5 WordPress Plugins to Manage Social Profiles Efficiency

Social media has definitely become a vital part of our era. Let's say a compulsory daily activity. Its interactivity, connectedness, and user-generated content are the particular reason for the increasing social profiles with time. It creates loyalty and makes referrals easy, which makes it difficult to handle with efficiency. Social networks are helping to essentially rewire human society, with which comes the job of handling its speed and user-friendly environment to gain more attention from the online crowd. 


Community-driven platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn have completely changed the way we interact in the era compared to the last decade. Renaissance changes. When people are connected from the ends of the world, it makes it worth changing the look, style, and use of the website for better use and for the same reason to have an involving social media handlers or say profiles. The objective of these platforms is to acquire more and more information, to make it useful in day-to-day chores, to make it more beneficial to the society. 


It can become time-consuming to post several times a day and spend time on each social platform.WordPress provides these amazing plugins to promote and enhance social platforms. These plugins come with a good user interface because the design makes a major difference when it comes to social media presence. Sometimes it is hard to choose from a vast range of options. Here are the ‘5 WordPress Plugins to Manage Social Profiles Efficiency’ to make it less difficult. Navigate here for more such tips and tricks.



1. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

With increasing potential users, there comes a thirst for accomplishing relevant outputs. One must handle the site with ease and productivity of desired effects. Smash Ballon Social Photo Feed allows users to post Instagram photos on WordPress. You can also fetch various profiles to create a single feed on WordPress using this plugin. The process of using this plugin starts with the generation of Instagram tokens. After that, you can use the shortcode to display your posts, feeds on the website in any desired place. You can use this plugin as a privacy tool when the users are supposed to show only the desired photos and feeds and not the entire profile to the next end. Smash Balloon also offers a Facebook feed plugin, YouTube feed plugin, and Twitter feed plugin. 



2. WordPress Ultimate Timeline

A memory lane is what social profiles provide you with. But what if it is arranged in a more intriguing way. Timelines are a great way to tell your story or the story of your brand. Thanks to the WordPress timelines plugins listed here, adding this type of feature to your website has never been easier.WordPress Ultimate Timeline allows you to have visually attractive timelines for your WordPress. This leads to a very interesting and highlighted timeline for viewers and manageable for the owner as well



3. WordPress to Buffer 

Buffer is a very popular plugin provided by WordPress. Maintains a collection of posts that are supposed to be posted on the social media profiles of the user. It makes it easy to handle the posts and their details. One has to have a buffer account to share the posts on the buffer and which then goes on the sites of social media. The particular reason why buffers are efficient is the way it does not affect the performance of websites and makes easy sharing of feeds on sites causing less traffic. Scheduling posts is one of the features we get to see, experience while using the buffer. 



4. Simple Social Icon

The name itself suggests the use of the plugin. It is very easy to use, where the icons can be customized, allowing the viewer to go to your respective social media profiles efficiently. It has a limited number of social media platforms covering all the most important and popular services. It is very easy to use and has a minimum impact on performance. It’s currently active on more than 200,000 websites. With this plugin, you can easily choose which profiles to link to, customize the color and size of your icons, as well as align them to the left, center, or right—all from the widget form, with no settings page necessary. 



5. AddtoAny 

AddToAny plugin is the most famous share plugin for WordPress.The functioning of this plugin is such that it gives you multiple options of social media websites to share your feeds on, which makes it easy for the user to share the feeds on multiple sites at a time. This is time-efficient but has a small footprint when it comes to preventing the low performance of the site as compared to other plugins. Here users need not to create an account to use the plugins. AddToAny also provides browser extensions for end-users to share the web page they are browsing to any service.

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