with simultaneous access to all users having permissions to read, write and edit the file. SaaS products like G suite and Dropbox provide a virtual Hard disk facility as well as means to develop and manipulate important business documents. Microsoft office 365 is also a SaaS software providing a range of collaboration and file creation and sharing applications for the user.


Now, you can surely understand why these softwares will hold their place in the near future as they provide the features necessary for businesses to perform their day to day tasks with ease and perfection. These tools are beneficial to the business community in not only setting up a working system for them but also help them to build and expand their business. These SaaS products will continue to be building foundations for the infrastructure of business and help them in each aspect of their work be it content creation or marketing or customer relationship. They will impact business growth and promote collaboration and project management among the team members. All in all, these SaaS tools will help companies and businesses to continue their growth in the right direction. As said rightly by Dan Kurzius, co-founder – MailChimp

To me, success means creating a business that empowers customers, employees, and community in equal measure. We want to add positive value to people’s lives, from a personal and professional standpoint. “


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