5 Reasons Why SAAS Company Needs An Explainer Video

One of the biggest challenges of SAAS companies is the gap in effective communication with potential customers. More often than not, people don't understand specific software tools on the market as they rely heavily on word of mouth about the usefulness of SAAS products.


Many have considered SAAS products' popularity over the actual quality they bring up to the public. You must have heard this statement somewhere. Product A gains huge traction for its efficient features, although it's a few months old in the industry.


That's the power of an effective marketing strategy that can deliver the utmost message even for a non-tech savvy audience. Despite the fact that many SAAS companies have struggled over winning the tight competition, a few succeed in bringing sales for their product. 


Marketing for SAAS Companies

One of the keys to a successful SAAS product is the usage of the right marketing strategy. Since the industry has such complicated messages to deliver, a typical problem that most SAAS companies face is the lack of customer product understanding. 


To put it into another perspective, customers don't need in-depth knowledge about SAAS products. As long as they understand how it would make their life any easier, they eventually will invest in it. Therefore, the bridge between SAAS company and customers is none other than good communication.


In marketing, effective communication indicates a sign of future conversion. Marketing strategy connects the thread between customers and brands through informative, engaging content. Explainer videos are one of the compelling marketing tools to help businesses communicate smoothly, regardless of their size and industry—including SAAS companies.


So, it should come as no surprise that explainer videos become a crucial marketing tool for at least 82% of B2B businesses.



The highly engaging video content allows SAAS company to address even the most complicated words into bite-sized information. Ultimately, potential customers won't find it difficult to digest geeky subjects like SAAS products to determine the best software on the market.


5 Reasons to Use Explainer Videos For SAAS Company

SAAS companies can benefit from utilizing explainer videos to promote their product much efficiently. Not only do explainer videos make it easier for businesses to improve their marketing advertisement in no time, but it also increases the chance of getting picked by many customers. 


The following are the top five reasons why SAAS companies need to use explainer videos to promote their products.  


1. Deliver Complicated Topics in a Simple Language

The perk of having explainer videos for SAAS products is the ability to convey messages in a clear and concise manner. Explainer videos are designed with fantastic storylines and remarkable visuals to pinpoint the information easily.


Even without fundamental STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) knowledge, people can quickly grasp what the videos present through a simple explanation. SAAS products need to leave a sophisticated description in order to hook the audience's attention. It won't make your companies look grand techie at all.


In contrast, the more complicated you present SAAS products, the more likely people get overwhelmed and choose to move on to another competitor. That's the reason why simplicity is essential in communicating with customers. 


In other words, including engaging explainer videos on a promotion tactic will be a tremendous advantage for SAAS company.


2. Deliver the Message in a Matter of Minutes

Explainer videos are well-known for their simplicity and conciseness. Generally, this type of video content has a brief duration of about one or two minutes maximum. Given this nature, explainer videos aim to spread messages effectively for people to comprehend the information without fail.


Moreover, using explainer videos can save you much time in presenting the product repeatedly. Instead of employing a salesperson to demonstrate the product description over and over again, you can simply place explainer videos for a sales pitch.


The audience will appreciate it more when you include the video in your presentation. It gives them a suggestion of how professional and serious your SAAS company is when convincing them to use the product.



3. Help SEO Rank

SEO rank is one of the most important factors for getting broader recognition. When your brand's site doesn't land on top of Google search, the probability of gaining visitors is very much less likely, let alone having loyal customers. This becomes a critical mission for SAAS companies, especially the brand-new ones, to fit in the tight competition.


As mentioned above, popularity can often win over quality. Most SAAS products face the harsh reality that even the top-notch software can't succeed in the market due to low exposure. The audience tends to click what appears first when they type specific keywords.


In this case, explainer videos can help brands rank better on Google search by presenting relevant content. Videos help Google crawlers identify useful content from the transcript and description. Also, it displays video search on top of the result page when users perform a search.


Not to mention that explainer videos are incredibly shareable. Viewers can quickly spread the video across multiple social networks with a single click. When explainer videos get massive engagement rates, it widens the possibility of getting found on the internet and subsequently helps the SAAS company's site land on the first Google search.  



4. Build Brand Identity

Who said that explainer videos are all about conveying brands' messages? Actually, the video can do much more than that.


It's essential for SAAS companies to build a brand's personality. This attempts to differentiate between particular brands, especially if those companies serve a similar product. Creating a brand's identity helps potential customers distinguish which product is suitable for them.


It also strengthens the company's value in the long run. Through explainer videos, SAAS companies can showcase their unique personality much easier. They can incorporate customized animation that goes along with the brand's identity. 


The visual representation can tighten customers' perspectives about brands in particular. Audios will also help them recognize a company in a short time. Ultimately, people can refer to specific imagery or sound to some companies when presented with it.


5. Increase Conversion Rates

Explainer videos can help SAAS companies achieve massive conversion rates in no time. Thanks to their compelling narration, people can connect with the video context quickly. 


Videos allow viewers to pay full attention to the presented information. With a meaningful story, the audience can relate to the current issue and what a SAAS company tries to help. The stronger the message is, the more likely people are urged to make a quick decision.


Fueled up with a powerful call-to-action, explainer videos can evoke emotions and drive viewers to respond immediately. This means a number of conversions are on the way. The more viewed explainer videos are the bigger chance of getting more conversion rates.  



SAAS companies often face the hurdle of getting recognized. The reason is that many SAAS products are offered in public, leaving customers confused to choose the right one. Also, when even great products don't succeed in the market due to low recognition.


Lack of effective communication fuels up the problem for SAAS companies to get noticed. The audience doesn't understand the seemingly simple messages many companies bring up to their promotion, resulting in low awareness.


In order to get more exposure, many promotional activities are done aggressively. However, only a few that succeed in the sea of SAAS products. 


Explainer videos come in handy for those longing for a strategy to rack up popularity while still being concise. Many companies have considered using this video content to help them reach out to a broader audience. As a result, people can recognize the brand easily and understand what the message is all about through a simple explanation.





Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 


Twitter: @breadnbeyond

Email: [email protected] 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andreoentoro/


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