6 Reasons How SaaS Can Fuel Your Business Growth


SaaS, or Software as a Service, is the model wherein software comes to the client fully intact and ready to use. They only need access to the cloud where it is stored. Due to its nature, installation does not need to take so much time as all you’ll need is a stable connection and your web browser of choice. 

This is cheaper than using old school software that often comes with hefty licensing fees. Payment is subscription-based and usually depends on the user and the provider. It also cancels the need for an onhand IT expert whose main purpose is to maintain the software. The SaaS company usually maintains the program themselves and would usually roll out needed updates like security patches or upgrades to the system that makes the user experience better. 


Managing Business in the Cloud

The cloud-based aspect of SaaS products makes it very attractive to small and midsize businesses. It has made running any business a breeze. When you have a powerful tool in your company keeping it on track, the only thing you need to worry about is the more important parts of your business.

Cloud allows you to store, locate, and retrieve all your data, files, software, and even utilize virtual hardware through the Internet.

As opposed to having a team that runs your business from an office, servers, and various apps to run, with SaaS, you can achieve all of this without needing an entire team of people, or the constant need to upgrade or even purchase more apps to accommodate the ever-increasing demands of your business.

Having said all that, here are six more reasons why you should look into going with SaaS programs to get you started on your journey to building a better business.


1. Start with Only a Small Amount of Investment



As mentioned before, the SaaS model does not need expensive upfront costs. Payment is subscription-based and the use of the product depends on the contract agreed between the provider and user. Users can go for a monthly, semi-annual, or annual payment schedule.

Tools like Shopify have payments as low as $13.00 a month making it one of the most competitive tools in the market. And if you are running an eCommerce store, you can have your products edited and their background removed for as low as $0.07. This is a lot less expensive instead of hiring photo editors.


2. Choose from Various Features and Plans 



The good thing about cloud-based services is you get to use the product as you need it. As opposed to buying a whole set of software and only using a certain percentage of it. There are times when you cannot just get the feature you wanted (customer management tool, accounting-related program, etc) without having to buy the whole software package. 

As a business owner, you also understand the needs of your business. So you get to choose what kind of programs are needed to be availed of so you can move forward. 


3. Connect and Do Business in Any Device, Anywhere



SaaS is a very accessible and user-friendly way to run your business. As mentioned before, all you will need is a good internet connection and your web browser of choice. You can watch it grow, contact needed employees through the platform, keep up to date with customer satisfaction. It’s so easy you can do it at any time of the day and anywhere. 

If you choose to, you can erase the need for a physical location. Since you can manage everything online and you have the help of the SaaS provider in terms of maintenance and upkeep, there isn’t a need to physically meet except for certain occasions.  


4. No Need to Hire Your Own IT Staff



This reason ties in back to number one in cost: there is no need for an IT staff that watches over the software. Back then, you needed someone whose sole purpose is relegated to making sure the program you’re using is still in top shape. Sometimes, the personnel doesn’t do anything until an issue arises which rarely happens. 


5. Use AI-Powered Tools



AI has been around for a long time, and it has led us to conquer our limits in innovation for many different areas of technology including the internet. 

In eCommerce, AI is impacting owners with its ability to store, summarize, and interpret big data. The information it collects is a huge factor in making better business decisions, and if used wisely and correctly, can lead it to its success. AI-powered tools can also assist in your marketing campaigns, image background removal for product photography, social listening, and business management. It also has a great impact on customer service since many AI-powered SaaS tools are capable of storing customer purchase data, searched products, and online browsing habits. With this knowledge, AI can interpret and suggest products based on their preferences. Smart chatbots are also available to assist customers and cater to their needs. 

With AI, nothing is almost impossible when it comes to optimizing and automating your business. It is something that one should take advantage of as it can give an outstanding edge to your business.


6. Enjoy Secured Computing and Management



As opposed to popular belief, online formats are safe and in fact, can be safer than traditional formats. It is important to note that Cloud apps usually integrate and combine with other services, databases, and apps through Application Programming Interface or API. It’s essential to know and understand the apps and people who have access to API data to encrypt any sensitive information.

You can rest easy knowing that your company is in safe hands. 

Another point to be made is the absence of “essential” hardware. When everything is online, you can hop from one device to another to check what’s going on. However, please do be aware that your data and files are only as safe as the device you are using. Always make sure that the device you are using has not been compromised and is clean. 



As we move forward, it’s becoming obvious that the internet is consuming our lives at a fast pace. Although some people may see this as a bad thing, it does not come without its blessings. 

Communication is so much faster and easier now- what used to be an expensive phone call with bad signals is now a video conference with different people. 

Being cost-effective and coming with its built-in functions, SaaS will make navigating your business super easy for you and your clients and prospects.

It’s only imperative that one has to adapt to the changing markets. Not only with how you do your business but how you run your business. Not everything traditional and safe can guarantee stability- changes are part of a growing company.


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